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Escape Room

Escape Room

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Escape Room

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  2. Mr. Shourik Sen was found dead in his living room under mysterious circumstances. The baffled cops invite your team, the best detectives to solve this death. Its time to unleash your inner sleuth and bring justice to the deceased! Weekdays: ₹499 * | Holidays: ₹549 *

  3. Diya, a 6-year old girl, the only-daughter of a rich diamond merchant was kidnapped and placed in a hideout. Fearing Diya's safety, the parents involve the best cops in the city, you guys, to rescue her! Can you accomplish your mission before a time-bomb explodes in just 60-nail biting minutes? Weekdays: ₹499 * | Holidays: ₹549 *

  4. You are part of an CIA elite delta force tasked with extraction of Agent Emily and completion of her mission: Find out the mystery behind the death and disappearing of several high- profile psychopaths from a Classified Mental Asylum. Can you decipher the mystery behind the before a team of incendiaries arrive in 60 minutes? Weekdays: ₹499 * | Holidays: ₹549 *

  5. Its time now to get your hands dirty! Can you loot the Iron Clad Safe of The Royal Bank of Rajasthan (RBR) headquarters and steal their antique gold bars, worth crores? You just have one window of opportunity and time is now! Do you have the guts and the brain to pull of this perfect heist of a lifetime? Weekdays: ₹649 * | Holidays: ₹699 *

  6. You are a group of investigative journalists, covering the suspicious deaths of 4 local police officers in Barmer, Rajasthan. You are tipped-off that you will find answers at an Abandoned Army War Room. You brave yourselves and visit the location, where you get trapped! Can you unravel the mystery and breakout in under 60-minutes before the Oxygen runs out? Weekdays: ₹599 * | Holidays: ₹649 *

  7. You, a team of world-famous archaeologists, discover artifacts dating back to 2300 BCE, building credibility to an ancient Egyptian narrative: Nefreko cursed his own brother, Pharaoh Zurin to take over the throne. You discover the secretive tomb and decide to make history! Can you fend-off the dark forces, perform the golden ritual and Un-Curse the Pharaoh before the place is destroyed forever? Weekdays: ₹899 * | Holidays: ₹999 *

  8. The Prosperous Kingdom of Tripura is now famine hit and its subjects are on the verge of death! A wise sage reveals the existence of vast amounts of treasure in a Mysterious Enchanted Forest. Hearing this, the King sends word to find the smartest kids to discover the treasure and save its subjects! Weekdays: ₹599 * | Holidays: ₹699 *