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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9. Furniture: Marks of Quality. Quality……. Like beauty is more than skin deep. You can always pay less, buy you’ll never get more!. Two Categories of Furniture. Casegoods Upholstered goods. Factors to consider when selecting furniture….

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chapter 9

Chapter 9

Furniture: Marks of Quality

  • Like beauty is more than skin deep.
  • You can always pay less, buy you’ll never get more!
two categories of furniture
Two Categories of Furniture
  • Casegoods
  • Upholstered goods
factors to consider when selecting furniture
Factors to consider when selecting furniture…
  • Size of space and scale of furniture
  • Function
  • Economy
  • Durability/construction
  • Maintenance
  • Beauty and character
  • Built-in or modular
two categories of wood
Two Categories of Wood
  • Hardwood: (loose their leaves in the Fall) ash, cherry, maple, oak, pecan, teak, rosewood, walnut, mahogany and poplar.
  • Softwood: (keep their leaves in the Fall) cedar, cypress, fir, pine and redwood.
solid wood
Solid Wood
  • Very expensive
  • Does not use any plywood, particle board or veneers
  • Can warp and expand
wood veneer
Wood Veneer
  • Thin slice of wood adhered to plywood, multi-density plywood (MDF) or craft paper backing.
  • Dates back to early Egypt and Rome
  • Used extensively in 17th century by Thomas Chippendale
  • Allows for intricate designs and more affordable pieces.

Book Match End Match End Match Slip Match Herringbone

construction methods
Construction Methods
  • Dovetailed
  • Mortise and Tenon
  • Tongue and Groove
  • Doweled
  • Mitered
  • Composed of an odd number of sheets of wood glued together at right angles to each other.
  • Count the number of ply’s.
  • Always look at the thickness of drawer bottoms
  • Used for large flat surfaces as solid wood tends to warp. Covered by veneer and trimmed out in solid wood edges.
reconstituted wood
Reconstituted Wood
  • MDF, OSB, particleboard
  • Polymer adhesives, (petroleum based)
  • Ideal for furniture using laminated surfaces
  • Some lesser quality will swell and expand if it gets wet.
melamine and laminate
Melamine and Laminate
  • Chemicals, carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen
  • White powder condensed with formaldehyde and heated to create a hard surface.
  • Low pressure (LPL)
  • High pressure (HPL)
wood finishes
Multi-step process

Oil, lacquer or paint


Wood Finishes
  • Door and drawer fit well
  • Drawers have glides and stops
  • Drawer glides easily when pulled
  • Drawers have dust panels
  • Drawers are lined
  • Drawer sides are finished
  • Drawer interiors are smooth
  • Doors swing open without squeaking
  • No rough edges on hardware
  • Entertainment units have hole (grommet) for electrical cords
  • Wood grain matches on table leaves, drawer to drawer, etc.
  • Distressed finish is random looking
  • No racking or twisting when lifting one edge
four evaluation points
Four evaluation points
  • Fabric
  • Springs
  • Filling-padding
  • Frame
Well applied, tightly woven material

Thread should match

Small stitches

Patterns should match

Skirt should lie flat

  • Drop-in Coil
  • Sinuous or zig-zag
  • Eight-way hand tied coil
  • Web
filling padding
Polyurethane Foam

Foam Rubber

Polyester Fiber fill


Spring Down

Filling - Padding
filling polyurethane foam
Filling: Polyurethane Foam
  • Most used today
  • Does a good job in shaping and stuffing
  • Synthetic
  • Memory
filling foam rubber
Filling: Foam Rubber
  • Not used anymore – breaks down over time.
  • Smells like rubber
  • Replaced by polyurethane foam
filling down
Filling: Down
  • Goose Feathers
  • Most expensive
  • Considered Luxurious
  • Tends to settle and requires fluffing after each use.
  • Hardwood (elm, poplar, gumwood, birch, ash or oak).
  • Kiln Dried
  • Legs should be an integral part of the frame
  • Center leg on long sofas
  • Dowel construction with corner blocks, glued and screwed together.
  • Seats are comfortable
  • Backs are free of bumps and hard spots
  • Frame is sturdy, doesn’t creak or wobble
  • Frame sits squarely on the floor
  • Frame and corners are well padded
  • Corners are braced and glued
  • Seams and welts are straight
  • Patterns and stripes match at seams
  • Cushions fit snugly
  • Buttons are sewn on securely
  • Any moving parts clear fabric to prevent tearing
  • Metal parts are smooth with no sharp edges
pricing furniture
Pricing Furniture
  • Price (wholesale, retail, net, cost)
  • F.O.B Destination
  • F.O.B Factory
  • C.O.M.
  • C.O.L.
quality manufacturers
Quality Manufacturers
  • Thomasville
  • Baker
  • Henredon
  • Kincaid
  • Century
  • Sherrill
  • Broyhill
  • Lane
  • La-Z-Boy
next tuesday
Next Tuesday:
  • Meet at Haverteys Furniture by 9:30