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Chapter 4 Review

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Chapter 4 Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 4 Review. This was America’s first reading book . New England Primer. A famous American known for writing Poor Richard’s Almanac. Benjamin Franklin. This era brought about a religious revival in America. The Great Awakening. The most famous American preacher. Jonathan Edwards.

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These three “branches” make up the U.S. federal government

  • The Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial

These laws prevented slaves from meeting, owning weapons, even learning to read and write

  • “slave codes”

English nobles who advised the king belong to the Great Council, which in time became known as…

  • Parliament

This marked the transition of James II to Mary and William without bloodshed

  • The Glorious Revolution

In order to maintain strict control of commerce according to mercantilism, these laws were instituted in the colonies

  • Navigation Acts

These people worked in the colonies for 4-10 years and were then given “freedom dues”

  • Indentured servants

The slaves took the place of this large labor force when they began dying of disease

  • Native Americans

It was agreed in New England that when 50 families were living in an area, this would be built

  • A school

These trade habits had three stops

  • Triangular trade routes

Black colonial poet

  • Phillis Wheatley