aaron wallace myp technology ms bornfriend n.
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Aaron Wallace MYP Technology Ms. Bornfriend PowerPoint Presentation
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Aaron Wallace MYP Technology Ms. Bornfriend

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Aaron Wallace MYP Technology Ms. Bornfriend. The Car. Invention of the Car.

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Aaron Wallace MYP Technology Ms. Bornfriend

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aaron wallace myp technology ms bornfriend
Aaron Wallace

MYP Technology

Ms. Bornfriend

The Car

invention of the car
Invention of the Car
  • The invention of the car didn’t happen at once, it was a process, a series of combined ideas. The earliest attempt to make a vehicle was by Guido da Vigevano in 1335. It was wind driven. The first car to run under its own power was designed by Nicholas Joseph Cugnut and wasn’t constructed until 1769 by M. Brezin.
car development
Car Development
  • With the development of the car there was the development of the engine. The first attempt to build a steam engine car was by Thomas Newcomen in 1712, but it wasn’t very efficient. In 1965 James Watt developed the first pressurized steam engine which was more efficient. The first practical gas engine was patented by Etienne Lenoir in 1860, Lenoir had separate cylinders to compress the gas. In 1862 Alphonse BeardeRochas figured out how to compress the gas in the same cylinder.
mass production
Mass Production
  • By the early 1900’s the market was growing for economical automobiles. By this time industrial production was needed. Carl Benz before becoming a full car manufacturer, made his early money by licensing his patents and selling his engines to car manufacturers
question 1
Question 1:
  • How has the invention evolved over time?
  • The automobile has evolved in many ways. Almost everything from appearance to performance has improved. The first cars made were very slow most couldn’t travel faster than 10 miles per hour. Present day cars can travel well over 200 miles per hour.
question 2
Question 2:
  • Who invented it?
  • The modern day car wasn’t invented by one single person many different people from all over the world contributed to the invention. The modern day car is made of over a 100,000 patents.
question 3
Question 3:
  • When was it invented?
  • Since there was no one creator of the car there is no one day it was made but there are many important dates that contributed to its completion.
question 4
Question 4:
  • Does it better or worsen society?
  • The automobile has one of the largest impacts on today’s society. People used cars for transportation, sports, entertainment, and it also has a big part in today's economy. There are hundreds of thousands of jobs that rely on the modern day car, such as engineers factory workers, insurance companies, and many more.