2009 february nb n.
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2009 February NB PowerPoint Presentation
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2009 February NB

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2009 February NB - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2009 February NB. Arlington, VA Senior Advisor – Support Update Col Skip Guimond. YOUR TEAM IS UP AND RUNNING!. Support Section consists of 10 Advisors and 6 Team Leaders

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2009 february nb
2009 February NB

Arlington, VA

Senior Advisor – Support Update

Col Skip Guimond

your team is up and running
  • Support Section consists of 10 Advisors and 6 Team Leaders
  • On-Line improvements continue including Ops Qual Ver 2 and beta testing of Aircraft Scheduling through WMIRS in three Wings.
  • On-Line training, testing, and support is growing and will continue help our members enhance their PD and reduce their paperwork burden.
  • Welcome Col Dave Braun as new Uniform Team Leader.
professional development col bryan cooper advisor
  • CAP BOC released with very high enrollment already
  • Updating numerous Specialty Tacks
  • Revision of CAPR 50-17 in final coordination
  • Developing tool set for new Wing/Region PDOs.
  • Senior NCO attendance at NSC recommendation released to NB
information technology lt col bill hughes advisor
  • ORMS up and running—working on resolving some issues.
  • AMS work in progress and on schedule.
  • Aircraft scheduling as an add-on to WMIRS now testing in 3 Wings
  • Ops Quals Ver 2 released 2 February
  • Aircraft Model cleanup (FAA IDs) now testing in NYWG
  • IMU integration in progress
aerospace education col mike murrell advisor
AEROSPACE EDUCATIONCol Mike Murrell, Advisor
  • Updated CAPP 15 completed, CAPP 215 in final review.
  • Teacher Orientation Program (TOP) up and running with new publications
  • AEO Schools in 2010 will be expanded to 5 or 6
  • New Robotics Program is almost complete, with RC Airplane Program to follow.
marketing col skip guimond acting advisor
MARKETINGCol Skip Guimond, Acting Advisor
  • Seeking a new Marketing Advisor.
  • Working on Simplified Checklist for New CAP Members on How To Qualify for Ops Missions
  • Developing a new Marketing Plan for review by the National Commander.
public affairs maj al pabon team leader
PUBLIC AFFAIRSMaj Al Pabon, Team Leader
  • “Volunteer Now” is a great success!
  • National PA Plan is completed and being reviewed by senior staff.
  • New PAO Specialty Track course and PAO Handbook completed for staff coordination.
  • Developing a new PAO “store” of resources
  • Numerous PAO workshops scheduled for 2010 including PIO/MIO tng at NESA
member affairs lt col rick moseley advisor
MEMBER AFFAIRSLt Col Rick Moseley, Advisor
  • Working with Public Affairs to improve CAP News with new “Volunteer Now” to bridge the gap with the Volunteer Magazine.
  • Develop a new member’s checklist for qualification into the most popular specialty qualifications (Fast Start Program)
awards promotions lt col rick mosley interim team leader
AWARDS & PROMOTIONSLt Col Rick Mosley, Interim Team Leader
  • Waiver requests are now being processed within a month—usually less than 2 weeks
  • Emergency Approvals have been coordinated in less than a week—but please use sparingly
  • Working directly with Wings to support requests lacking documentation rather than issue a denial
  • Revisions to CAPR 39-3 and a new CAPP covering award preparation in the works.
uniforms col dave braun team leader lt col rick moseley advisor
UNIFORMSCol Dave Braun, Team Leader; Lt Col Rick Moseley, Advisor
  • NB will consider the future of the CAP uniform selection and change policy and process
  • Coordinated the numerous Uniform Agenda Items for Winter Board Consideration
  • Developing a simplified process for member input with an on-line uniform column
government relations col john swain advisor
  • $4 million restored to FY09 O&M budget, and $4 million for aircraft passed by both houses
  • 2010 Legislative agenda approved by BOG
  • 2010 CAP Washington Week at Andrews AFB preparation has begun
  • Numerous briefings to Govt. Agencies
  • Legislative Day a GREAT success!
state legislative team leader lt col jeff wiswell team leader col swain advisor
STATE LEGISLATIVE TEAM LEADERLt Col Jeff Wiswell, Team Leader; Col Swain, Advisor
  • Developing templates and training programs for Wing Legislative Officers
  • Developing a strong and effective State Legislative Team capable of providing support to those Wings which request it, and to assist in our overall legislative effectiveness.
  • Working to fill Legislative Officer positions in all Wings.
cadet programs lt col ned lee advisor
CADET PROGRAMSLt Col Ned Lee, Advisor
  • Implementation Guide for CAPR 52-18 is coming soon
  • Working to expand partnerships with similar youth organizations in support of our LTO
  • Continuing to expand our cadet activities through new NCSAs
  • Developing plan for a new CAP Alumni Association for approval by CAP/CC.
  • 2010 NCSAs are on schedule.
national cadet special activities maj joe winter advisor
National Cadet Special ActivitiesMaj Joe Winter, Advisor
  • 2010 NCSAs have over 2,500 applications under review.
  • Revised Activity Director’s Guide for NCSAs will be available for 2010.
  • Assisting ADs with curriculum development including program wide and individual learning outcomes.
  • Finalizing staffing of all NCSAs.
drug demand reduction lt col jett mayhew team leader lt col ned lee
DRUG DEMAND REDUCTIONLt Col Jett Mayhew, Team Leader;Lt Col Ned Lee

CAPR 51-1 revisions in final review.

“Fit For Flying” program in final review prior to staff coordination

Developing standard format for local DDR Goals and Objectives

Updating the DDR website

Continuing to expand DDR activities such as parades and “Cadet Ken” appearances


spaatz association maj steve austen advisor lt col ned lee
SPAATZ ASSOCIATIONMaj Steve Austen, Advisor;Lt Col Ned Lee
  • Continuing liaison with the Spaatz Association
  • Spaatz Patron Squadron is up and running
  • 2010 Annual Dinner will be Saturday evening – hope to see you there
  • Aerospace Leadership Scholarships ($2,500 each) will be awarded Saturday night
national cadet advisory council col larry trick advisor lt col ned lee advisor
NATIONAL CADET ADVISORY COUNCILCol Larry Trick, Advisor;Lt Col Ned Lee, Advisor
  • Conduct and guide monthly NCAC Meetings
  • Working Fitness, O Ride, C-182 Flight Training & DDR Issues
  • Advertising Missions & NCSAs to all Cadets

URBAN PROGRAMSCol George Boyd, Team Advisor

  • Staff Study & Recommendations given to CAP/CC for review.

Thank You for your continuing support,and we all look forward to serving you

performing missions for America