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I.M.H. Kft.

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I.M.H. Kft.
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  1. I.M.H. Kft. Capacity offer and reference list Certificated by MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 standard Certificatory: ÉMI TÜV. Bayern Kft. Certificate number: MS0224-023 Cg.01-09-863357

  2. Table of contents - Introduction - Contacts - Reference works in abroad - Reference works at home - Our company’s quality certificates - Introduction of the references by illustrations

  3. Introduction Company name:I.M.H. Kft. Established: 1991.03.14. Managing director: Szabó Ferenc Tel.: +36 30 946 6711 Centres: H-1072. Budapest, Rákóczi út 26. – Head office H-2400. Dunaújváros, Kossuth Lajos út 16. – Engineering office H-2457. Adony, Mátyás Király út – workshop Main activities: - Technological piping works, - prepare, local assembling, - power plant equipments installing (condenser,gas engine,piping works), - pressure tanks, maufacturing and installing, - steel constuction manufacturing and installing. - special machines manufacturing Main execute subjects: - Power plant - Paper mill - Food mill - Public utilities and slop water plant The IMH Kft come in to being et 1991, in Hungaryan owner ship. The head office can found in Budapest Engineering office in Dunaújváros. The workshop is operating in Adony. The workshop is a building with 800m2 area, near no6. road to Budapest direction before Mol petrol station. IMH has 100 person employe. We have job in many country in Europe. Our main job area have in Hungary but we have job in Belgium, Germany and France. IMH’s team: - 3 person Mechanical Engineer - 8 person site manager, technican - Certificated welders - Technologic fitters - mechanic, serviser

  4. Contacts Adress: H-2401. Dunaújváros, Pf.:380 Telefon: +36 25 410 612 / +36 25 402 250 Fax: +36 25 403 759 Homepage: Szabó Ferenc - Managing director +36 30 946 6711 Körömi Tibor - Projekt manager +36 30 902 9195 Juhász Gábor – Projekt manager +36 30 947 1909 Cserepes Tibor - Projekt manager +36 -30-5591-863 Szabóné Fetzer Ágnes – Economic manager +36 30 947 1904 Dánielné Dobai Sára – Financial administrator +36 25 410 612

  5. A few reference projects in Germany: 1. BAYRISCHE ZELLSTOFF GmbH – KELHEIM A partial process installation in the new Organocell Paper Millfrom September 1991. We installed the pipeline bridge systemand the water line system (DN 80) completely as well as the medium and small pressure steam pipeline system (DN 400-500). The complete installation of the tanks, the laying ofthe whole steam and condensate system was performed by us as well as the outfitting of the digester and boiler buildings (pumps and connected systems) with the installation of ca. 20 km stainless steel pipelines as the subcontractor of Firma Krtalic GmbH. 2. STADTWERKE MÜNCHEN The welding and fitting of the main carbon steel pipeline and the prefabrication and the installation of the steel construction of the transfer shafts for the district heating network system of Munich was carried out by us in cooperation with the company Broschier. (DN 900, DN 800, DN 500, DN 300 pipes) 3. KÖNNERN DIAMANT SUGAR MILL The pipeline installation tested to 100 % by X-ray of the boiler building in the sugar mill was made together with Mannesmann GmbH. Furthermore the steam system, the cooling water system, the pressure enhancing system and the steam connection of the turbines were installed. 4. HOECHST AG – Kelheim The prefabrication, installation and start-up of the complete carbon and stainless steel pipeline system in the viscose factory with US-character. Installation and connection of the process machines. Modification and connection of the old system to the new one. 5, Pro Papier-Burg Steam and condensate pipe systems modification. A few domestic references: 1. DREHER BREWERIES BUDAPEST Works on the new steam and condensate pipeline network in the brewing house (DN 300). Complete installation and welding of the stainless steel piping in the cellars 9-13 as well as the laying of the complete piping for beer and the modification and designing of the stainless steel systems in the brewing house, diameters DN 15 – DN 300. Rebuild and process piping of the complete Ászok-cellarand Welhoener-cellar as general contractor. 2. HUNGAROVIN Zrt. – Törley Sparkling Wine Factory Total erection of the new sparkling wine department in accordance with the new requirements of the food industry and laying of the liquor pipeline to connect. Automating of the grape processing department in Etyek.

