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Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint

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Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint. Steve Walch, Senior Product Manager. Blog: . November, 2011. Partner Training Webcast Series - Session 5 Migrating Application Designs . Partner Training Webcast Series. Migration Basics with the NMSP Designer Client

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Presentation Transcript
quest notes migrator for sharepoint
Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint

Steve Walch, Senior Product Manager


November, 2011

Partner Training Webcast Series - Session 5

Migrating Application Designs

partner training webcast series
Partner Training Webcast Series
  • Migration Basics with the NMSP Designer Client
  • Analysis and Automation with the NMSP Migration Console
  • Advanced Content Migration Jobs
  • Tool Deployment, Domino.Doc and QuickPlace / QuickR migrations
  • Migrating Application Designs
  • Tips and Tricks for Managing Large Migration Projects
  • Even More Advanced Content Migration Jobs

(Product demos using NMSP 6.1 beta)

today s agenda
Today’s Agenda

Migrating Application Designs

  • Overview of design migration capabilities (and limitations)
  • Migrating Notes schema to custom lists
  • Advanced SharePoint column provisioning
  • Migrating Notes forms to InfoPath list forms
  • Migrating Notes forms to InfoPath form libraries
  • Migrating Notes views to SharePoint views
  • Migrating Notes schema to Content Types
where the tools can help with design migration
Where the tools can help with Design Migration
  • Migrating Notes Schema
    • Provision Lists with similar schema to Notes application
    • Generate Content Types based on Notes Forms
  • Migrating Notes Forms
    • Generate InfoPath Document Forms (for XML Form Libraries)
    • Generate InfoPath List Forms
  • Migrating Notes Views
    • Generate SharePoint Views from Notes Views
  • And (of course) content, security, etc…
where the tools do not help yet
Where the tools do not help (yet)
  • Building SharePoint Designer (ASPX) forms
    • But Quest web parts can help!
  • Migrating workflow logic and code
    • Agents
    • Button code
    • Form events
  • Migrating application navigation
    • Outlines
    • Navigators
    • Frame sets
  • Web design elements
provisioning sharepoint columns
Provisioning SharePoint Columns
  • Column settings can be defined in Target Data Definition
    • Name, Type, Multi-value
    • Read-Only columns
    • Required columns
    • Data Validation formulas
    • Add column to All Views
    • Add column to All Content Types
    • Is Title Column
    • Auto-populate terms and choices
  • Most columns can be provisioned at migration time
    • New lists or new columns in existing lists
    • Existing columns will NOT be upgraded
    • Managed Metadata columns must be provisioned manually
populating target column definitions
Populating Target Column definitions
  • One at a time
  • Copy from Source
    • Uses Schema of Source Data Definition
    • Quick way to clone your Notes schema in SharePoint
    • Rename / reconfigure column settings as desired
    • Data definition remembers column mappings
  • Load from existing SharePoint List
    • Helpful when list schema has already been developed
    • Add additional columns as needed
    • Optional: Specify default mappings
generating infopath list forms
Generating InfoPath List Forms
  • For SharePoint 2010 only
    • Form Services required
  • Migrate List schema first
    • NMSP migration job required
  • SharePoint generates starter InfoPath form template
    • Data schema is bound to your SharePoint list
    • Save form template to disk
  • Use NMSP Form Migration Wizard
    • Adds Notes design to starter form
    • Utilizes mappings in your migration job
  • Publish new InfoPath form to List
notes form migration wizard
Notes form migration wizard
  • Specify source Notes form
    • May be prompted to resolve computed subforms
  • Specify elements to be migrated
    • Read mode vs. edit mode
    • Notes vs. web
    • Elements with hide-when logic
  • Option to create sections around certain elements
    • Useful for implementing conditional logic in InfoPath
  • Specify default control sizes
  • Specify column mappings
form migration artifacts
Form migration artifacts
  • Generated InfoPath form template
    • Customize in design mode as needed
    • Publish to SharePoint from InfoPath Designer
  • InfoPath form with developer markup (optional)
    • Preview in “fill” mode
    • Shows all hidden text
    • Hover over icons for developer information
  • Migration report (optional)
    • Shows all migrated and non-migrated elements
    • Use a checklist for developer to complete the form
  • Debugging information folder (optional)
    • Log file and intermediate files for Quest support
generating infopath document forms
Generating InfoPath Document Forms
  • For use in SharePoint Form Libraries
    • SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010
  • Use NMSP Form Migration Wizard to create InfoPath form template from scratch
    • Existing library or migration job not needed
    • Target form services or InfoPath client
    • Specify more complex schema and field mappings
  • InfoPath Designer publishes form template to SharePoint
    • New or existing Form Library
    • Content Types
  • Optional: Import form template into content migration job
    • InfoPath XML document generation to be discussed in session 7!
migrating notes views to sharepoint views1
Migrating Notes Views to SharePoint Views
  • Define new views in Target Data Definition
    • Also access from Tools menu
  • View migration wizard reproduces Notes Views as closely as possible
    • Side-by-side mapping of View elements
  • Provision views at the start of migration job
    • Newly defined columns provisioned first
  • Re-provision views as needed
side by side mapping of view elements
Side-by-side mapping of View elements
  • Column mapping
    • Matches existing columns
    • Recommends new columns
    • Formula editor for creating Calculated columns
    • Adds columns to target data definition
  • Grouping and Sorting
    • Preserves Notes definition as closely as possible
    • Warning! SharePoint views only allow 2 levels of grouping
  • Totals
    • Most (but not all) Notes totaling options supported in SharePoint
  • Filtering
    • Manual translation of selection formula required
provisioning content types
Provisioning Content Types
  • Define new content type in migration console (Database properties or Technical Class)
    • Start from a Notes form
    • Start from an existing migration job
    • Start from an existing SharePoint List
    • Add / modify column definitions as needed
    • Set Content type title, group and parent content type
  • Provision Content Types at site level
    • On demand or as part of “Migrate to SharePoint” action
    • Provisions or reuses existing Site Columns as appropriate
  • Adding content types to Lists
    • Specify in migration jobs (Discussed in session 3)
related resources on declarative development
Related Resources on Declarative Development
  • Webcast recording: Migrating Notes Applications to SharePoint with Fewer Development Resources
    • Ira Fuchs– SharePoint Technical Strategist, Microsoft
    • Steve Walch – Sr. Product Manager, Quest Software
  • Book: Enterprise Application Development in SP 2010
    • Creating Enterprise Class Applications in SharePoint without Code
    • 30% discount coupon code: QUESTDISC
notes migrator for sharepoint 6 1 beta program
Notes Migrator for SharePoint 6.1 Beta Program
  • Beta in progress now!
  • Go to
  • Sign in with your Quest Community ID
    • Or register to create a new one
    • Use corporate email (No gmail or hotmail accounts)
  • Press the “Ask To Join This Group” button
  • Once approved, log in and download
    • Reviewers Guide
    • Product Installer
  • Expected release: January 2012

Steve’s blog: