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RBA CERTIFICATIONS. Why Get Certified?. Certification raises your professional standard Verifies your knowledge, skills & abilities Increases job opportunities & income Gives you an advantage over uncertified bakers in the job market. Who Benefits?.

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why get certified
Why Get Certified?
  • Certification raises your professional standard
  • Verifies your knowledge, skills & abilities
  • Increases job opportunities & income
  • Gives you an advantage over uncertified bakers in the job market
who benefits
Who Benefits?
  • Graduating baking students with limited work experience
  • Bakery staff with on–the-job training but no formal education
  • Bakers specializing in decorating or bread baking
  • Retail bakers with four or more years of experience
rba certification four levels
RBA CertificationFour Levels

Certified Journey Baker: a baker who assists in the preparation of products for a commercial bakery

Certified Baker: a baker who prepares and produces baked goods while assisting with general commercial bakery operations

Certified Decorator: a decorator who prepares and finishes sweet baked goods for a commercial bakery

Certified Master Baker: a baker who has the technical and administrative skills necessary to successfully manage and operate the production area, including a wide range of products and technical activities, of an independent of in-store commercial bakery.

certified journey baker
Certified Journey Baker

Written Test

100 Questions

Tests are sent to the RBA and graded.

certified baker
Certified Baker

Testing time: 8 hours

One Day

The candidate shall prepare and present for judging 5 products from the following categories.

White Bread

Sweet Dough

Yellow Cake


Pie Dough & filling

Pre-laminated puff pastry

Icing a layer cake

Products will be disclosed to the candidate on the morning of the test.

certified decorator
Certified Decorator

Testing time: 8 hours

Candidates must complete decorative pieces in the following six categories:

Wedding Cake

Rolled Fondant

Custom Design Cake

Flowers & Sprays w/ Borders

Sculpted Cake

Creative Expression

All decorative work must be constructed during the test hours and in the test area.

certified master baker
Certified Master Baker

Testing time: 12 hours

Over two days

Generally a Saturday & Sunday

Saturday: 1:00 – 5:00pm

Sunday: 7:00am – 3:00pm

certified master baker9
Certified Master Baker

The Candidate shall prepare and present for judging the following products:

Baguettes Rolls

White Bread Cookies

Danish Quick Bread

Yellow Cake Pastry


Candidates are required to pass a written test as well as the practical test.

judging criteria
Judging Criteria
  • Cleanliness of workstation
  • Utilization of ingredients and doughs
  • Quality of the finished products
  • Structure and appearance of finished products
  • Candidates efficiency during production
  • Finishing within the allotted time
on the day of the exam
On the day of the Exam
  • Candidates are strongly urged to use the time alotted for practice at the site to become familiar with the laboratory layout and equipment. The products made during this time may not be used in the test
  • Each candidate will have his/her own workbench and rack. Judges will closely observe production and may ask questions while the candidate works.
tools candidates should bring
Tools Candidates Should Bring
  • Calculator
  • Thermometer
  • Apron, uniform, side towel, food handler gloves, hairnets or cap
  • Decorating tools
  • Measuring cup for specific gravity
  • Small electronic scale
  • Glazing brush and bench brush
  • Timer
  • Ingredient scoops
  • Pastry wheel
  • Serrated knife
  • Bowl knife
  • Stiff plastic scrapper
candidates should not bring
Candidates Should Not Bring



Anything to display finished products

rba recommends
  • Multiple practice sessions for all candidates.
  • Know the requirements for the test you are practicing for and work to meet the criteria.
  • Reach out to professionals that are certified. Show them your products for critique and review. This will help you understand the quality standards expected by the judges during the exam.
suggested reference books
Suggested Reference Books
  • Baking Fundamentals by Noble Masi
  • Practical Baking by William Sultan
  • Baking and Pastry by Culinary Institute of America
  • Bread by Jeffrey Hammelman
common questions
Common Questions
  • What happens if I am not personally satisfied with a specific baked good during the exam?
  • When should I take my required 20 minute lunch break?
  • Can I bring specific tools and equipment?
  • Can I ask judges questions during the practical exam?
common questions17
Common Questions
  • What happens if I go over the time limit for the practical and written tests?
  • Do I have to clean all the equipment I use during the exam?
  • When will I find out the results of my practical and written exams?
  • What type of uniform should I wear?