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Trần Thị Thuỳ Trang

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Trần Thị Thuỳ Trang. Sophomore student (Intake 12) Achievement IELTS score     : 6.0 Joining in the video clip “Happy birthday Troy 125 years” (2011) Joining in activity of Đắc Nhân Tâm - Dale Carneige (2013) Playing captain’s role from primary to high school

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Trần Thị Thuỳ Trang

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tr n th thu trang

Sophomore student (Intake 12)


  • IELTS score     : 6.0
  • Joining in the video clip “Happy birthday

Troy 125 years” (2011)

  • Joining in activity of ĐắcNhânTâm - Dale Carneige (2013)
  • Playing captain’s role from primary to high school

Characteristics : friendly, cheerful, hardworking, picking, and unpredictable, good communication, good in managing  

Expectation : Having many useful experience by taking part in activities and play any roles, discovering some aspects deep in myself


  • Contributing in building images for Troy University and ITPC Student Association.

Huỳnh Ngọc Thiên Kim

Sophomore ( intake 12)

ID: 1391355

Phone: 0917319249 : . Informatics certification

. IELTS Certificate (2013)

.Member of Red Cross Organization Hội Chữ Thập Đỏ TpHCM ( charity). 1st prize of Paper Fashion Designer at High School (2011)

. 2nd award of Flower Decoration on Teacher’s Day (2010-2011)

Gold Membership of Fan Club Ball Point Dolls.Language : English, Vietnamese..Favorite :, taking care of pets or homeless animal, collecting Coleus, Caladiums, meditation with YOGA .Goal:“We all agree that education can not be lacked, but knowledge can still be added at anytime and a person who is very diligent also important but if you only know how to work and work without getting to improve or create new ones, I think I will contribute many benefit to the development of STUDENT ASSOCIATION. We can teach someone theoretical system but can not teach him or her to be creative. My strength is creativity, I will look for a better way to work instead of working and working and then immersed in a pile of work.”

nguy n l c ng
  • Senior

Administration Skills

  • Vice President of Sunshine English Club at Troy University (STU campus) 2011
  • President of Special Ace English Tutor group for Freshmen at Troy University (STU campus) from April 2012 to October 2012
  • President of Troy ITPC Student Association from November 2012

Volunteer work

  • Member of Sunshine English Club and ITPC student association at Troy STU campus
  • Active member of Environment Group- RMIT University
  • Terry Fox run 2011
  • Charity Trip of Troy University to “Vung Tin disabled school” 20th September 2012
hu nh gia hy

Junior student ( Intake 11)

Certificates: TOEFL iBt, 70


  • Runner- up in Troy STU Football
  • Runner -up in Troy STU mixed double Badminton
  • Third place in Troy STU man single Badminton

Working Background:

  • Member of Strategic Plan Club
  • Logistics department of Summer Camp 2013.
  • Marketing and Sales of  EPC Mini Cafeteria


  • Developing and Improving the image of Strategic Plan Club
  • Constructing the relationship between the Strategic Plan Club and the ITPC students
ho kim ngan
Ho Kim Ngan

Intake 13, third year student

GPA: 3.94

ToefliBT: 99

Experience & Award:

  • - English Tutor
  • - MC for school events
  • - Assist ISA activities
  • - Winning 1st prize in Public Speaking contest
  • - Class monitor
  • Working at the US Consulate General, International Trade Administration-Department of Commerce
  • Intern at Vietcombank
  • Phi theta kappa honor society
  • Volunteered for the Homeless Project Denver
  • ITPC scholarship for outstanding students


Make the Speaking English Environment at school stronger. Encourage and help students to improve English and academic skills. Bring the knowledge and working experience to help students who need advice in academic activities or looking for a job. Organizing activities to help students with English, academic and soft skills

Huỳnh Ngọc Khánh Kim
  • Sophomore ( intake 12).ID : 1407126
  • E-mail:

Achievement :

  • Toefl iBT Certificate (2012)
  • 1st Essay Contest of ITPCInformaticas certification
  • Scholarship of Viet Nam NATIONAL UNIVERSITY HCMC - IEI Center For International  Education.(2011)
  • Member of Red Cross Organization Hội Chữ Thập Đỏ TpHCM ( charity)

Language : English, Chinese

.Favorite :taking care of pets or homeless animal, reading books about anti aging), practisingyoga everyday.

