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For Today….

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for today
For Today…
  • We are finishing up with this section of the first unit. We are going to touch on suicide today as at times stressors become too much for some people and this option is seen as the only option. Suicide is a leading cause of death among teens and many cite mental health issues as the cause. We will explore Mental Health Disorders in more detail in the next section of this unit.
managing stress for life1
Managing Stress For Life
  • We have already looked at how to deal with stress in day to day situations. Today we are going to look at stress-management techniques that you can use throughout a lifetime.
physical health
Physical Health

Many negative consequences of stress can be prevented by taking the following steps to keep yourself physically well:

  • Engage regularly in physical activity
  • Eat a balanced diet
physical health1
Physical Health
  • Get enough rest and sleep
  • Use the relaxation techniques that you learned last class
  • Do not use tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs
a support group
A Support Group
  • Effective stress management involves talking to other people about things that bother you
    • Friends, family, guidance counsellors, teachers
      • These people can be referred to as your support group
a support group1
A Support Group
  • In some occasions, just talking about a stressor with a member from your support group can reduce the stress you are under.
a spiritual life
A Spiritual Life
  • Many people find that having a spiritual life, a sense of a connection with something greater than oneself, helps them get through great times of stress.
  • This can be a connection to:
    • A supreme being
    • Nature
a spiritual life1
A Spiritual Life
  • These connections can help to provide comfort, guidance, peace and a sense of being.
  • Ways that organized religions can help:
    • Guidance
    • Sense of belonging to part of a community
    • The act of helping others
    • Life has meaning
getting professional help
Getting Professional Help
  • At times a person can feel overwhelmed by stress. If it reaches a point where you feel unable to cope with the stress in your life, you should get help from a professional
  • This does not always have to be a psychologist; it could be a school counsellor or religious leader, etc.

Many stressors cannot be handled alone

    • Physical, emotional or sexual abuse
  • It is important to remember that there are always things that can be done to improve the situation no matter how bad it may appear.
managing your time by setting goals and prioritizing
Managing your time by setting goals and prioritizing
  • A common stressor that almost everyone faces is the feeling that you do not have enough time to do everything you need and want to do,
  • The key to using time wisely is to set goals and prioritize them.
managing your time by setting goals and prioritizing1
Managing your time by setting goals and prioritizing

The following steps will help to reduce the stress of “not having enough time.”

  • List your goals for today
  • Prioritise you goals
    • Beside each write either a “A”, a “B” or a “C”.
      • The goals you label “A” are ones that must get done that day.
      • The ones labelled “B” are those you would like to get done.
      • The goals labelled “C” are not as important and may have to wait until later.
managing your time by setting goals and prioritizing2
Managing your time by setting goals and prioritizing

3. During the day, do what is necessary to reach your “A” goals first, then your “B” goals. If you have some time left, you can attend to your “C” goals.

  • This method can be used for goals to complete in just a few hours, weeks, months, or even a year.
the following also help with managing time
The following also help with managing time
  • Learn how to say NO. Do not take on task that you may have no time to complete
  • Work on one task at a time. Do not go back and forth between tasks. Time is wasted reorienting yourself.
  • Ask for help from others when you are pressured for time.
review of s mart goals
Review of SMART Goals


  • Straightforward, clear and to the point
  • How you are going to accomplish it
review of s m art goals
Review of SMART Goals


  • The goal should be measurable with some form of measurement
review of sm a rt goals
Review of SMART Goals


  • Set goals that are reachable but not too easy
  • Set goals that are important to you
review of sma r t goals
Review of SMART Goals


  • Set short term goals that will help you attain long term goals
review of smar t goals
Review of SMART Goals


  • Set a timeframe
  • The goal must have a end date
    • Time must be measurable, attainable and realistic
  • How can talking to someone or a support group help alleviate stress?
  • We have indicated that many stressors can not be handled alone. Discuss and research places in our local community and the closest city center where people can go for help. (At least 10 – think about all kinds of stressors)

3. A) Set three SMART Goals for today

  • B) Place a ranking of A, B, or C beside each goal

4. A) Set three SMART Goals for this upcoming week

  • B) Place a ranking of A, B, or C beside each goal
  • 5. A) Set three SMART Goals for this semester. (7 weeks left)
  • B) Place a ranking of A, B, or C beside each goal
  • 4. Set one SMART Goal that you would like to complete in the next year.