7th grade ubd unit 6 europe n.
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The Russian Nesting Doll PowerPoint Presentation
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The Russian Nesting Doll

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The Russian Nesting Doll - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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7th Grade UBD - Unit 6– Europe. The Russian Nesting Doll. Background Information.

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The Russian Nesting Doll

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Presentation Transcript
background information
Background Information
  • It is difficult to believe that the nesting doll, what some might consider the embodiment of Russian culture, was just born some 100 years ago. Nesting doll history began in the 1890s. Artists turned to Russia’s peasantry for the thread that would unite the country with its past.
background information1
Background Information
  • The art form caught on quickly. In 1900 one of the Russian wooden dolls was taken to a show in Paris, where it received an award.
  • The nesting doll’s shape and concept became a canvas for renderings of political figures, illustrating Russian fairy tales, creating religious icons, and much more. Virtually any image one could imagine can be adapted to its versatile shape.
background information2
Background Information
  • The world has seen many changes in the past century, but the nesting doll has remained very much the same, takingus back to a simpler time.
  • Many are committed to ensuring that this is one tradition that won’t fade into obscurity, including one company, Golden Cockerel Crafts. Jointly located in Boone, North Carolina and St. Petersburg, Russia, Golden Cockerel is striving to ensure the survival of the nesting doll, Russia’s past and the cottage industry.
step one
Step One

Start with a square shaped paper. Fold the paper in half as shownto create a crease line in the center. Flatten the paper out again. (Do not draw dotted line. It is there as a reference.)

step two
Step Two

Fold the two corners at the sides inward toward the crease line. Your project should look like the picture shown.

step three
Step Three

Turn the paper overand fold backthe tip as shown.

step four
Step Four

Your project should look like this.

step six
Step Six

Turn the paper back over to the front.

step seven
Step Seven

Cut half way into the 2 corners at the sides. The dotted lines indicate where you should cut. (Do not draw the dotted lines. Do not cut center line.)

step eight
Step Eight

Cut as shown.

step nine
Step Nine

This is what you should have now.

step ten
Step Ten

Fold in the cut flaps to form the “hair”.

step eleven
Step Eleven

Cut away the excess. Cut where the dotted lines show. (Do not draw dotted lines.)

step twelve
Step Twelve

Your project should look like this.

step thirteen
Step Thirteen

Flip the project over to the back.

step fourteen
Step Fourteen

Fold the top tip back and glue both flaps down.

step fifteen
Step Fifteen

Flip project back over to the front. It should look as shown.

step sixteen
Step Sixteen

Now, fold the flaps over to create “hands”. They should look like this.

step seventeen
Step Seventeen

Now your Russian doll is complete.

step eighteen
Step Eighteen

Decorate as you like. (Remember craftsmanship!)