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Snow Monkeys

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Snow Monkeys. A Texas Surprise. By Tamara Taylor Zirve University 2009. Snow Monkeys of Japan.

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snow monkeys

Snow Monkeys

A Texas Surprise

By Tamara Taylor Zirve University 2009

snow monkeys of japan
Snow Monkeys of Japan

The famous Snow Monkeys of Japan live in the mountains in the north of Japan. It often snows there, but there is also a hot spring of water there. The monkeys enjoy the warm water in the winter time.

smart snow monkeys
Smart Snow Monkeys

Many tourists come to see the Snow Monkeys in Wild Monkey Park in the mountains of Japan. Some people like to watch the monkeys play in the snow and in the warm water.

The monkeys are not afraid of humans and are very intelligent. In fact, they act like people. They make snowballs and play with them. They wash their food if it is dirty, and they communicate with each other. They cannot speak words, but they have different sounds (cries or shrieks) to express different situations. They have a noise that is a warning and another that calls the other monkeys.

snow monkeys in surprising places
Snow Monkeys in Surprising Places

Not all of the Snow Monkeys live near the hot springs. Some live in a different area of the mountains. Researchers have found that the monkeys in different areas do not understand each other. They make different noises that have different meanings.

The most surprising information about Snow Monkeys is about a group of monkeys that went to the United States. Then the zoo where they lived did not want them. Let’s watch a video about these monkeys and their unusual situation.

video vocabulary
Video Vocabulary

homeless rancher to solve a mystery

“bad guys” detective rescue communicate

screech mystery warn invent

a troop

Now let’s watch the video.

questions about snow monkeys
Questions about Snow Monkeys
  • Where do these Snow Monkeys live?
  • What do they use their sounds for?
  • Are these monkeys happy?