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Private Hard Money Loans For Business PowerPoint Presentation
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Private Hard Money Loans For Business

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Private Hard Money Loans For Business
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Private Hard Money Loans For Business

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  1. Private Hard Money Lenders What Are They Anyway?

  2. Hard money lenders of course are lenders of hard money. But what exactly does that term mean? Hard money refers to money that is loaned through non-conventional lending channels most usually for purposes that would normally not be approved by conventional lending sources.

  3. A very good example of the need of such a loan would bewhat happens in the refurbishing and resale of homes that have fallen into distress and been lost by theirowners. Let’s take a look at how a situation might unfold.We’ll see why these kinds of money lenders exist.

  4. Say a couple starts out with a home they purchase with good intentions. But then tragedy strikes. One of them Becomes incapacitated and is no longer able to work. Let’s say they struggle along for a few years somehow making ends meet until they deplete all of their savings and any other means of staying afloat.

  5. Eventually the bank carrying the mortgage forecloses, and the house is resold to an investor who wishes to buy that home, rehabilitate all of the deferred maintenance that the couple could not manage to do during their struggles. Theinvestor’s goal is to make the repairs then quickly sell the home for a profit.

  6. Normal conventional lenders usually wish to loan money to people who are buying a home to live in. Since this is not the case for the investor’s purposes, a conventional loan most likely will not work. The investor borrows “hard money” to purchase and refurbish the home. The investor then sells

  7. the home at market value, more or less, pays back what he has borrowed and makes a profit through the entire process. “Hard money” can be loaned on anything for any purpose agreed upon by the lender and borrower. Another scenario would be any case where a business owner needs money to expand his or her business, but conventional funds are not an option.

  8. Many business owners enjoy hard money funds to grow and expand theirbusinesses when otherwisethey would not have a way of getting their hands on needed dollars. To find out more about hard money and to see if a hard money loan would benefit your business visit the link below: