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The Employment Process

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The Employment Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Employment Process
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  1. Objective: Examine the employment process, including searching for a job, filling out a job application, writing a resume, developing and practicing interview skills, and completing required employment forms. The Employment Process

  2. Interviewing • Our lessons in job searching and correspondence have been successful and you have an interview. • Remember to be yourself, but present yourself in the best way possible. • Mark your calendar!!! • Include date, time, location, the name of the person interviewing you and any other specific details.

  3. Male InterviewAttire • Dress Professionally. • Dress pants or khakis • Collared shirt, tucked • A belt and tie • Clean dress shoes and dress socks • Some places may require a suit, others may be more relaxed.

  4. Female Interview Attire • A nice dress • Skirt and blouse • Dress pants and blouse • A belt • Clean conservative shoes and hosiery • Minimal jewelry

  5. Preparation • Research the company a little deeper. • Look up there mission statement and learn what they do. • Try putting their mission statement in your own words to let the employer know that you understand what the company is all about.

  6. Practice Questions • Be prepared for questions like: • Why did you apply for this job? • Why do you think you are qualified for this position? • Tell me about your previous work experience. • What is your greatest strength? • What is your greatest weakness? • How do you handle difficult people? • What ideas would you bring to this position?

  7. Reminders • Brush your teeth or eat a mint. • Trim your fingernails. • Smell nice, but no perfumes or cologne. • No gum and no cell phone. • Be early. • Be focused and sit up straight, make eye contact and smile. • Say thank you, greet with a firm hand shake.

  8. Other reminders • Bring extra resume copies in a folder with references. • Bring a notebook and pen. • Be truthful and confident.

  9. Phone or Skype Interviews • Some employers may call for and interview or set up a Skype interview. • For a phone interview make sure you have a good connection. • Find a quiet plan and speak clearly and a little slower than normal. • For a Skype interview make sure the place is presentable. • Dress as you would in person and remove any personal items from view.

  10. $$Accepting $$ • The best part! • Most offers come by phone. Answer with your name in the greeting. • Take your time and listen carefully to the offer. • Be sure you understand the details like the pay scale and the work hours. • Thank the caller and accept the offer, or you can ask for 24 hours to consider the offer.