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  1. MINISTRY OF JUSTICE AND HUMAN RIGHTS Justice Secretariat Under secretariat of Criminal Policy National Program of Rescue and Accompanying to the Victims of Trafficking Crime NATIONAL STATISTICS 2013

  2. victim´s rights, the most remarkable are: * Protection during the entire process, * The possibility of settling in our country* To Receive information during the entire process, * To Receive information in a language that the victim can be able to understand,* To Receive appropriate shelter, feeding and maintenance,* To Receive psychological, legal and medical assistance with no cost,* To Receive training and placement assistance to get job,* Special care for Children and Adolescents, in addition to the Rights set out, to secure recognition of their special needs, according to their age and maturity, etc.* In order to recognize the fragile status of the victim, this law establishes the non- punish able status of victims of trafficking for crimes that they could have committed during their exploitation.

  3. Rescued víctims Since the enactment of the law 26364 (Prevention and Sanction of Trafficking Persons and assistance to victims) there have been rescued a total of 4602 victims in the context of 2103 raids.

  4. Rescued víctims by Age

  5. Rescued victims by nationality

  6. Rescued victims according to type of explotation

  7. Raids

  8. Rescued Victims By year

  9. Total of 4602 víctims

  10. NATIONAL PROGRAM-PROFESSIONAL TEAM This NATIONAL PROGRAMME includes a professional team, specialized in different disciplines, such as: psychology, social workers, doctors, lawyers and other social disciplines. This team works together with the Police and Federal security forces. We coordinate actions with the special security forces during a raid, a victim´s rescue or an investigation.

  11. HOW WE WORK Firstly the Security Forces break into a place of exploitation, seconds later this Professional Team enters, makes sure the assitance of the victims and then they are separated from the traffickers and clients that are in the placeA Psychologist and a Social Worker will carry on a personal interview with the victim, informing the reason for their "presence" and of the Security Forces´s one. To avoid the secondary re victimization and to protect the victim, only this professional team would be able to interview the victims.

  12. * A psychologist has to do the interview in a special room, and it has to be video recorded. (with the relevance of a testimony).* This directive is orientated to avoid repeating once and again the personal testimony of the victim, for instance in an oral trial. * One of the most important duties, of the professional agents from the Program, is to elaborate reports with the most relevant elements extracted from the interviews with the victims.

  13. * In those reports this multidisciplinary team has to develop the point of view of the victim and what it is not available in a first interview or testimony for the judge. * The most common characteristic of human trafficking victims is their vulnerability. That situation makes impossible for victims to recognize themselves as such. The victims incorporate the abuse, like a naturalpart of their lives. * So these reports are used by the legal justice, like a relevant element of evidence. * Through these reports, the prosecutor could prove how and why the victims visualize themselves, the criminal and how the criminal takes advantage of them.

  14. The Argentaine´s Government, works articulately to ensure the rights of the victims. For instance: * The Ministry of Security: investigates, prevents and fights against this crime, * The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights: rescues, assists, interviews the victims and elaborates a report for the Legal Justice system, * The Ministry of Social Development: recovery and reintegration of the victims, * The Ministry of Labour to look for a suitable job for them,

  15. Decree: “Erradicationof the Promotion of Commercial sex trade through messages and images published in the media” * signed by the President in two thousand and eleven.* This policy not only enables the implementation of Argentinean Laws, but also allows for the fulfillment of international commitments assumed by most of the state parties. It is important to mention that the “Palermo Protocol UN Human Trafficking Working Group”, have recommended its parties the adoption of similar measures. * The banning of sex trade ads in the media contributes to the prevention of human trafficking since these messages are often used for the recruitment of women and girls for sex trade, as well as for the promotion of places where sexual exploitation takes place. It also helps to suppress gender discrimination and the symbolic and media violence contained in those ads through which women are treated as objects.

  16. THE NATIONAL PROGRAMME OF RESCUES AND ACCOMPANYING TO THE VICTIMS OF THE CRIME OF TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS * works all over the country, with its headquarters in the capital city and agencies in different regions of the country. * These agencies replicated the “modus operandi” of the Program, with multidiciplinary professional teams, independent from the security force, to assist and interview the victims. * All of them with the same “goal” to eradicates this crime.Thanks for your kind attention.“

  17. Thanks – Danke – Muchas Gracias • Mr. Cristian M. Encinas • National Program of Rescue and Accompanying to the Victims of Trafficking Crime • PhoneNumber: (54-011) 5300-4014/42 • e-mail: