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  1. Zach Thompson Mike May Ben Abernathy CVI/PRS

  2. Computer Virus Infection/Propagation Research System Implement a system for safe and effectice studying of computer viruses in their natural environment. Develop software to aid in the study. Start the collection of computer viruses. Goal

  3. Topics to be discussed: Wiper Virus Database Program Viruses Outline

  4. Wiper • Running Red Hat 8.0 • VMWare Workstation • Windows 98 SE • No networking options were enabled (for the virtual machine) while conducting tests, but can be reactivated • 2GB disk image for the virtual machine

  5. The restoration of the machine is fairly simple. Just restore the image using a backup. The virus is free to roam inside the virtual machine, but it cannot get out. Allows us to study the characteristics of viruses form a safe distance. Wiper

  6. Allows the user to create incident reports. Lists and saves multiple reports and tracks record of viruses involved. Gives the person studying viruses an easy way to share reports with others. Virus Database Program

  7. Virus Database Program • Lists viruses • Lists official virus name as well as file name. • Gives the date of record. • Allows the user to describe events. • Allows for the removing and deleting of recrods. • Written in Java, portable.

  8. Focused on the collection of compiled and disassembled i-worm class viruses. i-worm viruses are worms that use the internet as their means of infection and propagation. This class holds many famous viruses such as LoveLetter and Melissa. Total of 25 viruses archived so far. Curent Viruses

  9. Most are written in Visual Basic and only attack Windows systems with Microsoft Outlook installed. Some are implemented in Win32 ASM or C/C++. Some of them provide simple polymorphic functions as well as tools to help in their propagation such as a simple SMTP engine. i-worm Characteristics

  10. A method of correctly dissassembling the viruses needs to be developed. Need to increase the size of the virus collection and branch out to other classes of viruses. Future Studies