dred scott v s sanford court case n.
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Dred Scott v.s Sanford Court Case PowerPoint Presentation
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Dred Scott v.s Sanford Court Case

Dred Scott v.s Sanford Court Case

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Dred Scott v.s Sanford Court Case

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  1. Dred Scott v.s Sanford Court Case • By: Kylisha Smith and Hasan Evans

  2. Who is Dredscott? • Dred is an slave who lived in the free state of Illinois and the free territory of Wisconsin before moving back to slave state of Missouri , Dred had appealed to supreme court hoping he will be granted his freedom.

  3. When a person enters a free state or terrotory, the free status overrides the previous condition of servitude. since slavery was forbidden in the free states and territories by federal and state laws, Dred Scott became free when he entered Illinois and Wisconsin

  4. When Emerson died in 1843 ,Scott sued Emerson’s widow for his freedom in the Missouri supreme court ,claiming that his residence in the free soil of Illinois made him a free man.

  5. Peter blow John emerson

  6. *freedom • When Dred first went to trial to sue for his freedom in 1847.ten years later after appeals after appeals the court reversal ,his case was finally brought before the united states supreme court.

  7. The court also ruled that the federal government didn’t have the power to prohibit slavery it’s territories.

  8. In 1850 there was an retrial ,the St Louis circuit court ruled that Scott and his family was free.

  9. In 1854 the Missouri supreme court stepped in again ,revering the decision of the lower court. • Scott and his lawyer then brought his case to a federal court ,the united states circuit court in Missouri.

  10. In 1856 413 case went to the supreme court on a writ of certiorari. the high court refused to hear the case in order to overturn the lower court decision.

  11. No we don’t agree with the court decision because we believe everyone should be treated equally no matter black or white, we believe that the court didn’t give Scott and his family an fair trial. y

  12. What’s new in the world today? • Today in society black’s are treated better than they use to be treated, black people today are no slave we have freedom .

  13. * family Dred Scott wife Harriet His two daughters Lizzie and Eliza.

  14. Cases United states v.scruikshank

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