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PLUG-INs Information Literacy @ Fujariah Colleges PowerPoint Presentation
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PLUG-INs Information Literacy @ Fujariah Colleges

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PLUG-INs Information Literacy @ Fujariah Colleges - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PLUG-INs Information Literacy @ Fujariah Colleges. ENCYCLOPEDIAS. What is an encyclopedia exactly?. An encyclopedia is a book with a collection of information about many subjects. . Sometimes, an encyclopedia has general information about many different subject areas.

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What is an encyclopedia exactly?

An encyclopedia is

a book with a collection of information about many subjects.


Sometimes, an encyclopedia has general information about many different subject areas.

Sometimes an encyclopedia focuses on only one subject;

for example, the Encyclopedia of Fish.


Sometimes an encyclopedia is only one book or volume.


it is many volumes.

For example, an encyclopedia may be 2, 5 or 10 volumes.


Usually, articles are organized in alphabetical order.

But sometimes, information is organized in another way. For example, an encyclopedia about animals might be organized by species.


Who writes encyclopedias?

Usually an encyclopedia is not written by only one person. Many people come together to write an encyclopedia.


People who write articles or entries in an encyclopedia are usually “experts” and well-educated people.

So, usually information in an encyclopedia is accurate or dependable .


If the author’s name is noted, it usually appears at the end of an article. But, sometimes the author is not noted.

The person who manages all the authors of an encyclopedia is called an EDITOR.


How do you know what encyclopedias are in the library?

Go to the online library catalog :


Type “encyclopedia”

Choose your location from the drop down menu.

Click : Search.


You will get a list

of all the encyclopedias in your library.

Some of them will be on the regular shelves but some of them will be in the REFERENCE SECTION.


You will see the word “Reference” under location.

You may only use a reference book in the library.

You cannot check it out.


HCT also has

e-book encyclopedias.

When you see the

e-book icon,

just click on it.


You can also get online encyclopedias from the collection of Databases.


pull down the Resources menu, click Databases and e-books.


For example, the Britannica Online School Edition.

This is a great resource for students. It has many videos & an Arabic translation feature.


At the end of an article, you will see an orange color box

Turn on Arabic Translator

Mouse over a

word & the Arabic

will appear. Unfortunately, not all words are translated & sometimes the translation is a bit strange.


Another great feature of the Britannica Online School Edition is:

To cite this page

It shows you how to write the citation for the article in both MLA and APA styles.


There is another version of this online encyclopedia called Britannica Online Academic Edition.


in this edition is more detailed and the vocabulary is more advanced.


Here is another online encyclopedia : eLibrary.

Link to it from the Database page.

Do you remember?

Go to From Resources, go to Databases.


Should an encyclopedia be your ONLY source of information for a research project?

Encyclopedias are

wonderful books but information in them is usually a summary from other sources. When doing research, it is important to go to the original source.


Because, it takes

a long time to write and publish an encyclopedia, it may not have the most recent information

on a subject.

Online encyclopedias may have more current information than print ones if they are updated regularly.


I hope this helps you find information in encyclopedias.

Ask your teacher

or your friendly librarian if you have any questions.