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2011 Major League Coaches Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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2011 Major League Coaches Meeting

2011 Major League Coaches Meeting

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2011 Major League Coaches Meeting

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  1. 2011 Major League Coaches Meeting January 30, 2011

  2. Agenda • Introductions – Kevin and Brent • The Mission Of Little League - Kevin • League Overview – Kevin • Coaches Action Items – Brent, Scott, Chris • Season Start-Up, Play Ball – Kevin, Brent • Season Wrap-Up – Kevin, Brent • Coach Resources – Kevin, Brent • 2011 Draft Rules and Process - Brent • Closing Remarks and Questions - Brent

  3. MYO Key Contacts

  4. 2011 Major League Coaches *12U major likely to be reduced to 4 teams Congratulations and thanks for coaching our first ever Major League Divisions

  5. MIB Staff • Danny Davis - Dan has over 17 years of coaching experience and over 20 years as a corporate trainer.  Head coach of Mason Freshman Baseball, Dan brings a positive energy and enthusiasm to his students.  After a successful run with The Dan Davis Baseball School at Kids First Sports Center, Danny helped open MIB as a way to offer instruction with the ability to break down fundamentals so that his players can make adjustments on their own during game situations.  Chosen as one of the instructors for the famed Doyle Baseball Academy, Dan had to pass up offering coaching certification with Doyle due to his heavy demand as a private and group instructor.  His goal is to help kids undersand what happened in an at bat, pitch, or play and how to correct and make ADJUSTMENTS.  Andrew Ellis - Andrew,  from Anderson High School where he played 3 years of Varsity baseball, including Team Captain in 2007.  After leaving high school, Andrew began coaching as an assistant JV coach at Turpin High school in 2008 and then on to the Head Freshman coach in 2009.  Andrew's specialty is pitching, hitting, and defense. Andrew is graduated from NKU as a Physical Education major.  Andrew will go the extra mile with his players as he has a passion for baseball that is only equaled by his passion for instructing players or all ages.Marty Crow - You can't beat MARTY'S KIDS CAMPS!  Your young kids will have a great deal of fun with Marty on Saturday mornings, helping them LEARN and ENJOY baseball.   With over 13 years of coaching/private instruction, Marty brings a personal touch and enthusiasm to his students.  With an emphasis on pitching, Marty is very detailed in coaching the mechanics of pitching.  Marty is also an in demand instructor for running team tryouts and practice sessions. • Dave Parker – two time batting champ, two time World Series winner, three time Gold Glove winner and NL MVP

  6. The Mission of Little League • Little League Baseball, Incorporated is a non-profit organization whose mission is to "to promote, develop, supervise, and voluntarily assist in all lawful ways, the interest of those who will participate in Little League Baseball and Softball." • Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the Little League program assists youth in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being.By espousing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty, the Little League Baseball and Softball program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes.

  7. League Overview

  8. District 9 - OH • Mason Youth Organization affiliated with Little League in 2009 • Each year we are making changes to align more and more to a traditional LL organization – Majors, Minors, Draft etc • We are part of District 9 which is comprised of Anderson Twp, Warren County, Loveland, West Side Hamilton, Fairfield, West Chester, Butlerville, Lebanon, Middletown, Miami (Oxford) and Little Miami • Roger Fox is our District 9 Administrator • West Side LL is the king of 12U and Miami is king of JR and SR ball (until this year!)

  9. New League Formats • Minor League – developmental focus • Major League – competitive focus • 12U – 10U - 8U • League summary available at • Evaluations were conducted in December and January to aid in team formation and the draft • Evaluations were administered by the professional coaching staff at MIB

  10. Coaches Training For 2011 • Work alongside the professional staff from MIB for seven weeks of indoor practice • Dave Parker coach’s clinic

  11. Indoor Training for 2011 • New for 2011 - Indoor practice will begin on February 7 and last for seven weeks (four weeks for minors) • One practice per week, one hour per practice • 24-man practice rosters • Indoor practice sessions led by the professional staff from MIB – Danny Davis, Marty Crowe, Andrew Ellis

  12. Coaches Action Items

  13. Coaches Certification • NYSCA Certification through the National Association of Youth Sports - • NYSCA Certification in Baseball must be completed prior to first indoor practice – NO EXCEPTIONS • Report NYSCA member ID to • Little League background checks (sign forms)

  14. Safety • Safety is the first priority for MYO • Incident Report – must be completed for any practice or game related injury • Submit incident report to • Medical Release Form – must be completed by each player prior to first indoor practice – NO EXPCEPTIONS

