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CEBIS. Cloud Enabled Business Information Service for Danube Region Radoslav Delina , Peter Bednár Technical University of Kosice. Rational and motivation. Weak participation of SMEs in electronic market trusted e-services full potential of automation security vs motivation for openess

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  1. CEBIS CloudEnabledBusinessInformationServiceforDanubeRegion RadoslavDelina, Peter Bednár Technical University of Kosice

  2. Rational and motivation • WeakparticipationofSMEs in electronicmarket • trustede-services • fullpotentialofautomation • security vs motivation for openess • Existing e-Business standards • for communication protocols • elements of business documents • product classification • Not adopted by SMEs !!! • Paper communication or unstructured emails • Ad Hoc product classification • Lack of standardization = inefficient collaboration processes, no transparency, no in-dept analytics, no marketintelligence

  3. Objectives Improving quality of e-services in Danube Region through standardization of SME business processes and support of next generation e-evolution for Danube single e-market Impact on PA7 KS, 2.2.3 Action „To usee-content and e-services to improvetheefficiency and effectivenessofpublicandprivateservices“ withsynergy on PA8 Competitiveness

  4. Approach • Bottom-up standardization • Integrate ERP systems already used by the SMEs to createbasisfordanube single e-market and businessdatainfrastructure • Provide automatic multi-lingual product classification • Provide data and semantic mediation services • New services for SMEs and other stakeholders • Partner discovery/eSourcing,eProcurement, eCooperation... • MarketbasedBusiness analytics services (on company, sector, cross-sector/national level) • Pilot services in cross-sectoralenvironment with thousands end users involved

  5. Concept

  6. Partner Discovery and Procurement Business analytics Company Sector Cross-sector European ERP ERP ERP ERP Classification and InformationExtractionService DocumentMediationService Exchange of Business Documents Platform architecture SemanticmediationService

  7. Impact on DanubeRegion • Improvedcross-bordereCollaboration • CreationofDanube single e-market (>1mil. SMEs) • Realmarketknowledge • Forming new businesssentiment to open and sharedbusinessdata • Environmentencouraging new kindofeServices • Impact on wholesupplychain (to consumer) • Highercompetitiveness, trust and stability oftheDanube region market

  8. Partners Based on previous RTD cooperation in Digital Business Ecosystem Development • Technical University of Kosice • EVO (evolaris next level GmbH, Austria) • PFRI (Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Rijeka, Croatia) • UM (University of Maribor, Faculty of Organizational Sciences) • Corvinno (Corvinno Technology Transfer Center, Hungary) • DATALAB (Datalab, Slovenia) • KROS, a.s. Slovakia • ABRA • New partnersinterested to join...

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