Port Jervis, New York
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Port Jervis, New York. Newark, New Jersey. Two National Locations. Advanced Recovery du Canada, Located in Quebec. We are assisting in the creation of legislation for recycling electronics in Canada. Cicero, Illinois. Fairmont, North Carolina. (monitor). a. In The. 9/11. a. or. ?.

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Two national locations

Port Jervis, New York

Newark, New Jersey

Two National Locations

Two national locations

Advanced Recovery du Canada,

Located in Quebec

Two national locations

We are assisting

in the creation of legislation for recycling electronics in Canada.

Two national locations

Cicero, Illinois

Fairmont, North Carolina

Two national locations



In The

Two national locations




• Computer monitors and televisions contain hazardous materials, such as lead,

phosphorous, cadmium, barium, and mercury, which seep into landfills and \

contaminate public water supplies.

• When the glass is crushed in a trash-compacting facility, the lead-bearing

particles become an airborne hazard.

• The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned the landfill dumping of

CRTs in 1992.

• In 1993, the EPA began targeting companies that dispose large quantities of

CRTs through landfills or incineration.

• Many state and local regulatory agencies are now monitoring the disposal of

CRTs and other computer equipment.

Two national locations


Visited Advanced Recovery at the Belleville site.

Two national locations



as well

Two national locations

We’ll Break It to Keep

Your Information


If required as for The National

Security Agency, we will

destroy your hard drive to

keep your data secure.

Two national locations

Don't Give Up and Quit on that Crashed Hard Drive!!

• For a $100.00 Evaluation fee, we will assess

the recovery potential.

• Recovery is 70+% Successful for both virus

and hardware caused failures.

• Hard Drive, Floppy & DLT Recovery Fees.

Call for Pricing:

Toll Free: 1-866-794-8050

Two national locations

We can provide an inventorying

service as part of our recycling


With Advanced Recovery,

you have a worry-free alternative to environmental liability.

Two national locations

“The highest quality recycling today for a better tomorrow!”

- The Advanced Recovery Team