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Title. Name. Virtualisation Seminar 28 th November 2007. Allister Richardson. Agenda. 1. Welcome Allister Richardson 2. TecDem offering and partnership Cam Merrett 3. Demonstration overview? Cam Merrett/Rob Radford

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1. Welcome Allister Richardson

2. TecDem offering and partnership Cam Merrett

3. Demonstration overview? Cam Merrett/Rob Radford

4. Other components of the solution Peter Mayo

5. Coffee

6. Gluing everything together Stuart Hogg - IBM

7. “Jump Start” Rob Radford

8. Case study Peter Raybaud

9. What happens next? Allister Richardson/Peter Raybaud

10. Q&A

11. Close & Lunch

demonstration overview

Demonstration overview

Cameron Merrett / Rob Radford

the real drivers for consolidation
The ‘Real’ Drivers for Consolidation

Over 4 million Remote Offices Worldwide (growing 1/4million each year)

The average branch has between four and six servers(Source: Nemertes Research)

Current annual spend - $6 billion a year on branch servers, storage, back-up and management

It is estimated that each remote branch costs between $20,000 and $100,000

Unsurprisingly the single most powerful driver for data consolidation (Storage and Server) is cost reduction.(Source: IDC, Gartner, Cisco Analysis)

results massive savings
Results – Massive Savings !!!!

no servers, application licences at branch office - Lower Capex

less IT admin staff, no remote backups - Lower Opex

Improved data control – single instance of data to backup & permit real time collaboration of information

Over 75% of Fortune 500 CIO's surveyed listed consolidation as a top project

(Forrester Research)

the acronyms
The ‘Acronyms’ ?

WAFs- TACIT – Brocade Tapestry (Packeteer)

WADs- Riverbed


Finally FANs ????????????

the technical problem with remote office performance
The Technical Problem (with Remote Office performance)

Applications were designed and built on a LAN!

LAN’s usually do not have bandwidth or latency issues!

Same issues for RODC and VDI

Problem addressed in different ways since the app’s/protocols differ!

techniques that deliver improve performance
Techniques that deliver improve performance…


‘DATA is only sent ONCE’






Lets examine how latency can affect performance......

remote consolidation performance is the issue
RemoteConsolidation? Performance is the issue!

Bandwidth ………………No it is not the issue 

Due to the chatty nature of the application it is the latency that KILLS performance!

Therefore, by eliminating all unnecessary round-trips the application performance is dramatically improved.

1Mb doc. file creates on average 1300 RPC’s (each involving a round trip)


LAN Speed 1 –2msec………………..1.3 to 2.6sec



50msec………………………………1min 5sec

100msec……………………………..2 mins +

GARTNER-re WAFs Technology:

The benefits are measurable and sometimes even dramatic, with WAN access

for some applications reduced by as much as 90%

vdi enabling the rdp performance
VDI - Enabling the RDP Performance

Native Data

RDP Compressed

Appliance Optimised

the dns independent approach
The DNS Independent Approach!

What is the ‘best-fit’ technology?

 Each Vendor has good WAFs performance improvement but what other applications is the customer running?

 So what differentiates them?

the differentiators
The Differentiators ?

Branch Services

SMS Distribution


Multi-Data Centre File Access

Other Appliance optimisation


sms distribution
SMS Distribution?

Elegant Management?



other application support
Other Application Support?





which technology
Which Technology?

Understanding the requirements

Profiling the infrastructure!

Providing an unbiased recommendation as to the Vendor of choice!

profiling the requirements
Profiling the requirements!
  • Understanding the needs
  • Matching the most appropriate Vendor
  • Engaging via evaluation of solution –
  • Remember the customer very rarely buys ‘performance
  • enhancing technology’ without experiencing a ‘live’ evaluation
  • Short circuiting the sales cycle
  • 15 mins
virtualisation sw companies vmware xensource market view aug 07
Virtualisation SW companies Vmware, XenSource– Market View Aug 07
  • VMware(EMC) Aug 14 IPO 10% of shares increase 76% largest opening day gain on 07, trading @ $55 the offer $29 per share
    • VMware 1Q sales 95% growth on track for $1bn +07
    • VMware Market Cap $19bn (Ford MC $17bn) – EMC paid $635m in 04
    • VMware sold stakes
    • 2.5% - $219m Intel
    • 1.6% - $150m Cisco
  • Aug 15 Citrix buys Xensource $500m, private company
    • (opinion is they have sales of less than $5m (some say less than $1m) the hypervisor is open source so where the IP for $500m ?
  • Aug 11 Global Stock Markets plunged due to the sub prime mortgages
    • Example FTSE 100 shed 10% from June high
  • The others
  • Microsoft Virtual Server (Connectix) new Hypervisor Longhorn 08/09
  • Virtual Iron open source Hypervisor do they get brought ?
compelling reason to act
Compelling Reason to Act
  • Green Strategy
  • Compliance - Legislation and Regulation
  • Consolidation Workloads – Global DC TCO, Cost, Business Continuity
  • Business Growth Objectives sales/profit
  • Real Time Data for global market competitiveness – losing sales/profit
  • No more available electricity from that local sub station
case study illustration investment bank in canary wharf
Green Strategy

