Federal and foundation funding for public media
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Federal and Foundation Funding for Public Media. Presenters. Meegan White Project Director, APTS Amie Miller DEI Foundation Development Advisor. The Grant Center. A Partnership of:. Funded by:. The Grant Center. Public Broadcasting’s Premier Source for Grantseekers

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Meegan White

Project Director, APTS

Amie Miller

DEI Foundation Development Advisor

The grant center
The Grant Center

A Partnership of:

Funded by:

The grant center1
The Grant Center

Public Broadcasting’s

Premier Source for Grantseekers

Our mission is to connect

public broadcasting stations

with federal and foundation funding opportunities.

Federal funding outlook
Federal Funding Outlook

  • FY 2011 budget process was one of the most difficult fights in public broadcasting’s history

  • However, public broadcasting had tremendous success in final FY 2011 bill.

    • CPB level funded with a two-year advance of $445 M

    • CPB Digital cut from $36 M to $6 M

    • Ready To Learn level funded at $27.3 M

    • Rural Digital level funded at $4.5 M

    • Unable to save PTFP

Federal funding outlook1
Federal Funding Outlook

What to expect in FY 2012:

  • More of the same, heavy focus on growing budget deficit

  • Contentious budget negotiations that will likely not result in consensus

  • A series of Continuing Resolutions (similar to FY 2011) which will jeopardize small programs

  • “Non-traditional” federal funding more important than ever

Foundation trends
Foundation Trends

  • 2000 – 2010: Foundation giving up overall by 31%

  • 2008: 17% decline in assets

  • 2009: $45.8B -- record decline in giving (-2.1%)

  • 2010: $45.7B -- giving flat, partly due to new foundations and infusions of cash

  • 2011: 2-4% growth in giving projected

Foundation priorities
Foundation Priorities

  • Top giving priorities by $ invested (2009):

    • Education: 23%

    • Health: 23%

    • Human Services: 13%

    • Public Affairs/Society Benefit: 12%

    • Arts/Culture: 11%

Increasing competition for grants
Increasing Competition for Grants

  • Fewer multi-year and capital grants

  • Emphasis on:

    • Partnerships

    • Evaluation

    • Outcomes

    • Multi-platform or “transmedia” production

Grant center accomplishments
Grant Center: Accomplishments

  • Online clearinghouse with searchable database of 280+ funding opportunities

  • Funding alerts and policy updates

  • Monthly webinars/conference calls connecting you with funders and peers

  • Email, newsletters, Twitter, RSS feed

  • Custom prospect research to 100+ stations and LJCs

  • Station Advisory Board

Accessible to
Accessible to:

  • All public radio and television stations

    • All station staff, including:

      • Senior staff

      • Education directors

      • Outreach staff

      • Development staff

      • Engineers

      • You!

  • Login

    • Contact APTS or DEI for login information

Funding profiles
Funding Profiles

  • Name of grant and agency

  • Description and fit for public broadcasting

  • Eligibility and anticipated funding

  • How to apply and resources

  • Links to the grant program notice and the agency/foundation website

  • History of previous station funding

Search by topic
Search by Topic

Arts and Humanities


K-12 Education




Rural Development

Science and Technology

Workforce Development, and more

Custom research
Custom Research

  • Who funds equipment in my state?

  • Who might fund health content?

  • Who funds coverage of aging issues?

  • Who provides general operating support in my region?

  • Which funders are interested in dropout prevention?

  • Who could help fund local news reporting?

Recent webinar topics
Recent Webinar Topics

  • Federal Funding Prospects and the President’s Budget

  • Signature Obama Administration Grant Programs and Public Broadcasting

  • Meet the Knight Foundation

  • Researching Grant Opportunities

  • Models for Funding Local News

  • Grants from the National Endowment for the Arts

  • Grants from the National Science Foundation

  • Advice on Broadband Funding Applications – BTOP, RUS and ARRA

Upcoming webinar topics
Upcoming Webinar Topics

  • DEI’s Gifts & Grants webinar series

  • Seeking foundation funding for dropout prevention projects

  • Gearing up for the Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge (RTT-ELC) grant program

  • Federal funding and the shift toward transmedia production

  • Grantwriting basics


  • Grant planning and writing resources

  • Sample proposals

  • Agency-specific tutorials and guides

  • Topical research to build your case

Grant center goals
Grant Center Goals

  • Increased awareness of grant opportunities

  • Increased grant readiness

  • Increase in grants requested and secured

What s next
What’s Next

Maintain current services, plus:

  • Increase policy updates and funding forecasts

  • Create case studies and share with stations and funders

  • Cultivate relationships with key funders

  • Build a forum for station grantseekers

  • Highlight current research to help craft strong proposals

How you can help
How You Can Help

  • Share your expertise with the station community

  • Successes: future case studies?

  • Obstacles you encounter in eligibility

  • Sample proposals

  • Stories of partnership development

Race to the top early learning challenge
Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge

  • New early learning initiative is a partnership between Dept of Education and Dept of Health and Human Services

  • $500 M of the $700 M appropriated is now for early learning

  • Seeking bold, comprehensive state plans

  • Priorities include serving underserved, outreach to families and professional development

  • NOFA expected later this summer – contact your state and partners now!

Neh bridging cultures through film
NEH – Bridging Cultures Through Film

  • Funds documentaries on international topics

  • Highly competitive

  • Natural fit for public broadcasters

  • Awards range $75,000 - $800,000

  • Last year, WNET was awarded $405,710 for Women, War & Peace: The Balkans

  • Deadline: June 29, 2011

Nea the arts in media
NEA – The Arts in Media

  • Formerly known as The Arts on Radio and TV

  • Now looking at transmedia strategies

  • Shift toward community engagement and innovation

  • Awards range $10,000 - $200,000, require match

  • 2010 awards funded many public tv and radio projects

  • Deadline: September 1, 2011

Nsf informal science education
NSF – Informal Science Education

  • Longtime funder of public broadcasters

  • Supports public engagement with STEM

  • Recent awards include production of SciGirls, Cyberchase, PBS NewsHour

  • Also funds multipedia initiatives like KQED’s Quest and WGBH’s LOOP

  • Youth Radio funded for DO IT!

  • 60 new awards from a pool of $28M

  • Preliminary proposals due August 12, 2011

Nsf advanced technological education
NSF – Advanced Technological Education

  • Possible fit for distance learning and workforce development

  • Emphasis on two year colleges

  • Fundable activities include teacher training, curriculum development

  • Recent awards (including one to WGBH) include video components

  • 45-60 new awards ranging $25,000 - $300,000 (from $64M pool)

  • Deadline: October 20, 2011


  • “Thank you so much for this great research. It provides me with many new prospects that we have not pursued. This is a great service!”

  • “I know that [the Grant Center’s] work has already taken a load off and helped individuals at stations streamline their grant seeking and writing process!”

  • “I can’t imagine doing my job without the APTS Grant Center!”

Thank you!