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Benefits of the Islamic Prayer Times

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Benefits of the Islamic Prayer Times - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are many benefits of the Islamic prayer, where physical movements of prayer have been beautiful conglomerated with spiritual exercise, result to many surprising health and medicinal benefits. prayer prescription from Allah for better health and fitness who offers it regularly. One can get the benefits of the Prayer(Salat) only of it is offered as they have been ordered by Allah and our prophet Muhammad.

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There are many benefits of the Islamic prayer, where

physical movements of prayer have been beautiful

conglomerated with spiritual exercise, result to many





prescription from Allah for better health and fitness who

offers it regularly. One can get the benefits of the Prayer

only of it is offered as they have been ordered by Allah

and our prophet Muhammad. Islamic Prayer religiously

and spiritually to get maximum benefits.



Top Benefits of the Islamic Prayer:

1.Spiritual Benefits of the Islamic Prayer

2.The Physical Benefits of the Islamic Prayer

3.Psychological Benefits of the Islamic Prayer

4.Emotional Benefits of the Islamic Prayer

1. Spiritual Benefits of the Islamic Prayer:

Prayer (Salah) was made obligatory for all Islamic people,

whether they be strong or weak, black or white, rich or

poor, male or female. Islamic Prayer allows the believer to

enrich their spirituality and cultivate the soul’s right to love

and worship the creator, Allah.

“Verily, I am Allah! There is none worthy of worship but I, so

worship me and offer Islamic prayer perfectly for My

remembrance.” [Quran, Taha, 13-14]


The significance of Islamic supplication is passed on

continually in the Quran and was likewise focused by the




obligations, Islamic petition is first".




The Performance of Islamic Prayer five times a day is

considered vital to attain success in the life and the

hereafter. Following the testimony of faith, performance

of the Islamic Prayers at their right times and finish in

bowings surrenders and quietude, will ensure pardoning

from god and everlasting heaven. Islamic individuals trust

that the principal matter that they will be conveyed to

represent on the day judgment is the Islamic petition. In

the event that it's sound, then whatever remains of their

deeds will be sound. Furthermore, on the off chance that

it is awful, then whatever remains of his deeds will be


Islamic Prayer Provide Constant reminder of the

embodiment of our creation and gives an immediate

association with Allah, who connected achievement and

felicity to quietude in prayer (salat) it underscores the

closeness amongst religion and daily life. Life, from an

Islamic stand point, is to be coordinated to Allah. Life is an

open door for love and the recognition of Allah. Praying


over and again for the duration of the day and interfering






acknowledgment of this idea. The believer, through

prayer (salah), procures a spiritual awareness that he

brings with him all through all of life is attempts.




The Islamic Prayer cleanses the heart and genuinely,

through Namaz, an adherent accomplishes otherworldly

commitment and good rise. Prayer not only gives a strong

connection with god, as well as in petition one builds up

persistence, lowliness and earnestness. Salah provides a

method for atonement and is a restrainer from disgraceful

and out of line deeds. This is depicted through the

accompanying saying of the Prophet Muhammad


“If a person had a stream external his door and he

bathed in five times each day, do you think he would

have any filth left on him” The people said, “No filth would

remain on have what’s ever.” The Prophet then said,

“That is like Islamic five daily prayers: Allah wipes the

transgressions by them."

Praying five times a day engages the believer in constant

remembrance of Allah and keeps him far from any low

deeds and leads him only to deeds that will earn the joy

of Allah. It is through prayer that one really finds inner

peace and fulfilment. It is also source patience, courage,


hope, confidence, inner peace, stability, equality, Unity

and an outflow of gratefulness to Allah.

2. The Physical Benefits of the Islamic Prayer:

The form of the Islamic Prayer, I was not surprised to find

that advantages would incorporate such things as a

higher level of focus and care. However, I had not

thought about the fact that Allah may have given us

considerably more, distinct benefits to us – our bodies and

minds – that are derived from the physical act of making

Prayer in the recommended way.It is a commitment

upon every Muslim and they all need to learn and

perform Prayer with no reason. Every Islamic people

aware to the Islamic prayer, Although Muslims primarily

offer it because of its religious obligations, be that as it

may, the present day science has enabled people to see

the physical advantages of it too and now Muslims can

likewise offer prayer with the optional target of keeping

physically healthy.

Seven Major Physical Benefits of the Islamic Prayer:

1.Improved Body Posture:

Having an improper body posture is one of the most

widely recognized things to which people search for a


treatment. An uncalled for stance can occur because of

various reasons managing the way a man strolls or the

kind of work he or she does. At the point when a Muslim

performs Prayer, remaining in the condition of Niyyah is

the best practice he or she can have for an enhanced

body act. The feet of a man are uniformly separated, the

body is firm and straight, the hands are tide at a place

which makes the spine adjusted and straight and the

position of the head is looking downwards that also allows

the body to loosen while being in a firm position. Thus, in

such a stance the brain as well as the body is at ease and

when such a portion is practiced multiple times everyday,

It unquestionably enhances the stance of the body.