  6. 3. Vintner Plant BALATONBOGLÁR – wine processing Laying of a stainless steel transfer pipeline (DN 80), designing and performing of the cooling system to the wine tanks. Erection of machines, process piping, welding in the new grape processing department as general contractor. Performing of all relevant works in the new office buildings, social rooms and plant restaurant. 4. STOLLWERCK Chocolate Factory – Budapest STOLLWERCK Cookie Factory – Székesfehérvár. Machine erection, performing of process piping and welding works of stainless steel with a German supervisor. 5. Power plant Százhalombatta Complete assembling of the whole steel construction of the heat converting boiler G2, erection of the boiler covering, complete erection works of the piping bridge and the chimney. Prefabrication and erection of 310 tons of steel construction. Process piping at the Mol Rt. 6. Power plant II. – Csepel Erection work of the underground water pipeline for fire extinguishing. Erection works of the main and auxiliary cooling water system (D = 1800mm). 7. ALCOA KÖFÉM – Székesfehérvár Welding works on DN 250, DN 300 gas pipeline. 8. HUNGRANA Kft. – Szabadegyháza Performing of works on the cooling system, Works on stainless steel pipelines (from DN 15 up to DN 400) in the starch and sugar plant. Fabrication, erection, piping and insulation works of stainless steel storage tank with 1500 m3 volume as general contractor. 9. VINÁRIUM Rt. – Budapest Fabrication, erection of 10 stainless steel wine tanks with 10 m3 volume each. 10. DUNAFERR Energiaszolgáltató Kft. – Dunaújváros Installation of steam heat tracing pipeline (5/4”) to the mazut pipeline connecting the mazut plant with the fleet of pumps. 11. DUNAPACK Zrt. – Packaging paper mill Modification of the water system of the PM 3: Installing of the pipeline sections WA25.03.02; WA25.03.04; WA25.03.03. Erection of the complete vacuum system, automating and replacing of piping of the steam and condensate system. 12. ZALAKERÁMIA Zrt. – Tófej Fabrication and erection of the complete dust exhausting system for the material preparationand tile production line. (hot – solid)

  7. 13. FŐVÁROSI GÁZMŰVEK ÓBUDAI GÁZGYÁRA Heat supply of the of the 25/6 bar pressure reducing station for gas, the process piping with erection of equipments of the mentioned project. 14. MAGYAR SUZUKI Zrt. – Esztergom Paint release system, transport belt system with transfer arms, complete technology for a WAX cabinet, Engineering and erection of a pneumatic car lifting system. 15. EXTRALKO Kft. – Zalaszentgrót Erection of a reference yeast plant. 16. AUDI – Győr Performing of the piping works for pressurized air, cooling water and cooled water in the shop G10. 17. MOL Zrt. Prefabrication, surface protection and erection of a steel construction standing close to the road Nr. 3 – Weight 321 339 kg (Annex 1). 18. MOL Zrt. Prefabrication and erection of a steel construction and process erection works for the block Nr. 700. 19. Nuclear power plant – Paks Steel construction works for reinforcement against earthquake. 20. Power plant II. – Csepel Connection of pipelines (D=400-1800) to the pump stations. 21. DUNAPACK Zrt. – Csepel Complete connection of the drum filter, prefabrication and mounting of its cover. 22. ILZER Rt. – Monor Extension of the stainless steel fleet of tanks – prefabrication, erection and process piping of 16 fermentation tanks, 40 m3 each. 23. HUNGAROVIN Zrt. – Steel construction works of the tank shop in Bodrogkisfalud. – Prefabrication and erection of a steel construction holding a horizontal tank in Budapest. 24. DUNAPACK Zrt. Performing of the machine erection and piping works for Project KAC 2001. 25. Vintner Plant BALATONBOGLÁR - Performing of the machine erection and piping works for the process - Lining of the inlet shaft with stainless steel plates - Erection of a complete grape processing line.

