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Awards Banquet PowerPoint Presentation
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Awards Banquet

Awards Banquet

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Awards Banquet

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  1. Awards Banquet

  2. Welcome Leadership & Partnership Recognition

  3. IBE Awards & Competitions Annual Bioethics Essay Competition Poster Competition Journal of Biological Engineering Awards Presidential Citations

  4. IBE Awards & Competitions Other Leadership Award* Student Leadership Award Fellows Brahm and Sudha Verma Lifetime Visionary Award

  5. Bioethics Essay Competition Competition Winners Chair: Praveen Kolar

  6. Honorable Mention Vanessa Niba University of Maryland “Direct Reprogramming: A way to save a life or a way to create one?”

  7. Honorable Mention Andrew Wesley University of Maryland “The Ethics Involving Embryonic Stem Cells: Recycling as a Possible Solution”

  8. Third Place Maeve McCoy University of Maryland “Animal Testing in Bioengineering”

  9. Second Place Joan Zhang University of Maryland “Do You Want To Order A Custom Baby? Genetic Engineering Can Provide the Catalog”

  10. First Place Andrew Koivuniemi IU School of Medicine/Purdue University “The Matter of Autonomy”

  11. Poster Competition Judges & Reviewers Angela Pannier Ben Stuart Charlie Miller TarekShazly Alyssa Henning Jing Lu Yue Cui Mark Riley Kaustubh Bhalerao Charly Kinoshita Chair: Melissa Moss

  12. Poster Competition Undergraduate Award Winners

  13. Undergraduate - Third Place Evan Buettmann, Ryan Prsha, Daniel Els, Katie Hocker; Matt Cozad, Dave Grant, Sheila Grant, (University of Missouri, Columbia) Development and characterization of a polycaprolactone/soy lecithin electrospun adhesion barrier University of Missouri, Columbia

  14. Undergraduate - Second Place Sean Kearney, Joe Bretzmann, Madeline Cox, Emilia Czyszczon, Mark De La Croix, Kayla Fouch, Jonathan Gritzer, Sean Hendrix Isolation, characterization, and genomic comparison of MrGordo, a novel soil-derived mycobacteriophage Purdue University

  15. Undergraduate - First Place Brittani Bungart, Jui-Heng, Will Reed, James C-M Lee, Melissa Moss (mentor) Inhibiting the formation of amyloid-&beta fibrils using isoflavones with increasing hydroxyl functionalization University of South Carolina

  16. Undergraduate – Grand PrizeSponsored by KSBB Madeline Porterfield (Purdue University), Eric McLamore, PracheeChaturvedi, Masashige Taguchi, Stephanie Burrs, Katelyn Ward The use of nanoparticles in the detection of microcystin-LR with electrochemical sensors Purdue University & University of Florida

  17. Poster Competition Graduate Award Winners

  18. Graduate - Third Place UtsavAgrawal, Eric M. Johnson- Chavarria, MelikhanTanyeri, Charles M. Schroeder Investigating the effects of dynamic external stimuli on single cell fitness and gene expression in Escherichia coli University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign

  19. Graduate - Second Place ArnabMukherjee, Kevin Weyant, Charles M. Schroeder Directed evolution of bright mutants of a flavin-binding oxygen-independent fluorescent reporter protein from pseudomonas putida University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

  20. Graduate - First Place Joshua Ellis, Cody Tramp, Ronald C. Sims, Charles D. Miller Metagenome analysis of a methanogenic community within an algae fed anaerobic digester Utah State University

  21. Graduate – Grand PrizeSponsored by KSBB Paul Kenis, Ritika Mohan, ArnabMukherjee, Jaebum Lee, EmreSevgan, Charles M. Schroeder A multiplexed microfluidic platform for antibiotic susceptibility screening University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

  22. High School – Honorable Mention AyodeleDechinea Katherine De Paz Sophia Powell Uniondale High School

  23. High School - First Place Tie Manuel Flores-Bonilla Photoluminescent Evolution of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles in PLC6 Media Uniondale High School • Elizabeth Osei • The impact of bio-plastic secretion on cell viability Uniondale High School

  24. Journal of Biological Engineering Editor-in-Chief: Mark Eiteman, University of Georgia

  25. Journal of Biological Engineering Editor-in-Chief Mark A. Eiteman (University of Georgia) • Journal of Biological Engineering is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal that encompasses all aspects biological engineering. • The journal welcomes manuscripts on the following topics: • synthetic biology and cellular design • engineering of biomolecular and cellular devices • bioproduction and bioproduct engineering • ecological and environmental engineering • biological engineering education and the biodesign process • Journal of Biological Engineering is the official journal of the Institute of Biological Engineering.

  26. Journal of Biological Engineering Editor-in-Chief Mark A. Eiteman (University of Georgia) The Journal of Biological Engineering is offering a special promotional offer only to attendees of the 2012 meeting. The publisher will waive the normal article processing fee. Use the following code when you submit your manuscript at the location where a payment waiver request is made: JBE_meeting – your last name Applies only to submissions made between March 15, 2012 and June 15, 2012.

  27. Presidential Citations Czarena Crofcheck Mark Eiteman Sandun Fernando Danielle Frechette Charles Kinoshita Praveen Kolar Eric McLamore Melissa Moss Mark Riley Kirsten Sims Jeong-Yeol Yoon Guigen Zhang Paul Lichtman

  28. Presidential Citations Thank you for your leadership and determination as 2011 President

  29. Save the Date March 2013 Research Triangle North Carolina

  30. Student Activity