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J2EE vs. .NET PowerPoint Presentation
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J2EE vs. .NET

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J2EE vs. .NET - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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J2EE vs. .NET. Tom Tong. Enterprise Application. 1 distributed 2 multiple-platform 3 critical 4 performance 5 security 6 multiple-data sources. General Approaches. Business Automation. Component technology. Service. Synchronization. Abstraction. Bridge and Connection.

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J2EE vs. .NET

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Presentation Transcript
enterprise application
Enterprise Application

1 distributed

2 multiple-platform

3 critical

4 performance

5 security

6 multiple-data sources

general approaches
General Approaches

Business Automation

Component technology




Bridge and Connection


Business Details


Technological Details (database, network, operation system…)

j2ee solution
J2EE solution

Modular components

Job division

Ease development

System level



Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Operation System

j2ee roles
J2EE Roles
  • EJB Developer
  • Application assembler
  • Deployer
  • System administrator
  • EJB Server Provider
  • EJB Container provider
ejb developer s job
EJB developer’s job

EJB design

(session bean, entity bean, message driven bean)

Business Modeling

EJB components

net solution
.Net solution
  • Take full advantage from operating system
  • Pack as many as possible functionalities into operating system
  • Operating system manage enterprise resources
  • Operating system works like container
net application model
.Net Application Model

Presentation Layer

Data Layer

Communication Layer

Base Library


Common Language Runtime (CLR)

net framework
.Net Framework
  • From Win32 API to .Net Framework

Base Operation System

net multiple language support
.Net Multiple Language Support

C#, C++, C, VB, #J, almost all all languages except Java


Intermediate Language(IL)

JIT compiler

Common Language Runtime

Base Operating System

net vs j2ee1
.NET vs. J2EE
  • J2EE: single language on multiple operating system
  • .Net multiple language on single operating system
advantages and disadvantages
Advantages and Disadvantages

Development support



Legacy integration

Portability: write one, runs everywhere