Goal :“Expected in my viewpoints is friendly and different in the way justice works. I will always listen to the thoughts and aspirations of each of your situation to help students. I’ll also create different characteristics as a good mark in the hearts of students, because I am the person who work for the benefit of students.”

cao th i b o ng c
Cao TháiBảoNgọc

Senior student (Intake 8)

Working Background:

  • ITPC Student Association Commissioner.
  • Member of Strategic Plan Club
  • Flight Attendant at Viet Nam airlines
  • Marketing at Hoang Nguyen Company
  • Member of Hochiminh City Martial Art Federation.


  • Martial Art diploma “national level”(level 12)
  • Silver medal in Martial Art “city level” (2005)
  • Bronze medal in Basketball tournament (2009)
  • Consolation prize in Boxing tournament (2010)
  • Bronze medal in pencak - silat (2007)


  • Developing Martial Art Club at Troy-STU campus
  • Building up healthy and dynamic environment, play ground.
hu nh m n nguy n

Junior ( Intake 11)

Working background:

  • ITPC Student Association Commissioner (Spring 2013)
  • Collaborator of Strategic Plan Club (Spring 2013)
  • Board management member of Soft Skill Club
  • Student of Generation Next Course (Dale Carnegie Training)
  • Sale & Marketing at EPC mini Cafeteria


    • Scholarship: 25% value tuition in 2012-2013

50% value tuition in 2013-2014

    • GPA = 3.94
    • Runner-up in woman‘s single & mixed double badminton (6/ 2013)
    • Free full package of scholarship at Dale Carnegie (7/2013)
    • ToefliBT 62.


      • Developing Soft Skill Club and draw more number of students to join in.
      • Equipping and sharing soft skills for studying at school and future job.
ph m th th o hi n

Junior student (Intake 11)


1st prize in Team of ITPC Troy's sport festival

Working background:

  • ITPC Student Association Commissioner (Spring 2013)
  • Logistics department of Summer Camp 2013.
  • Fashion model of Summer Camp 2013.
  • Manager of EPC Mini Cafeteria Fall 2013.


  • Developing the image of ITPC Student Association through EPC mini Cafeteria.
v c ng c trung
  • Date of birth : 07/10/1991.
  • ID: 1407090
  • Tel: 0939666191. IELTS : 7.0
  • Official tutor at Special Ace Club.
  • 2nd prized writing contest.
  • TESOL certificated.
  • GPA: 3.83.
  • Hobbies: Participating in charity and social events ,listening to music, playing computer games, researching information, and playing with pets.
  • Goal : Make the ISA become friendlier and interact more with the students.
nguy n cao h ng l i
Nguyễn Cao HồngLợi

Junior student (Intake 11)

  • Working background:
    • Accountant of EPC mini Cafeteria ( Fall 2013).
    • Logistics department of Summer Camp 2013.
    • Vice chief of secretariat at ITPC Student Association ( 2012-2013)
    • Commissioner of STU Association ( 2013-2014).
    • Part time job at Domino Pizza
  • Goal:
  • Linking between Troy and STU students
  • Developing ITPC Student Association through image of EPC mini cafeteria.
hu nh ng c h i linh
  • Intake 15
  • Hobbies: talking, outgoing, friendly,
  • Good at customer service.
  • I want to be a great leader in the future
  • Goal: hold a lot of interesting school activities
  • If I get elected, I promise at the end of this month we will have a wonderful Halloween.
nguy n ho ng c minh

NguyễnHoàngĐức Minh

Cellphone : 0939454821 Intake: 12


Personal Activities:

Participated in School’s Conferences

Participated in organizing events for students

Participated in supporting for manager at Special Ace

Achievement: 1st prize of Troy’s Got Talent 2012

Expectation: I expect to join in ISA to bring the benefits for us, for me and for you.

Favourites :

Playing a guitar

Playing sports ( badminton, martial art… )

Doing school’s activities

m nh tu n
  • Intake 15
  • Hobbies: Sport, listen to music.
  • I am a very outgoing, friendly kind

of person and willing to help everyone.

  • Goal: I want to create a friendly and interesting atmosphere in this campus.
  • If I get elected I will try my best to participate and support every school’s event.
l tr n ng khoa


Intake 12

Special things: Friendly,

Good at communication and Hard working

Hobbies: Joining outside activities and

Charity works, Sitting in quiet places to think

about daily jobs , Playing sports and Eating out .

Working Background:

Sale manager at Oil Import Company

Working in Young Business Association

Member of Green Summer Volunteer Group

Winning First Prize at Swimming Carnival in


Personal Goals:

Developing interpersonal skills through the time in The Student Union

Contributing individual things to build up The Student Union image

Studying more soft-skills to get along with groups to exchange working experiences.


Play Hard And Work Hard !!!