Legislation and Regulation

Consolidation – no more DC space, £40m+ new DC

Business Growth – Exotics (Hedge)

Real Time Data for market competitive advantage – monte carlo prices

No more available electricity from that sub station – 2000 + blades no more electricity

Solution - lateral thinking move the paradigm - VDI

Physical to Virtual of Desktop

VMware on brick systems 4 socket best/earliest ROI

Power Saving £hundreds pa per seat

280 watts from desktop to datacentre

Follow the sun from same back end infrastructure 3 Geos

Blades purchased for Business Growth/Comp Adv – Bank makes rev/profit – funds VDI project

Case Study Illustration Investment Bank in Canary Wharf
ibm usp greenest x86 computers
IBM USP ‘Greenest’ x86 computers
  • What is the ‘Greenest server’ – the three Ps, Price, Performance, Power
    • Large brick with many VMs
  • IBM Heritage in Virtualisation in Brick Systems – stop rot default to HP 4 socket rack/blade
    • The xChipset (x4) from outset engineered for Virtualisation - Engineering from Large Systems x86 PricePoint Time to Market
    • Benchmarks for Perf VMs (coming/beta)
      • VMware VMmark (beta)
      • Intel/IBM vConsolidate (beta) – IBM using data for x86 workloads database, mail, web and Java e.g. Exchange, SQL
      • SPEC (committee sat March 07 target 2H 08 for benchmark)
    • Scalable memory architecture of x4 (vm 3.5 128g limit when will it be 256g per host ?)
    • DDR2 memory power advantage - X3850 m2 v DL585 requires 67% more power
    • Tools
      • VMware Capacity Planner and IBM CDAT Tool – sizing
      • Zodiac Methodology proven Island of SCON / Green version ROI statements
  • IBM heat/power efficiency in Blade 20% - Engineered right from the start for power efficiency, Blade.org open standards (analogy web 2.0 effect in SW development)
why tecdem
Why TecDem
  • Proven expertise/engagements/deployments
    • Sales PS complimentary to Resellers (IBM value prop)
    • Jumpstarts initiative
    • Speaker at IBM events
    • Competitive initiative winback
  • IBM UKISA and WW VP Product and WW Marketing engagement
    • Subject matter expertise including sub to GTS
    • HW investment for proof points, stress testing, whitepaper
  • GTM with IBM resellers for fast start for 2008
    • Value prop to clients High End = possible more margin
jump start

Jump Start

Rob Radford

case study

Case Study

Peter Raybaud

250 000 in 9 weeks
£250,000 in 9 weeks
  • Local council requiring consolidation of 170 servers
    • Pain points
      • too many servers
      • lack of control of data
      • high management costs
      • green issues
  • New servers and VMWare from Dell
  • Passed to reseller quoting ”this may be a lost cause, but there could be some services”
  • Council agreed services content ( )
  • Discuss competitive consolidation ratios – sounds technical but can be very compelling
  • Sizing report – showing ROI and TCO for IBM solution
  • Hardware cheaper than Dell
  • Order placed - £170,000 of System X, total order value £235,000
  • Overall margin – 25%!!
  • Total timescale from start to finish = 9 weeks
what happens next

What Happens Next

Allister Richardson / Peter Raybaud

what happens next35
What happens next?
  • How do you participate?
    • Complete business plan
    • Identify one/two salespeople who will be “dedicated to the programme”
    • Accept “qualified” leads
    • Partner with TecDem/DNS to work to close
    • Ask for another lead!!
    • Take full advantage of the incentives (win prizes!!)
what are our expectations
What are our expectations?
  • Focused resource
  • Good lead management
  • Identification and recognition of resource needs
    • Do you need VM Ware support?
    • Do you need product support?
  • Good communication
  • Accurate and timely forecasting
what s in it for you
What’s in it for you?
  • Development of existing customer base
  • Introduction to new end users
  • Solution selling
  • Margin enhancement
  • Expansion of product portfolio
  • Rewards and awards
  • Increased visibility
call to action
Call to action
  • Identify one existing customer for Vdi
  • Complete business plan
  • Update lead status on a weekly basis

Thank you