2.Secretion of Glands:

The Sounds that a man produces affects the emission of

glands. Every one of the sounds go to the cerebrum and

their they either trigger or stop the discharge of the

glands. In such manner it is the condition of Qiyaam in

which a Muslim plays out the more extended recitations.

During this part of the prayer a Muslim recites Surah Fatiha

that contains almost everyone the long vowels the sound

vibrations of which when produced they give the signal to

the mind to increase the secretion of glands like pituitary

gland, thyroid gland in addition to increasing the


condition of lungs as well. Thus, the recitation of Surah

Fatiha in the Qiyam part of the prayer offering helps

improve the function of glands and lungs function as well

as the health of it all.

3.Stretches The Body:

In offering of Prayer there is the condition of Ruku in which

a Muslim bends to the knees while holding the back and

the hands straight. This stance of offering prayers is one of

the best ways of stretching the body without trying too

hard. At the point when a Muslim is in such a stance, the

back, the thighs and the calves of a person get

completely extended and the blood stream towards the

upper part of the body also likewise moves forward. In

addition to making the body stretch this posture also helps

work on the core of the Prayer offering person as well as it

works on the abdominal muscles and serves as a mash for

them also. Therefore, as a result of this posture a person

gets to stretch the body five times a day and also helps

strengthen the core of a person as well.

4.Abs Control:

Everywhere throughout the world there are individuals

lecturing various types of abs activities and there are

individuals who are scanning for various abs execeises to

control their midsection fat and keep it thin. In such


manner, the Sajadah posture of Prayer can help a great

deal in controlling the gut from expanding and

accumulating fats. The knees and both the feet are on

the ground while the go to the ground in a manner that a

refined weight is put on the abs making them solid. This

type of exercise is recommended for women who want to

hold the fetus in the proper position. Therefore, if you wish

to control your abs and make them slim then prayers five

times a day is a good exercise for doing so.

5.Blood Flow:

People have blood pressure problems because of the

blood flow. They have either an excessive amount of

blood flowing to a particular part of the body or they

have very low blood flowing to a certain part. To maintain

a strategic distance from such a blood stream issue, all

the stance in Prayer manage the blood to every one of

the parts of the body. The Qiyam position keeps the blood

stream in an ordinary Position, the Ruku pose helps the

blood in streaming to the upper part of the body, while in

the condition of Tashud the blood streams to the lower

part of the body too. In this way, every one of the

developments in Prayer can manage the blood stream to

all parts of the body.


6.Improved Digestion:

During the Quud state where men sit with their right foot

curled while women sit with both feet sole up under their

bodies this posture can help improve digestion in both the

genders. For male it works on the liver and improves the

liver function and relaxes the large intestine, whereas in

women it provides greater relaxation that eventually helps

in relaxing the body and strengths the stomach substance

in the downwards direction assisting in better bowel


7.General Cleanilness:

Clearly to offer Prayer a Muslim should be in an

immaculate condition of cleanliness. In such manner a

Muslim performs Wudu before each petition that cleans

the external surface of the body which is the best thing

that can happen for the skin. Therefore, the general state

of cleanliness in every one of the zones of the body

prompts to the skin remaining solid and a man feeling

light and lively. Therefore, for those who want to take

more out of Prayer other than simple religious benefits, for

them Prayer is a complete exercise that can help keep


their body and mind healthy and the regular offering of it

every day five times does lead to longevity.

3. Psychological Benefits of the Islamic Prayer:

The Psychological benefits of Islamic prayer for man are

too numerous to count. During Islamic Prayer, one

remembers Allah, the Almighty who has everything in his

hands, and remembers that the does not struggle in this

life alone. Additionally, one recalls that there is an All-

Knowing and All-equitable maker and leader of the

world. Along these lines, in the event that one is

experienced to unfairness or operation, one transfers

one's matters to the one by his charge the paradise and

earth remain.

So, what would it be if one is resorting to Allah, Who sees

and in Whose Hands is the command and all the good?

Is not standing in Islamic prayer a rescue from all these


“Prayer is like the radioactive Radium, for people who try

to expand their limited activity in prayer by addressing the

one with absolute and sufficient power.”

“When we pray, we interface ourselves with the


superpower that overwhelms the universe. We ask the

person who have it to enable us face the sufferings of life.

Yet, just recitation is enough to increase our power and

activity. We never saw anyone invoking Allah without his

supplications are answered with the best things."

4. Emotional Benefits of the Islamic Prayer :

In still veneration towards Allah, stronger confidence in

god, his perfect announcement and understanding what

you can or cannot change. Increase emotional


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