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State of the Church PowerPoint Presentation
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State of the Church

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State of the Church
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State of the Church

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Presentation Transcript

    1. State of the Church Faithbridge Presbyterian Church February 2012

    2. Agenda Finance Ministry Fellowship Ministry Worship Ministry Mission Ministry Christian Education Ministry Property Ministry Personnel Ministry Technology Ministry

    3. Finance & Stewardship Ministry

    4. 2011 Details: Income

    5. 2011 Details: Expenses

    6. 2011 in Review

    7. 2011 Pledge Information 33 pledges $179,905 pledged to general fund $3,200 pledged to building fund

    8. 2012 Income Budget

    9. 2012 Expenses Budget

    10. 2012 Budget Summary

    11. Fellowship Ministry

    12. 2011 in Review Small Groups active Supper Scramble groups started Wednesday Night Dinners: >65% of congregation attended at least once More than 1000 meals served in 2011 Quarterly Church Wide Events: Church-wide Picnic Summer Movies Church Camp-out Advent Adventure

    13. 2012 Plans Small Groups continue as an emphasis: Adding a Saturday Womens Group, Restarting the Mens Group Continue Breaking Bread together: WNDs continue ? Adding 5th Sunday Breakfasts Camping Program Emphasis as a Community Outreach event Continue church wide events: Easter Brunch & Easter Egg Hunt Trunk or Treat

    14. Worship Ministry

    15. 2011 in Review Sunday Morning Worship averaged ~110 persons Special services including: Pentecost service & lunch Maundy Thursday Children's pageant during Advent Christmas Eve

    16. 2012 Plans Desiring to have more people worshipping with us. Continue having members lead and participate in worship. Continue the special services in 2012.

    17. Mission Ministry

    18. 2011 in Review Continued partnership with Samaritan Inn Supported Frisco Family Services Work-project at Goodland Boys Home F5IN : Food From Faithbridge For Families In Need Supported Christ Presbyterian Church in Ghana KDO: Actively nurturing our neighborhood Children Supported CDCA in Nicaragua Hosted Uganda Orphans Choir

    19. Initial 2012 Plans Ben Carter will personally be providing for the Gateway Apartments: Hand-built furniture, (including; but not limited to): Shaker-style solid-oak queen size bed with canopy Matching armoire & nightstand (with Pewter Hardware) 87 piece Elizabethan-style scale barbie doll house (made from solid cherry) Hand-woven latch-hook rugs for each room in the house. A Crystal Chandelier that he will embezzle from his office at work (shhh!). Hand-blown glass water goblets Please Pray for Ben as he develops the skills necessary to complete this difficult journey.

    20. 2012 Plans Continued focus on Samaritan Inn: Gateway Apartment project Serving meals Mission dollars Expand the number of Faithbridge participants in mission activities Support KDO board, directors and mission Utilize mission activities as opportunity for evangelism

    21. Christian Education Ministry

    22. VBS: 100+ children participated Bibles to 4th graders Children's Christmas Pageant Stepping Stones Children's Chapel Wednesday Night Activities Summer Sunday School Youth Events Senior High Retreat Youth Ski Trip Lock In Middle School Retreat Senior Recognition Mission Trip 2011 in Review

    23. 2012 Plans Confirmation class will be starting this spring: Leaders have agreed Details in the next two weeks Continuing, Ongoing and Growing: Youth Group Sunday School 7+ classes offered each Sunday Wednesday evening bible study classes 5+ classes offered each Wednesday Childrens chapel VBS Forming a CE Committee to plan

    24. Property Ministry

    25. 2011 in Review New Heating and AC contract ($1200/year savings) Got Repair work done: (no cost savings ~$40k) Repaired entry way to the church Installed a french drain around the entire building (decrease water coming into the building) Completed several in-church cleaning days and massive outside property/landscape improvement day. Installed ice machine Hired new cleaning company with twice the number of cleanings for negligible additional cost

    26. 2012 Plans Review landscape/lawn care options Replace/update carpet in the Sunday school rooms Several up-coming church cleaning and repair days Repair/Replace top stones around the outside of the building Reviewing options for our chairs: Continue to have heavy wear and tear

    27. Personnel Ministry

    28. 2011 in Review Six staff members: Chris Carson- Pastor Victoria Beasley - Administrative Assistant Cheryl Stovall - Faithbuilders Kids Day Out director Tom Bozarth- Director of Music Gloria Abrego - Nursery Director Valerie Baumguard- Nursery Attendant Personnel Committe was created Staff evaluations took place in August

    29. 2012 Goals To adequately staff our church based upon need to provide fair compensation and training for staff to maintain positive relationships with staff and Faithbridge

    30. Technology Ministry

    31. 2011 in Review Supported other Ministries in the Church Upgraded software and hardware: A/V Room and Church Office Provided free WiFi for Faithbridge building Provided documentation for A/V Room

    32. Continue support of other ministries Expand on-line presence: Regular updates to our Website Active Faithbridge Church Facebook Account Investigate alternate options for phone/internet (cost saving?) 2012 Plans