Enrollment spring 2013
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Enrollment Spring 2013. Next Steps. Checklist & Overview. Check your Enrollment Appointment. Remove all holds from your SOLAR account. Check your Degree Progress Report to see what you still need. Talk to your major and UGC advisors. Put classes in your shopping cart.

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Enrollment spring 2013

EnrollmentSpring 2013

Next Steps

Checklist overview
Checklist & Overview

  • Check your Enrollment Appointment.

  • Remove all holds from your SOLAR account.

  • Check your Degree Progress Report to see what you still need.

  • Talk to your major and UGC advisors.

  • Put classes in your shopping cart.

  • Have back-up options for classes.

  • Enroll at your enrollment appointment.

  • Check important dates on the Spring 2013 academic calendar.

Enrollment appointments
Enrollment Appointments

  • Enrollment Appointments are assigned (11/5/12 @ 4pm).

    • An enrollment appointment is the unique date that you can go into SOLAR and actually register.

    • Dates are assigned based on credits earned and special groups.

      • Seniors, then juniors, than sophomores, then freshmen.

  • 11/7/12 Winter registration begins. First groups register.

  • Nov 15th -16th freshman registration appointments.

Finding your enrollment appointment
Finding Your Enrollment Appointment

  • Log into SOLAR

  • www.stonybrook.edu/solar

    • Click on Enrollment

    • Select Enrollment Date

    • Select Spring 2013.

    • You can register for courses starting at that time.

    • You have until the add/drop/swap deadline in Spring 2013 to make additions and changes.

Remove holds
Remove Holds

  • Check in SOLAR in the upper-left corner for any holds.

  • Click on this symbol to find out how and where to remove holds.


Check your degree progress report
Check Your Degree Progress Report

  • Requirements in bold-type font mean that you have not yet met those requirements. These are the ones that you should focus on, since you still need them.

  • Any course with an “I/P” next to it, means that it is currently In Progress and, if you pass the course with a satisfactory grade, you will receive DEC credit for it.

  • Note: you will not receive DEC/Major credit for any class, in which you receive a P or NC grade.

Graduation requirements
Graduation Requirements

  • 120 credits to graduate; 127 in many CEAS; 128 SOJ

  • 39 must be upper-division 300 level

  • 100 Graded Credits (not P, NC, S, U)

  • After 57th Credit, 36 must be at SBU

  • 2.0 GPA (C average)

Satisfying skills
Satisfying Skills

  • Skills

    • Skill 1: MATH

      • You will fulfill this with your Math course.

    • Skill 2: WRITING

      • If you have not fulfilled this, you will fulfill it with WRT 102.


      • SAT II

      • > 3 Language AP

      • > 85 Regents Language Exam

      • Language Exam for Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish. See https://llrc.stonybrook.edu/placement-exams

      • Challenge Exam for all other languages See: http://studentaffairs.stonybrook.edu/apac/students_exam_challenge.shtml

      • 2 years of high school where English is not language of instruction, (for example International Students who did not go to an English-language high school). See the Transfer Office to get Skill 3 applied to your record.

    • SKILL 4: American History

      • > 3 AP POL or HIS

      • Some courses in DEC categories F or K.

Decs for cas soj cob

  • DEC A1 = WRT 101 or equivalent

  • DEC A2 = WRT 102

  • DEC B (Interpreting Texts in the Humanities, eg. Philosophy, Cinema, Asian Studies, English, etc.)

  • DEC C = MATH/Applied Math, not MAP 103

  • DEC D = Fine & Performing Arts (Music, Art, Film, Dance, Theater)

  • DEC E x 2= Sciences (CHE, PHY, BIO, GEO, etc.)

  • DEC F x 2 = Social Sciences (PSY, SOC, HIS, POL, ANT, etc.)

  • DEC G x 2 = Humanities (EGL, WST, HUM, etc)

Decs for cas soj cob cont
DECs for CAS, SOJ, COB, cont.

  • DEC H - Implications of Science and Technology

  • DEC I - European Traditions

  • DEC J - The World Beyond European Traditions

  • DEC K - American Pluralism


  • Bulletin http://sb.cc.stonybrook.edu/bulletin/current/courses/browse/byabbreviation/

Major requirements
Major Requirements

  • The Degree Progress Report includes most major requirements.

