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My fun with Mr. and Mrs. Smith's beloved St. Peter

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What s in your kitchen l.jpg

What’s in your kitchen?

While house-sitting for my friends parents, I found this in their kitchen

He looks like a little monk l.jpg
He looks like a little monk

He reminds me of Fryer John in the Robin Hood Story.

At first glance, that is…..

I had to do it l.jpg
I HAD TO DO IT…. situation…


Introducing partying with st peter l.jpg
Introducing, partying with situation…st. peter

Needless to say, it took a few days for the little soldier to get noticed with his new helmet, but he finally got noticed. I found out this little guy is affectionately known to the family as “St. Peter”. Once I got back into the house to housesit, I was prepared…..

Once petey got a taste of the wilder side l.jpg
Once situation…Petey got a taste of the wilder side…

He wanted to fly the coop and find a bird of his own to hook up with…

Well a little advertising couldn t hurt l.jpg
“Well, a little advertising couldn’t hurt” situation…

(desperate time call for desperate measures)

Did u notice l.jpg
Did u notice? situation…

Take a closer look l.jpg
Take a closer look… situation…

This guy is pulling out all the stops l.jpg

This guy is pulling out all the stops…. situation…

(Well, I decided it was party time, if we are going to get wild… we are going to do things right)

Hmmmmm l.jpg
Hmmmmm situation………

Maybe some added hardware, a little manly and bold without that needy aspect. Now if he can just act cool around the ladies and make them come to him, he just might have a chance.

Whadda think dude l.jpg
Whadda situation… think dude?


Or This?

Sweets for my sweet l.jpg
Sweets for my sweet? situation…

With a little candy to attract the ladies l.jpg
With a little candy to attract the ladies… situation…

Petey hooks up with Margaret…

Instant attraction l.jpg

For Margaret anyway…..

Need i say more l.jpg
Need I say more? situation…

Really ladies couldn t well all use one every now and then l.jpg
Really Ladies… situation…couldn’t well all use one every now and then?

Maggie found out he was tickelish l.jpg
Maggie found out he was situation…tickelish.