  8. 26. Gyál – Industry Park ProLogis • - Process piping. • - Installing of sprinkler pipelines. • 27. Richter Gedeon Zrt. • Extension of the cooling station and mechanical piping on the main site. • 28. Győri Keksz Zrt. – Székesfehérvár • Modification of dough mass pipelines. • 29. AHM Motor Zrt. – AUDI Győr • Prefabrication and installing of the process pipelines for the brake benches V6-V10. • 30. Tököl • Assembling of a new paper machine, prefabrication and installing of its process pipelines. • 31. CEWA PHILAXIA • Machine mounting, piping of the new shops 1 and 2. • 32. AHM Motor Zrt. – AUDI Győr • Installing of the oil pipeline between G1 – G10. • 33. UNILEVER-Diversey Lever • Fabrication of a stainless steel tank. • 34. DREHER BREWERIES • - Prefabrication and erection of an external pipe bridge (stainless steel). • - Prefabrication and erection of an internal pipe bridge (stainless steel). • - Installing of stainless steel pipelines. • - Installing of water pipeline. • 35. HUNGAROVIN Zrt. • Fabrication of a shop for fleet of tanks. • 36. AGRO CHEMIE • Mounting works of the recrystallizing plant. • 37. SIEMENS • Replacing of the channel for the boiler 12-13 underneath the draft II. • 38. Művillgép Kft. • Moving works of a corrugator wet end from Budapest to Romania. • 39. Neusiedler Rt. – Dunaújváros • - Prefabrication of the pipelines for the size press. • - Installation of the pipelines for the cationic size cooker. • - Prefabrication and installation of the new ventilation. • Installation of the trim exhausting pipeline for the plotter paper • winder “Dusenbery”. • Installation of the trim exhausting pipeline for the format cutter “WILL”. • 40. DUNAPACK Zrt. – CSEPEL • - Prefabrication and installation of a chute. • - Replacing of drying cylinders. • - Modification of the kraft pulp line. • - Drive change wet end. • - COMBISORTER installation. • - Modification works on the waste system of PM 4.

  9. 41. DUNAPACK Zrt. – Dunaújváros - Installation of the new ventilation system. - Installation of the dosage systems for uric acid and phosphoric acid in the waste water plant. - Replacing of pipelines for the ALBIA cleaner plant. - Repair of the process water pipeline for PM3. 42. Dr Bata Ltd. Installation of the main pipeline for the new fungus plant. 43. Richter Gedeon Zrt. Installation of fleet of tanks for vegetable plant, installation of its complete piping and its connection to the existing process. 44. Power plant in Kispest Installation of storage tanks. 45. Neusiedler Rt – Dunaújváros - Replacing of the headbox and its accessories, installation of the process pipelines. - Installation of DUO-CLEANER under the hood. - Installation and connection of the pulper discharge pumps. - Installation of the PCC buffer tank along with its pipelines. - Prefabrication and installation of pipelines for fresh water and reused process water. 46. DUNAPACK Zrt. – Csepel - Controlled handling of sewages. - Modifying of pump piping and the overflow of the funnel. - Build-in of the ABS-agitator into the water vat of the funnel. - Installation of the of the air outlet duct for PM6. - Replacing of the steam and condensate system and its turn-off piping for PM6. - Build-in of a new JOHNSON ORTHFLO suction box on the wire part of PM4. 47. DUNAPACK Zrt. – Dunaújváros - Replacing of the headbox and its accessories, installation of the process pipelines. - Process installation works of the double pump system. - Fabrication of the pulping rotor VSAP50. - Completing of the main stock pipe to the METSO headbox at the BIRD pressure sorter. - Lining of concrete vat with stainless steel plates. In the waste water plant: - Adapting of the aeration basin 2 to the new process. - Erection works, machine installations in the new sludge dewatering room. 48. R&M TS Duna Kft - Prefabrication of thick wall stainless steel pipelines by isometric drawings. - Prefabrication of 980 liter stainless steel tanks (2 pcs). 49. Hungarovin Zrt. – Henkell & Söhnlein Hungaria Kft. Process piping for the sparkling wine storage and maturing shop and for the sparkling wine processing and fill preparing shop. 50. Unicentrál Üzemszervíz Kft. Process piping in the new plant of the printing office West in Veszprém. 51. Extension works in the print office in Veszprém Machine installation and the relevant piping. 52. DUNACELL Kft. – Dunaújváros Machine installation and piping works of the new bleaching plant as general contractor.

