Antibiotics and their risks
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Antibiotics and their Risks. Sir Alexander Fleming. Discovered that certain fungi ( penicillium ) inhibited growth of staphlococcus bacteria Used knowledge to formulate first antibiotic penicillin to be used medically. Taking Antibiotics.

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Sir alexander fleming
Sir Alexander Fleming

  • Discovered that certain fungi (penicillium) inhibited growth of staphlococcus bacteria

  • Used knowledge to formulate first antibiotic penicillin to be used medically

Taking antibiotics
Taking Antibiotics

  • Persccriptions need to be followed exactly as directed from doctor

  • Biggest mistake = stopping antibiotics just because you feel better

  • ALWAYS finish perscription as directed

    • Can lead to antibiotic resistant infections

Antibiotic resistance
Antibiotic Resistance

  • Antibiotics kill or stop the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria

  • In a colony some will be affected by drug, others will not

  • Immune system can target bacteria that is not affected and destroy pathogens

  • What happens if the immune system doesn’t get them all??

Super bugs
Super bugs

  • Recently; antibiotic resistance has created a line of pathogens that are termed ‘Super Bugs’

  • They are resistant to antibiotics and are not easily defeated

  • Product of antibiotic resistance

Development of super bugs
Development of Super Bugs

  • Colony of pathogens of resistant (green) and non-resistant types (red)

Development of super bugs1
Development of Super Bugs

  • Antibiotics destroy non-resistant type

Development of super bugs2
Development of Super Bugs

  • Resistant type given chance to re-colonize

  • New colony is 100% resistant

Other ways super bugs arise
Other ways Super Bugs arise

  • If perscription is not completed, any remaining non-resistant cells can aquire resistance by mutation through exchange of DNA with resistant cells