Workshops developing disaster resilient strategies
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WORKSHOPS - Developing Disaster Resilient Strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WORKSHOPS - Developing Disaster Resilient Strategies. Inspiring Successes Thoughtful Actions. Workshop Achievements. “Disasters are about people, but they are also about planning…The human story remains an object lesson” Honourable Iona Campagnolo. Building Resilience.

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Workshops developing disaster resilient strategies

WORKSHOPS - Developing Disaster Resilient Strategies

Inspiring Successes

Thoughtful Actions

Community Resilience: A future for all

Workshop achievements
Workshop Achievements

“Disasters are about people, but they are also about planning…The human story remains an object lesson”

Honourable Iona Campagnolo

Building resilience
Building Resilience

  • Resilient people, organizations, community - a powerful focus

  • Learning from experience is key

  • “In this business we tend to use risk based models, which is not bad,but ignores a huge part of what we can examine…by including the resiliency model, the glass is now more than half full”

    Robin Cox, facilitator

Consciously work to create a feedback loop
“Consciously work to create a feedback loop”

“Start by developing a Plan

  • Work on training, education, coordination

  • Implement the Plan

  • Monitor the results

  • Update the Plan

  • AND start the cycle again”

Public awareness and education successes
Public Awareness and Education -Successes

  • “…any community that has Emergency Social Services is a big success!”

  • North Vancouver School District developed a Crisis Management Plan, sessions with all Principals and Vice-Principals.

  • Kamloops - once a month newspaper article on emergency preparedness - follow-up common

  • Marie’s story: from training to disaster to barn dance!

Public awareness and education action
Public Awareness and Education -Action!

  • Train translators as EP facilitators and have them give workshops

  • Train street nurses, case workers, staff at safe houses to get info to street people and those in group homes.

  • When an individual gets flu shot give them clear and simple preparedness information (e.g. 10-step action plan)

Psycho social impact on responders successes

Buddy system established for responders returning to their community

Smithers is including spouses in Critical Incident Stress Management training

A provincial worker care committee published Maximizing Stress Resilience Screening manuals, stress tip posters and cards for Emergency Operations Centre, all available on web site

Psycho-Social Impact on Responders Successes

Psycho social impact on responder actions
Psycho-Social Impact on Responder communityActions!

  • Pre-establish support systems for families of responders - include designated phone lines for families to call for information

  • Re-evaluate shift scheduling to give timely relief - providing for shift overlap helps ensure continuity of information flow

  • Have a safety officer in EO Centre and on site - ensure safety concerns include emotional and psychological health as well as physical integrity

Volunteer management successes
Volunteer Management - communitySuccesses

  • A local radio club started a junior club in the high school to stimulate youth interest - working on getting credit for it

  • Merritt’s story: music, risk and a community plan

Volunteer management actions
Volunteer Management - communityActions!

  • Develop volunteer management strategies, including procedure manuals, job descriptions, recognition ceremonies

  • Use volunteers hard, well, fully - respect their schedules, limitations, skills, and opinions

  • Provide adequate training - KISS “keep it simple sweetie”

Health successes
Health - Successes community

  • Vancouver Coastal Health Powell River and Sunshine Coast - created mutual aid agreements

  • Interior Health - Identified alternative treatment sites for patients, depending on exposure to pandemic flu

  • Fraser Health - Hosted a pandemic awareness forum, 85 from government and public

  • Public Health Agency of Canada - established regional coordinator for emergency preparedness and response

Health actions
Health - Actions! community

  • Establish consistent education messages through PHAC and WHO collaboration

  • Develop rap songs and catchy jingles to engage teenagers and non-literate audiences

  • Establish an “engagement coordinator” in each of the health authorities to identify necessary skill sets, create a team approach and train non-traditional staff (e.g. veterinarians)

Critical infrastructure successes
Critical Infrastructure - Successes community

  • Increased emphasis on and identification of disaster Response Routes, including rail, roads and sea

  • PEP has been engaged with organizers of 2010 Olympics to identify and ensure Critical Infrastructure in lead up to and during games

  • Mapping vital points following Okanagan fires has led to a realization of what were and should be Critical Infrastructures in response strategies (e.g. satellites, energy towers etc)

Critical infrastructure actions
Critical Infrastructure - Actions! community

  • Build in redundancy for communication and critical infrastructure systems.

  • Reduce dependencies on critical infrastructure during emergencies by improving self-management capacities through simple technologies.

  • Develop relationships between stakeholders and enter into dialogue by sharing information with different organizations and levels of government as well as communities.

Community emergency program successes
Community Emergency Program communitySuccesses

  • In Bella Coola first responders have earned the respect of their community - this has produced greater participation and understanding of hazards and need for preparedness.

  • One community is developing a Handbook for Builders of best practices relating to disaster mitigation.

  • First Nations presentations are underway as part of an Integrated Emergency Response Plan in the Columbia Valley.

  • Increased number of ESS teams being formed in small rural areas.

Community emergency program actions
Community Emergency Program communityActions!

  • Actively engage politicians in dialogue, if necessary bring your emergency preparedness session into the council chambers. Be strategic, capitalize on change, run for office!

  • Following a disaster, be strategic and proactive. Take down the Strategic Plans that are prepared and waiting. Present them to decision makers and get them passed. Timing is everything!

Congratulations! community

  • Highly productive conference - achieved goals

  • Remarkable number and diversity of participants

  • Clear evidence of critical reflection and learning

  • Resiliency is being built

  • Action recommendations are powerful

    • Reflect lessons

    • Focus on increasing diversity of stakeholders and processes

    • Strategically designed to be practical and have maximum impact