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TTA since CJK8. Won-Sik Kim TTA President CJK-PLE09-XXX Zhangjiajia, China 8-10 April 2009. Contents. TTA Standardization Committees & Fora. Highlights of Current Activities. Future Direction. 1. Organizational Status – Standardization Committee.

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Presentation Transcript
Tta since cjk8

TTA since CJK8

Won-Sik Kim

TTA President


Zhangjiajia, China

8-10 April 2009

Tta since cjk8


TTA Standardization Committees & Fora

Highlights of Current Activities

Future Direction

Tta since cjk8

1. Organizational Status – Standardization Committee

Technical Assembly (TA)

Strategy Planning

Committee (SPC)


Committee (CC)


ICT & CC*, etc

65 WGs

59 Project Groups (PG)

Technical Committees (TC)



Future Internet*, NGN, Active Internet, IPTV, etc.

NGN Evolution, etc.

Telecommunication (TC2)

Telematics/ITS, LBS, WPAN, RFID/USN, etc.



ZigBee/WPAN, etc.

Radio Communication (TC3)



u-Health, Multimedia, etc.

Grid Accounting, etc.

IT Application (TC4)



Cyber Security, Biometrics, DRM, etc.

Information Security (TC5)

DRM Interworking, etc.



Infra Software (TC6)

Open S/W, WEB, MetaData, etc.

Mobile Web, etc.



IMT-2000 and systems beyond IMT-2000, etc.

Mobile Communication (TC7)

Radio Access, etc .



Broadcasting (TC8)

DMB, etc .

DMB, Digital TV, etc.

* Newly Established in 2008 & 2009

(as of March 2009)

Tta since cjk8

1. Organizational Status – IT Standardization Fora

  • Newly EstablishedFora(6)

    • Cloud Computing Forum

    • Embedded SW Forum

    • Data Quality Management Forum

    • Data Center Technology Forum

    • Game Technology Forum

    • Cognitive Radio/Software Defined Radio Forum

  • Abolished Fora(2)

    • LBS Forum

    • Future of Numbering Forum

  • Merged Fora(2)

    • Grid Forum Korea & Open Cyber Collaboration Forum ➥ Cloud Computing

Tta since cjk8

2. Highlights of Current Activities - 4G (IMT-Advanced)

  • 4G (IMT-Advanced)

    • Standardization activities within TTA

      • WiBro FemtoCell

      • Interworking between WiBro and UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System)

      • Media Independent Handover Framework

      • Implementation of IMT-Advanced channel model

    • TTA’s future direction

      • International standardization through standardization cooperation with 3GPP, IEEE802.16, and CJKB3G

      • WiBro Femtocell standardization

      • Development of IMT-Advanced evaluation tool & Evaluation Activities

Tta since cjk8

2. Highlights of Current Activities - IPTV

  • IPTV

    • Standardization activities within TTA

      • Phase 2 in progress for adopting ITU-T IPTV standard in consideration of NGN network (by December 2010)

      • ※ Phase 1 completed in April 2008 : Supports IPTV based on legacy IP network

      • Standardization for interoperability of IPTV service and contents among IPTV service providers ➣ DCAS, Middleware API, SI(Service Information)

      • Standard research and development for Mobile IPTV to evolve to next generation IPTV

    • Industry activities on IPTV

      • Launched the first IPTV real-time terrestrial television broadcasting service by KT in Nov. 2008

        • SK Broadband & LG Dacom(Jan. 2009)

    • TTA’s future direction

      • Completion of domestic IPTV standardization by December 2009

        • DCAS, SI, Middleware API

      • Implementation of DCAS by fourth quarter of 2010

Tta since cjk8

2. Highlights of Current Activities – Advanced T-DMB

  • Advanced T-DMB

    • Standardization activities within TTA

      • Developed to increase the data rate(double) of traditional T-DMB

      • Backward compatible with the T-DMB service

      • Completion of lab test and field test of Advanced T-DMB

    • TTA’s future direction

      • Completion of TTA Advanced T-DMB Domestic Standard by June 2009

      • International standardization of domestic AT-DMB technology through ITU-R SG6 by 2011

Comparison of Mobile Broadcasting Systems

Tta since cjk8

2. Highlights of Current Activities – ICT and Climate Change

  • ICT & Climate Change

    • Joint standardization effort initiated within Korea (Nov. 2008)

      • TTA : Establishing the standards/Technical Report for ICT&CC Coordinating the relevant standardization activities on ICT&CC in Korea

