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Campus Network

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Campus Network. Do the (B)right things. Main Objectives for 2002. Upgrade of the Accelerator Network & LHC network design. Completion of S.C. phase II. Selection, Configuration and Operation of IP appliances. LHC computing prototypes. CN jmj. Infrastructure CM,ES,JS,MD.

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Campus Network

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Presentation Transcript
campus network

Campus Network

Do the (B)right things

it cs campus network structure by team



for 2002

Upgrade of the Accelerator Network & LHC network design

Completion of S.C. phase II

Selection, Configuration and Operation of IP appliances

LHC computing prototypes





Passive/Active infrastructure logistics and CFT,

S.C. phase II, Accelerator Network Infra Upgrade,

Experimental Areas & Pits, Network extensions

Software support & Engineering


Products evaluation and integration,

DNS, DHCP, CFMGR (device configuration)

Accelerator active infrastructure logistics & CFT

513C & LHC computing


Computer center and backbone network design,

Product Validation, Data Challenges, OpenLab

Interactions with IT services

Remedy Workflow






Network Consultation office

AR,IG + DCS team

First Line support, contract follow up,

database consistencies, Network analysis

Software for Operation



Remedy support

IT/CS Campus Network Structure by Team

CS group meeting

in practice
In practice…
  • CN and NSO are now so much mixed that it was difficult to split the presentation

CS group meeting

cn section
CN Section

Marc Collignon

Maryse Da Costa

Daniel Francart

Jacques Anthonioz-Blanc

Marianna Zuin

Nick Garfield

Claude Mertina

Jean Simeoni

Eric Sallaz

CS group meeting

  • A lot was done
    • Complete structured cabling phase II
    • Start LHC control installations
    • Two proposals for PS/SPS/TCR rejuvenation
    • Preparation of the PS rejuvenation
    • … and cope with (always urgent) user requests
  • Despite
    • Logistics problems
    • Environment (e.g. power)
    • Budget constraints

CS group meeting

software support and engineering
Software Support and Engineering
  • Studies of “real time” constraints for LHC
  • Preparation for Wireless deployment & Management
  • Call for tenders (Routers and switches)
  • Evaluation of new industrial switches
  • Definition of a common service platform (Linux).

CS group meeting

computer center backbone openlab
Computer Center, Backbone, Openlab, …
  • End of FDDI
    • History goes
  • End of 128.141
    • After 7 years of common and intensive effort
  • Towards an IP only network
    • Studies have started
  • Preparation of the Computer Center Move to the Vault
    • This is not just a DEMECO problem
  • Openlab: 10 gigabit-ethernet tests
    • And outstanding TESTBED performance results…

CS group meeting


CS group meeting

what next

What next ?

For CN and NSO sections

Many projects have started

technical network implementation
Technical network Implementation
  • We managed to convince
  • Got agreement
  • Huge Logistic problem
    • Call for tenders, deliveries, stock management, etc
  • A lot to install !
  • Adaptation of services
    • New switches
    • Database & tools extensions
  • New features to study & deploy
    • Clock distribution, Multicast, QoS,…
  • Integrated, with the GPN, into one single 24x24, 365x365 support schema

CS group meeting

and lhc physics
And LHC physics!!!…
  • The LHC project is not only the machine
  • Physics at the pits
    • Very large and complex systems to install
    • Will start end 2003 for the (large) infrastructures
  • Computer Center farms challenge
    • Solutions for installing network for 10000s of nodes
    • Operating such large systems

CS group meeting

services high availability
Services High Availability
  • GPN Backbone redundancy: Implemented
  • DHCP: Redundant services: done
  • Technical Network: part of the challenge
  • CSAM
  • ST/EL: Better power feeds…
  • DNS: soon to improve
  • Spectrum everywhere, 24x24.

CS group meeting

soon to come
Soon to come
  • Better network access control
  • Pilot High density 100 base-T to the desk
  • All database based applications move to WEB interfaces including MTP (si, si!)
  • LANDB2 in January
    • LANDB3 mid 2003 will fully Integrate Network/Register and LANDB2
  • All services moved to Intel/Linux
    • End of NCDs
    • DXCOMS off …

CS group meeting

thank you

Thank you!


the place of nso
The place of NSO ?

Campus network


CS group meeting

the people 1
Italo Gard

Pavel Krysin

Ignacio Leon

Alasdair Ross

Tamara Smoliakova

Nikolaos Trikoupis

Evgeuni Vedeniapine

Olaf van der Vossen

The people 1.

CS group meeting

the people 2
Benoit Clement

Sylvestre Catin

Thomas Nederman

Hector Guajardo

David Parra

The people 2.

CS group meeting

network services operation






SLNET support


Network Services & Operation

CS group meeting

achievements in last year
Achievements in last year
  • We survived the departure of 3 persons !
  • Version one of the LANDB and WEBREQ changes almost ready.
  • Spectrum now firmly in the hands of Nikos.
  • Network Operation ok most users satisfied.
  • First line without mayor problems.
  • SL network operation ok, upgrade started.
  • Wireless (production) deployment started.
  • CS web pages maintained by Tamara.

CS group meeting

webreq changes
WEBREQ changes
  • New WEB interface
    • Logic differentiates
      • Interface card
      • Network service
    • Signature
      • NICE login
    • N interface cards
      • wireless
    • New fields
      • For Technet
    • IT Division layout

CS group meeting

landb2 changes
LANDB2 changes
  • LANDB / MANUTPtools merge.
  • SLNET-DB absorbed.
  • SLA tools integrated.

CS group meeting

network management
Network Management
  • Spectrum everywhere !
    • All services managed by spectrum only
    • More redundancy, new architecture and hardware, 24x24 service
    • PCALARM off…
    • End of HPopenview =>> port SLNET functionality.
    • Non specialist interface (Helpdesk, TCR, Operators)
  • Network Statistics
    • For network services
    • Integrated into WEBREQ v5

CS group meeting

netops first line
NETOPS & First Line
    • Continue the service to the users.
    • Adopt the new Tools.
    • Service Technet and the legacy 128.142
    • In 9 months from now ?
  • First Line
    • Improve the SLA, reporting and statistics.
    • Technet integrates the first line.
    • Massive new installations in the computer center.

CS group meeting

slnet support
SLNET support
  • 24x24 Support and Interventions on the remaining 128.142.
  • Coordinate transition to Technet with the users.
  • Assist the CN teams in preparing the eradication of the 128.142 in PS, TCR and SPS.

CS group meeting

  • Deployment
    • Speed up deployment in public meeting rooms.
    • Manage “private” base stations sold by the CS group.
  • Assistance.
    • NETOPS.

CS group meeting

things to come
Things to come
  • Replacement for Nacho who will leave in spring.

CS group meeting