Unveiling The Secret Of Wealth Creation
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Mutual Fund Facilitating Easy Investment Technique - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Investing is a concept which needs proper orbit to award the investor with the sweet fruit of profit. This presentation will show you all the insights of investing and also the keynotes of mutual fund industry.

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Unveiling The Secret Of Wealth Creation

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History of mutual funds
History of mutual funds

  • Having the roots reaching in the decade of 60s the mutual fund was a monopoly of UTI (Unit Trust of India)

  • But, gradually with the changing government policy the private players started to set their foot firmly into this business.

  • The regulatory body of mutual funds is SEBI (Security Exchange Board of India).

  • CAM and Karvy are the two RTAs working presently in the industry.

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What is mutual fund
What is mutual fund

  • Accumulating the money of investors with same investment requirements.

  • Reinvesting the accumulated money in stocks, money market instruments, etc. accordingly

  • Providing better and secured returns as compared to stock investment

  • Allowing two methods of investing viz, SIP and Lump Sum.

  • Benefiting from rising and falling market.

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Systematic investment plan sip
Systematicinvestmentplan (SIP)

  • Never depend on single income, invest to create a second source.

  • Creating wealth with small investment regularly.

  • Inseminating the habit of regular and planned investing.

  • The best recourse for the beginners in investment.

  • Making the retirement planning easy.

  • Synonym for recurring deposit.

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Illustration for better understanding

  • Raghav has been placed in a renowned company through campus placement. He earns a handsome salary and tends to invest some amount for the view point of capital appreciation. But, at the same time he is unable to spare a colossal amount for investing. Now, he is facing a dilemma.

  • His friend Mohit advised him to try monthly SIP.

  • He gave it a shot and discovered that he was not only able to save a good amount for the month but was getting quite a good return on it.

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Illustration for better understanding1

  • Raghav started investing Rs. 3000/- as monthly SIP.

  • He intended to the money for coming 10 years at the rate of is15% per annum.

  • The total investment Raghav will make will make will be equal to Rs. 3,60,000/-

  • The growth that his fund will make will be around Rs. 4,75,972/-

  • Therefore, his return will be the sum of total investment and growth that will be equal to Rs. 8,35,972/-.

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Key concepts of sip
Key Concepts of SIP

  • The SIP is no magic. It works on two cardinal principles : Rupee Cost Averaging and Power of compounding.

  • It is just a method to invest in any scheme; not an investment scheme itself.

  • Based on the concept of consistent investment strategy.

  • Making investment trouble-free.

  • Ensures security for the money invested by the investors.

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Rupee cost averaging
Rupee Cost Averaging

  • What is the value of Re. 1? You might say nothing.

  • SIP understands the value of a single penny. One rupee invested is equally important.

  • This concept of SIP conveys the message that never break your investment whether the market is bullish or bearish.

  • When you continue to invest in both the situations then your profits are also averaged.

  • In some months you get higher returns while in some lower but the average of all the months will give o notable gain.

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Power of compounding

  • Investing for a prolonged period will give your money the much required spell to give optimum returns.

  • The significant difference can be seen in the table below:

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Misconceptions related to sip

  • SIP is only for beginners.

  • Rupee Cost Averaging can be done in the stock market also.

  • Missing one or two SIP will lead to the loss of

  • entire previous amount that was invested.

  • SIP does not allow one-time investment if there is a surplus with the investor.

  • The best time to start a SIP is when the market is bullish.

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Clearing the misconceptions

  • SIP is scheme which can be taken up by any investor. It carries no restriction.

  • The stock market does not allow Rupee Cost averaging. It solely a feature of SIP.

  • If you fail to pay some installments of your SIP your previously invested amount stays intact. You can reactivate the SIP again from the point where you left.

  • You can at any point of time invest a surplus amount in your SIP scheme if you have extra money.

  • You can commence SIP at any point, regardless of the market situation.

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Sip calculator

  • It is a handy tool facilitating the online investors to adopt correct investing strategy.

  • It gives unambiguous results.

  • It has a very user-friendly approach.

  • Less number of inputs are required to produce a desired result.

  • Client gets relieved from the back-breaking task of complex calculations.

  • Submit the required data, click a button and the desired result flashes on your monitor.

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Sip calculator calculation

  • In the below SIP calculator you need to enter two inputs

  • The amount of SIP you agree to invest on monthly basis, here INR 1000

  • The tenure of the investment, here 15 years

  • The returns are calculated at 15 % CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate)

The result of the calculation

  • In the figure the first amount is the summation of the SIP (INR 1000) you will pay monthly

  • The next amount signifies the total growth that your invested amount will make.

  • The third value in the figure is the corpus you will get at the maturity.

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Lump sum investment

  • It is a one-time investment in the mutual funds.

  • This form of investment is suitable for the clients who cannot manage to spare a fixed monthly amount.

  • The Lump Sum amount can be paid quarterly or yearly.

  • It is a good option for the business fraternity whose monthly income keeps fluctuating.

  • It also suits the professionals who switch jobs frequently.

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Invest Through Proper Channel And Enjoy An Exhilarating Corpus.

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