  15. Umpires Fees • 2011 Major League Umpire Pay Matrix • Umpire Pay Matrix • League Age Plate Base Alone • 8U Major 14 $25 $15 $40 • 10U Major 15 $30 $20 $50 • 12U Major 18 $30 $20 $50 • All internal games (Mason vs Mason), each team will split the umpire fee • All hosted interleague games, home team pays full fee • All Major League coaches must collect umpire fees from their team (the fee difference of $145 from your base league fee)

  16. League Fees • In addition to the base league fee collected for each registered player, coaches will be collecting an additional fee for major league play up to $145 total • All unused money MUST be returned to MYO at the end of the season per the coach agreement

  17. Team Names and Uniforms • Please submit your team name request by February 3 or team jersey will be assigned • Board member • Coach seniority • Coin toss • Major league team names are available, either American or National (NO YANKEES ) • Players will receive a Cool Base jersey and replica MLB hat • Uniforms to be available 1st week of April. You or a team designate must pick-up uniforms when ready, ensure proper size for each player • MYO will pay for Names and Numbers on Jerseys – only if you use Scott’s Awards • We are on a tight schedule with Pictures and First Game

  18. Sponsors • Sponsors are critical to supporting MYO and offsetting costs • Need sponsors registered by February 15 at the latest • If you, or someone you know can sponsor a team, please send their contact info to

  19. Rule Books • There are two rule books that will be in play for the season - the 2011 MYO Rules Amendment and the 2011 LL Official Rule book • Why two? To allow for deviation from LL rules within the guidelines of our league and league charter. For example, LL does not allow any adult to warm-up a pitcher either on the field or in the “bull pen”. Our league rules allow adults to warm-up pitchers • Each team will receive one copy of each rule book. If you would like an additional LL rule book, please contact Kevin Carey ($5.00 / book)

  20. Season Start Up Play Ball!

  21. 2011 Calendar

  22. Game Schedules • Game schedules will be completed in March • 22-25 games including season-end tournament • Be prepared to play up to three games per week with no set night • Be prepared to play double headers • Be prepared for regularly schedules Sunday games • Two hour game time limits • Internal rainouts will be rescheduled by Schedule Coordinator (Mike Elegeer) following MYO rescheduling guidelines • Interleague rainouts will be on you to reschedule with Mike Elegeer (if home game) and the visiting coach. If away game, you will need to coordinate with host team and their process • 10U and 12U will have interleague games with Loveland, Lebanon, Warren County, others

  23. Game Day • Each team is responsible for their pitch counts. It is not the umpire’s responsibility • At the end of game, please clean up your areas and vacate bench area as soon as possible and hold post-game talks away from bench areas • Home team to provide new game ball and decent back-up • Winning team will report score on-line by clicking on Game Results • ZERO tolerance for umpire abuse – that includes you, your assistant coaches, parents and players • Umpires will follow weather rules established in MYO Rule Book Amendment

  24. Opening Day Celebration • We will be hosting our third annual Opening Day Celebration • We want this FREE event to be a fun event for the entire organization • Get involved! • We need helpers, team participation, product donations, photographers, booth attendants, cooks • Dunk tanks, Pitch-Hit-Run, Home Run Derby, Parade???

  25. Fields • Games will be played at Cottell Park, Heritage Oak Park, High School JV1, MI 4/5 and MI 5/6. • All fields will have home run fences (we will need help installing and removing at end of season) • We will have more responsibility for field maintenance in 2011 at HOP and Cottell – we will be looking for assistance from Major League teams when field prep is required • Some fields may have dugouts by season start • Practices will be conducted OFF of the ball fields once games begin in designated areas at HOP and Cottell Park

  26. Team Pictures • Major League Picture Day will be April 9 and April 10 • Select a date and time when email is sent • It will be your responsibility to get your teams to the pictures on time as well as pick-up pictures when returned from photographer

  27. Season Wrap Up

  28. Season Ending Tournament • Proposing Single Game Elimination for 12U and 10U • Proposing Double Elimination for some 8U teams and Single Elimination for remaining 8U teams

  29. Internal All Star Game • Proposing for each league to have a Single Game Internal All Star Game – 8U, 10U and 12U Major and Minor after the season ending tournament • Based on number of teams in each division, each team would nominate x players to team and we would have a game • We need coach commitment, player commitment and parent commitment to make this happen. Requesting coaches to gauge interest from team and provide feedback to Brent and Kevin

  30. District 9 All Star Tournament • As part of LL and Ohio District 9, we can enter teams to participate in 9/10, 10/11, 12 Majors and JR All Star games. • We can enter as many teams as we want in the 9/10 and 10/11, however, only one team in the 12 Majors bracket. • If we have the ability to enter more than one team in the 9/10 and 10/11 brackets, we will have an A and B level team • All Star games are played at a hosting LL site and typically starts after July 4 • All Star games are double elimination and tons of fun and excitement for the boys and coaches • Team rosters cannot be announced until June 15. • Player selection will be done via tryouts. Players must have played in 60% of regular season games and must be available for the duration of tournament • Coaches will be selected based on their interest – please submit to Brent Rice by June 1 if interested. If we do not have coach interest, we will not place teams • All Star Coaches will need to work with Kevin for uniforms, practice fields and All Star paperwork (lots of it!)

  31. District 9 All Star Tournament • 9/10 All Star Tournament will start July 16 at West Side Little League • 10/11 All Star Tournament will start July 23 at Hamilton – Fairfield • 12 Majors All Star Tournament will start July 9 • JR All Star Tournament – TBD • SR All Star Tournament will start on July 15 at Miami

  32. Equipment Return • Each Major League team is responsible for their equipment bag provided at beginning of season. • Glen Garvin will designate a day in July for equipment return. Please see website for date as well as emails from Glen • All unused umpire money must also be returned at equipment drop-off

  33. Fall Ball • Please consider playing in our Fall Ball League that starts in August and ends in October • It is typically 6-8 game season • You can form your own team – no rules around that • You may also want to consider playing up to the level that your team will be playing at in 2012

  34. Coach Resources

  35. Coach Resources • MYO home page (Calendar, Practice Schedules, Game Schedules, League Standings) • League Lineup website – requesting all teams to create site and give to Brent to post on website for all to view • Mason Rain-out Line – 513.588.0177 • Little League home page • Little Coach Resource Center • Power Chalk Talk • Free scheduling site • MYO key contacts

  36. MYO Home Page

  37. Power Chalk/Little League Connect is a Little League Baseball® partnership with™ This is a web-based sports motion telestrator that lets you: • Upload • Markup and voice over videos • Play, pause, slow-mo, analyze and comment on their performance

  38. Little League Home Page That’s why Little League International created The Coaches Registry. The registry gives coaches exclusive tools and resources to prepare them for the job of putting the Little League program into action. Baseball and softball specific packages include: • Rulebooks • Electronic Rulebooks • DVD Training Material • Coach and Manager Training Manuals • And much more!

  39. Little League Coaches Resource Center • The intent of this Resource Center is to provide the Little League Baseball and Softball Coach or Manager with the tools they need to be effective leaders of children, to run efficient and productive practices, and to teach children the baseball or softball skills they need to be able to excel.  • This service is being provided at absolutely no charge whatsoever by Little League International.

  40. Free Team Website • Free team website that can hold entire season of stats, schedules, photos, etc.  • Have a league page for every team and all linked together.  Each team would need to designate an admin to maintain the site.  • Requesting all teams to provide url to Brent to post to main website • Sample: *Maybe even a best team website contest!*

  41. Free Scheduling Website • A free website sounds good to use for the coaches - time saver and nice soft touch for parents.

  42. 2011 Draft Rules

  43. Draft Etiquette and Responsibilities • The draft is about what is best for the players and what is best for the league – not any one team or coach • The players are the ones to benefit from draft not parents and not coaches • Under no circumstances are player evaluation scores to be revealed to player or parent

  44. Team Formation – The Draft • Draft day – Thursday, Feb 3, 6:00-8:00PM at the Mason Municipal Building • Draft will occur by age group – 8U first, followed by 10U and 12U • Draft order assigned by random number draw • Receive draft day roster • Players from your 2010 team who made majors

  45. Team Formation – The Draft • Coach with the fewest returning players will draft first, followed by coach with the next fewest and so on according to their random number draw • Once all rosters are equal, coaches will draft according to their number in “snake” fashion, ex. 1-8 then 8-1 • Coaches will have 90 seconds to make their draft pick

  46. Team Formation – The Draft • Picks will be made from an electronic list – “draft board” – of qualified players • Once a player is chosen, he will be added to the coach’s roster and removed from the draft board • Coaches will continue to make draft picks until all rosters are filled

  47. Team Formation – The Draft • There will be no trades • There will be no roster spots “saved” for future registrations • The league president has the authority to override any draft pick • If a coach does not attend, or does not make a pick for any reason, the league president will assign the next highest rated available player to that roster

  48. Team Formation – The Draft • Once the draft is complete, coaches will receive their finalized roster (next day) • Coaches are asked to immediately contact all players and families to congratulate them on their selection and make them aware of indoor practices beginning the following week • Make this fun for the players!

  49. Thanks • Questions