  10. 53. Richter Gedeon Zrt. • Works on the aeration basin XXIV/2 on site in Dorog applying steel quality1.4301 as: DN 500 connection, its temporarily substitution, performing of its reinforcement on site, process piping. • - Process erection works of the cooler building of the Power Center. Prefabrication of supports and brackets, other completion works (painting, scaffolding, weld tests). • 54. Gas engine – Székesfehérvár • Mechanical installation of 6 Jenbacher gas engines, electrical power 3,041 MWe, heat power 3,101 MW each. • 55. Zenon Systems Kft. • - Process erection works of ultra-filtering plant with the capacity of 16 000 m3/day from the North-Hungarian Regional Water Works Ltd. in Lázbérc. • Piping works of industrial waste water plant with the capacity of 1 400 m3/day for • Tolnatej Rt. inSzekszárd. • 56. Dunafin Kft. – Dunaújváros • Installation of cooling water, steam & condensate, pressurized air, warm water and • drinkingwater systems. • - Prefabrication of drain piping. • 57. VIB Systems GmbH – Dunaújváros • Installation of steam supply piping for steam blowing. • 58. BVG GmbH – Dunaújváros • Fabrication and erection of stainless steel tanks for starch dosage and the installation of the complete piping. • 59, FAG bearing factory-Debrecen • Heaten and coolen systems piping works. • 60,Mátra power plant Zrt.-Visonta • Block 4 and 5 Heating sstem piping works. • 61, Székesfehérvár • Gas engine power plant piping works at Bakonyi road. • 62, Richter Gedeon Zrt. • -Piping works in Dorog an a 3500m3/day capacity ultrafilter plant for a pool XXIV/2 connection line by 1.4301 steel material DN500 size pipe installation and reinforcing. • -Energy center cooling engineroom technology assembling works. Pipie supporten system, pipe clamp manufacturing works and industrialworks(paint, scaffolding, welding examination) • 58, Gas engine- Székesfehérvár • 6 pcs Jenbacher type, 3,041 MW electric and 3,101 MW Heat performance • Gas power plant mechanical assembling works. • 59, Zenon Systems Kft. • North-Hungaryan Region Water Authority Company’s ultrafilter plant • (capacity 16000m3/day) technology execute works. • The Tolnamilk factory’s 1400m3/day capacity industrial waste water claner • piping works.

  11. 60, Biodiesel factory-Tatabánya - Foam line built up. - Technology pipeline built up. 61, Pét-Nitrogenfactory Zrt. Dolomite pneumatic material transport executing works. 62, 31 ÁÉCS Kft.-Budapest Mechanical execution works at 3000 m3 volume water tower. 63, Hankook-Yooyoung Engineering Hungary Kft.-Dunaújváros - Curryng machines’s technology pipelines and pipe tunel execute works. - 78 pcs Curing machines connection lines piping works. - Ladders manufacturing to pipe tunel. - 20 pcs TBM-Tire Building Machines pressur air connection lines piping works. 64, ISD Dunaferr Zrt.-Dunaújváros Hotroll mil-Pushing furnace fresh air supply line piping works. 65, Dreher Zrt.-Budapest - New watersoften building’s technology piping works. - PET machine line CIP system installing - CO2 system building up. - Bottle plant’s new heating system build up with fresh air system. 66,Dunacell Zrt.-Dunaújváros Whitening sytem piping work and equipments installing for straw processing. 67, Dreher Zrt.-Budapest -Old water soften system demolution work and new water soften building’s technology piping works. 68, Hamburger Hungária Kft.-Dunaújváros - DN 250 steam pipeline, PM3 steam header piping works and PM7 new plant steam header connection pipeworks. - PM7 Steam and condense system technology pipe works. - Power plant pipeline bridge A-B section steel construction works and installation. - DN800 steam-DN150 condense line piping works. - PM7 -Erection of centralized lubrication system.

  12. Our company have the following certificates: - TMBF (Local Technology Safety Supervision Office) premission:3/1998.(I.12.) IKIM decre 2§ rights. - MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 - 9/2001. (IV.5.) GM rendelet G és B+F modulok - MSZ EN ISO 3834-2:2006 The references mentioned above are not complete they are only for introducing purposes. Sincerely your Szabó Ferenc General Manager

  13. 1, BayerischeZellstopfGmbh-Kelheim 1, DREHER Beer factory Zrt-Budapest 5, Százhalombatta-Power plant

  14. 8, Hungrana Kft.-Szabadegyháza 14, Magyar Suzuki Zrt. Esztergom

  15. Henkel factory in Vác: Chilled – heated for cover stainless steel tank manufacturing GLOBUS Zrt.-Bp.:Technology Ketchup pipeline 21, DUNAPACK Zrt.-Csepel

  16. 24, DUNAPACK Zrt.-Csepel:

  17. 30, Paper machine in Tököl

  18. 39, Neusiedler Rt. –Dunaújváros 41, Dunapack Zrt. -Dunaújváros

  19. 48, Aerob pool 2 modification works

  20. 48, Silt dryer room executing works

  21. 53, DUNACELL Kft.- Dunaújváros

  22. 56, Gasenginepowerplantin Székesfehérvár

  23. 62, Hankook-Yooyoung Engineering Hungary Kft.-Dunaújváros 68, Hamburger Hungária Kft.-PM7 - Dunaújváros

  24. 69, REM-FWS Kft.-Kazincbarcika