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Articles of Faith What Nazarenes Believe

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Articles of Faith What Nazarenes Believe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Articles of Faith What Nazarenes Believe. Session 3. www. .com. Article of Faith 3: The Holy Spirit Article of Faith 4: The Holy Scriptures. www. .com. What is the purpose of a compass?. Besides a compass, what other things do we use to help guide and direct us?.

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What is the purpose of a compass?

Besides a compass, what other things do we use to help guide and direct us?

What do we use to guide and direct our lives?

How do we know when our lives are going in the right direction?




When people go on a trip, what might they take along to ensure they do not get lost?

Why do some people refuse to use a map, even when they know they need one?

What do people use, if anything, to determine what is right and wrong, or how they should live?

As Christians, how do we know how God wants us to live or what our relationship with Him should be like?




Article 3: The Holy Spirit

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Triune Godhead, that He is ever present and efficiently active in and with the Church of Christ, convincing the world of sin, regenerating those who repent and believe, sanctifying believers, and guiding into all truth as it is in Jesus.

John 7:39; 14:15-18, 26; 16:7-15




Article 4: The Holy Scriptures

We believe in the plenary inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, by which we understand the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments, given by divine inspiration, inerrantly revealing the will of God concerning us in all things necessary to our salvation, so that whatever is not contained therein is not to be enjoined as an article of faith.

2 Timothy 3:15-17




Holy Spirit

  • Fully divine part of the Trinity, God the Holy Spirit.
  • Brings the presence of God to us, so that God’s Spirit lives within our hearts.
  • Convicts us of sin, guides in truth and wisdom, comforts, and gives us the power to live Christlike lives.
  • Regenerates (spiritually reborn) those who repent and believe.
  • Sanctifies (separates from sin and dedicates to God) our hearts by faith.




Holy Scripture

  • God’s Word to humankind in written form.
  • Divinely inspired (God inspired individuals to write His Word down) and contains the truth regarding faith and practice.
  • Reveals who God is and His relationship to humankind.
  • Reveals God’s will regarding salvation and how we can live in relationship with Him.




How can you rely on the Holy Spirit and the Holy Scriptures in this situation?

Situation 2:You are offered a higher paying job in another state.

Situation 3:You would like to go deeper in your relationship with God.

Situation 4:Your relationship with a family member is strained.

Situation 5:A friend asks you for advice about a moral dilemma he or she is facing.




Am I allowing the presence of the Holy Spirit to work in my life?

Am I spending time in God’s Word?

Am I listening to the voice of God through the Bible and His Spirit?

Am I allowing God to guide and direct my life?

Am I submitting my will to God’s Word and Spirit?




Responsive Act of Submission

Lord, in our decision-making as a church, as families, and as disciples of Christ,

Your will be done.

Lord, in the choices of what we do, what we do, what we see, the friendships we foster and the ways we cultivate them,

Your will be done.

Lord, in sifting through our dreams and ambitions, our career choices, our lists of priorities, and our goals for ourselves and our families,

Your will, your perfect will be done, as we live to Christ’s Glory.


(Sing To The Lord, No. 465)