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Human Shadow : Indonesia Transgender Proposal

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Human Shadow : Indonesia Transgender Proposal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Human Shadow : Indonesia Transgender Proposal. About. "Human Shadow: Indonesia Transgenders" is photo documentary enttily by myhand. began two year ago, as my reflection about transgenders  struggle in Indonesia

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"Human Shadow: Indonesia Transgenders" is photo documentary enttily by myhand.

began two year ago, as my reflection about transgenders  struggle in Indonesia

The Human Shadow photo project a documentary about struggle and  daily life of transgenders  in Indonesia, a one of popuus moslem country. Where rejection and the expulsion of society was still going on against transgenders. 

the state was the main violator of human rights. There are many laws and regional ordinances that discriminate againsttransgenders people.

A sample case where a hardline religious group denies the existence of transgenders , their rejection coming about with violence.

The stigma and repugnance by society  made transgendered people become a closed group.

According data from transgender organizations, there were about 7 million transgendered Indonesians in 2008. That number could rise and fall: about 34 percent of them have HIV/Aids.

Due to discrimination by employers in the formal and informal sectors, they are forced onto the street, becoming sex workers and infected by sexually-transmitted diseases.

Now, transgenders struggle to demand rights for work and health care and fail to push the government to make legal protections. But their existence in indonesia ranges from the city-based Islamic rule in Aceh to the inland tribes of Papua. They can be seen, Especially for those in parts of the world where transgenderphobia is still prevalent.

The story telling this project about all aspects  activity of  transvestites likes  health conseling, daily life, education, work and profession, transvestites in indigenous communities, violence and social comunity,and  transvestites struggle to campaign about human rights.

The Human Shadow photo project will display about religious, leaders, activists, social, and public communities reaction  toward existence of transgender in Indonesia.


I will explorer my photo story  transgender in :

Aceh : One of Indonesia province with Saria Law or Islam rule.

Batam, one of city border with Singapore, as a city of Industry, Night live and tourism

Jakarta a capital city of Indonesia, 

Yogyakarta  a city of Javanese culture, where place  Islamic boarding school of transgenders ,live harmony with their neighborhood. 

Solo, Central Java  is one  place of Javanese culture.

Surabaya is a capital city of East Java.

Bali is a paradise island in Indonesia

Makasar is a capital city of South Sulawesi, where the tansgender know as "Bissu" a traditional transvestivesaman.Bissu was known since the growing of Buginese Empire, and its one of the genders of the Bugisese Tribe, an ethnic group of South Sulawesi. The Bissu are commonly termed "gender transcendent" or as "having a ritual role" in the Bugis culture. There are divergent theories regarding the definitive origins and meaning of "gender transcendent" in this context.Nowday, the community increasingly rare Bissu and they has a leader which keeps their existence as old tradition rooted in the La Galigo epic.

Borneo is an island of forest, with many tribe known as Dayak

Maluku is a thousand island in Indonesia

Papua  is a place of Tribe, Inland, and some of trangender infected by HIV / Aids

My goal :

- Writing a travel journal describing my journey.

- Presenting a slide show with narrative of my journey to community, students.

- my photography will be support as image of Transgender organization media campaign

- Photo exhibition

here is link and body work for my photo project :


I am very well thank you for all your support my project, it is very helpfull to me, where, all my destination 9 (nine) cities in Indonesia from West to East,   far away to get close for my object at the location, your supports is very mean to finishing my project 

A. The fund will use for my Transport 

Transport cost by flight, train, car, ship, and anymean to the place :

Jakarta - Aceh - Jakarta : €210

Jakarta - Batam- Jakarta  : €130

Jakarta - Borneo- Jakarta : €200

Jakarta - Solo- Yogyakarta - Jakarta : €150

Jakarta - Bali : €200

Jakarta - Makasar : €250

Jakarta - Ambon : €260

Jakarta - Papua : €600

Total : €2000

B. Acomodation cost

for 30 day : 30 day x €60 per day = € 1800

Total Cost : €3800


Jefri Aries an Indonesia photographer, documentary, and travel photographer.

covered various stories in Aceh, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua,

in addition to assignment in the US, Thailand,

Taiwan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Mexico City, Singapore and Vietnam.

Through photography, Jefri Aries has documented issues such as the water crisis in East Nusa Tenggara, Hunger in Papua,

Terorism, Transgender, Children Sex Worker amongst contentious in Indonesia. Jefri is based in Jakarta, Indonesia

Work publish

  • Publish on Bloomberg News, Zuma Press, Geographical Magazine-UK, Fortune Magazine, Toitre-Vietnam, BBC Magazine, Evd-Holland, Digital Media-USA, KPA-Canada, Heinrich-Germany, Muteen Edition-France, Greenpeace, Asia Money, Wall Street Journal, TIME, UN-Irin, Missio Munchen, Reed Bussines Information Ltd, Pearson Education,, Online7plus, Yahoo! Indonesia, Le Monde, Capital France, MONEYWEEK -France, SAS Clés – France, ProfiMedia – Czech Republic, Finansavisen – Norway, NYPost
  • Book of Photography
  • Tax book for Sparkle Jakarta
  • Ocean of Tears Aceh Tsunami Book of photography
  • Annual Report 2005 UNDP
  • Live must go On A years – BRR Aceh
  • World Bank
  • A book Photography Tsunami aceh Fivty Seven Seconds Book of photography
  • Hand – Visionary, Hongkong

Contact :

email :

mobile : +628161641400

personal website