  • You can also check your major requirements in the bulletin.

  • Verify these requirements with your advisor

  • Make sure that your major on your degree progress report matches the major you intend to major in. If not, change of major forms are available on the registrar’s webpage or in the Undergraduate Colleges Office.

Requirements can overlap
Requirements Can Overlap


Major Requirements


Pre-professional Requirements

What to register for
What to register for

  • UGC 102

    • Requirement for all freshmen

    • Taught by faculty

    • Good opportunity to make a connection with faculty to get recommendations

  • Major requirements (or potential major requirements)

    • Go to www.stonybrook.edu/bulletin to see major requirements. The recommended course schedules are a useful guide, but MAKE SURE YOU TALK TO YOUR MAJOR ADVISOR TO GET THE MOST UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION.

    • Talk to your department for further recommendations.

  • Pre-professional Requirements

    • See www.stonybrook.edu/healthed

  • DEC Requirements & Skills

    • If you are not in an ESL or WRT course now, add WRT 102

    • Consult your degree progress report to see what else you need

  • Electives

Courses to consider if you are exploring other majors
Courses to consider if you are exploring other majors

  • HAS 190 (1 credit) Introduction to the Health Professions

  • CAR 110 (2 credit) Career Development and Decision Making

  • HAD 210 (1 credit) Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Science

  • HAT 210 (1 credit) Introduction to Respiratory Care

Get some good advice
Get some good advice!

  • Each semester, before you register, speak to:

    • Major Advisor

    • Minor Advisor

    • UGC Advisors or starting sophomore year, Academic/Pre-Professional Advisors

  • Who is your major advisor? See bulletin.

    • Undergraduate Program Coordinator

    • Department advisors

    • In Biology, Ellen Lopez and Corey Fortcher

  • What if you don’t have a major yet?

    • Talk to the Career Center

    • Major Event on November 14th @ 12-2 in SAC Ballroom A

    • Talk to a UGC advisor

    • Use DECs and electives to explore potential majors

  • WARNING: Upper-classmen and alumni do not always give the most up-to-date or accurate advice. Get advice from the “pros” above!

Ceas majors
CEAS Majors

  • Please see your Engineering Advisors in Room 127 in the Engineering Building.

How much to register for
How much to register for

  • All students may register for up to 17 credits.

  • The credit limit rises to 19 on Jan 25th, 2013

  • Students with a GPA above 3.0 and no “I”s may register for up to 23 credits as of Jan 25th, 2013.


Add courses to shopping cart
Add courses to shopping cart

  • Have back-ups! Make sure to have more than just your first choice of classes. Courses fill up and you may not get your first choice.

  • Make sure to register for at least 12 credits (minimum to be full time).

Advising month in sso
Advising Month in SSO

Healthcare Opportunities and Research Opportunities

November 7th, 1-2pm

Wang Center, Room 201

Find out what’s out there for Summer 2013!

The Major Event

November 14th, 12-2pm

SAC Ballroom A

Find out more about majors on campus.

Katherine’s Late Hours in the Library

November 14th, 5-8pm

N3071 Melville Library

Get some last-minute advice before registration

SSO Advising Night & Meet the Fellows

November 5th, 7-9pm

SSO Center Room 122

Get some advice from Katherine

Kaiser (SSO Advisor) & Lakshmi

Ramsoonder (Pre- Health

Advisor).  Also, meet the SSO

Fellows and have a sandwich!

Career Decision Clinic for Freshmen and Sophomores

November 7th, 11am-2pm

Career Center

Ask Career Center counselors

questions about your major/career

path. No appointment necessary.

Contact information
Contact Information

  • Until Thanksgiving, all UGC Advising hours will be walk-in hours from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm in N3071 in Melville Library.

  • Addition SSO Advising Hours during the Election Event, November 6th, 8-10pm in the SSO Center

  • For quick questions, email Katherine Kaiser

    E-mail: Katherine.Kaiser@stonybrook.edu