      • RRA: Corresponding activity to ITU

      • ICT&CC Forum: Gathering opinions of ICT industries

    • TTA’s future direction

      • To develop a methodology to describe and estimate present and future CO2 emissions of ICTs

    • Hosting of ITU Climate Change Symposium in Korea

  • Date : 23 September 2009

  • Venue : Seoul, Korea

  • Organized by KCC (Korea Communications Commission) and ITU

  • Hosted by TTA

  • On-site & Video Conference (with Live Casting on Internet)

Tta since cjk8

New & Integrated




Battery Charger

20 pin

24 pin

(Since 2001)

TV Out Cable

USB Data Cable

2. Highlights of Current Activities – Integrated 20pin I/O Connection

  • New Standard on Integrated 20pin I/O Connection Interface for Mobile Phones (Revised inNov. 2007)

    • Meet slimming & miniaturizing trend

      • Smaller plug (10.6mmX2.6mm)

    • Maximize Consumer Benefits

      • Multiple functions from a single plug

        • TV-OUT, MP3 fast wind and rewind, Universal Asynchronous I/O

    • Minimize waste and cost

      • Estimated cost saving : USD 10mil. per year

(Since 2008)

Tta since cjk8

2. Highlights of Current Activities – IT Testing and Certification

  • IT Testing and Certification

    • Test and evaluate IT products to verify whether standards and certification requirements are met

    • Provide various certification services

  • TTA Testing & Certification Service for domestic market

    • Increase in reliability and sales of domestic IT products

    • Support for product purchase of IT products (BMT)


Digital Broadcasting



Mobile Phone


Mobile Phone

TTA Certified

TTA verified

GOOD Software

Data Broadcasting


Tta since cjk8

2. Highlights of Current Activities – IT Testing and Certification

  • Bluetooth

    • Acquired qualification as Testing & Certification personnel

      • Recognized as BQE (Bluetooth Qualification Expert)

        by Bluetooth SIG (May 2008), the 2nd BQE in TTA

      • Accredited as CATL (CTIA Authorized Testing Laboratory) by CTIA

        according to BCCP (Bluetooth Compatibility Certification Program),

        the 5th in the world (Feb. 2009) and 1st in Asia

    • Developed Bluetooth VDP(Video DistributionProfile) Tester (June 2008) in collaboration with Bluetooth SIG(Special Interest Group)

  • USB

    • Acquired qualification as Testing & Certification personnel

      • Qualified as Test Lab on Hi-Speed USB by USB-IF

        (Implementers Forum) (Oct. 2008)

        • Product : Peripheral, Host Add-In Cards, Hubs, Systems, etc.

      • Qualified as Test Lab on Wireless USB by USB-IF

        the 5th in the world (Mar. 2009)

        • Product : Native Devices, Device Wire Adapter, Host Adapters

    • Plan to expand the testing area to USB 3.0 in 2010

Tta since cjk8

2. Highlights of Current Activities – IT Testing and Certification

  • WiBro (Mobile WiMAX)

    • Acquired qualification as Testing & Certification Personnel

      • Selected as WCB (WiMAX Certification Body)

        by WiMAX Forum (May 2008), the 2nd WCB in the world

      • Accredited as an International recognized testing laboratory

        by KOLAS, the national accreditation body (Mar. 2009)

    • Provided Testing & Certification Services

      • Completed the world's first Mobile WiMAX certification testing (Mar. 2008)

      • Issued Korea's first official WiMAX Forum Certification (Sep. 2008)

  • CC (Common Criteria) – IT Security Products

    • Prepare to be qualified as a licensed laboratory by NIS, the national certification body, under CCRA(Common Criteria Recognition Agreement) by Sep. 2009

    • < International Certification Personnel >

  • BQE_AST (Auditor, Surveillance, Trainer)(Bluetooth)

  • BQE(Bluetooth)

  • USB-IF Certified Administrator(USB)

  • WCB(WiMAX)

Dujeong Choi

Dongho Kim

Kanghae Lee

Jeongku Lee

Tta since cjk8

3. Future Direction

  • Focused standardization activities in the areas of 4G, Mobile IPTV, and Green-IT

  • Standardization activities in IT convergence

    • u-Transportation

      • Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication System

        • PHY/MAC/Routing, Open Access Protocol between In-Vehicle Network and Telematics Terminal

    • u-Health

      • Biometrics Monitoring, u-Health network platform

    • e-Navigation

      • Satellite Communication, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

  • Strengthen the cooperation between Fora & TTA Standard Committee

    • In 2009, TTA supports 45 Fora in IT areas

    • 1,529 Forum standards have been directly forwarded to TTA committees

Tta since cjk8

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