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King-Chavez-Parks Initiative

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King-Chavez-Parks Initiative - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Michigan Strategic Fund. King-Chavez-Parks Initiative. Competitive Grants Program Meeting November 15, 2011 Ingrid Clover: Competitive Grants & VISTA Tracey Taylor: GEAR UP Jim Whittaker: FFF & VP. Introductions. KCP Staff Grantees. KCP Update . Transitions – WDA/MSF Staffing.

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Presentation Transcript
king chavez parks initiative

Michigan Strategic Fund

King-Chavez-Parks Initiative

Competitive Grants Program Meeting

November 15, 2011

Ingrid Clover: Competitive Grants & VISTA

Tracey Taylor: GEAR UP

Jim Whittaker: FFF & VP


KCP Staff


kcp update
KCP Update
  • Transitions – WDA/MSF
  • Staffing
capitol update
Capitol Update
  • Lansing
  • Washington
policies and procedures
Policies and Procedures
  • Disclaimer - In the event that the Michigan Legislature fails to provide or terminates the funding necessary for the KCP grants, the State may cancel or modify KCP grant awards.
policies and procedures1
Policies and Procedures
  • Dedicated Percentage of Time Staff
    • is allowable to the extent that it is aligned with program activities, and
    • supporting documentation specifically identifies the work performed.
      • The number of hours per week expended in program activities
      • The specific tasks to be performed
      • The connection of those tasks to the program goals
policies and procedures2
Policies and Procedures
  • Equipment versus Supplies
    • The purchase of all equipment is EXCLUDED from KCP State award and matching funds. 
    • Equipment includes personal property that
      • lasts over one year,
      • is durable in nature, and
      • has a continuing use. 
policies and procedures3
Policies and Procedures
  • The definition of equipment does not include supplies. Supplies are expendable personal property which is consumed and has an expected service life of less than a year.
    • Permissible supply costs include promotional materials such as brochures, T-shirts, as well as office supplies and other incidental program materials.  
  • Supplies are a permissible use of KCP State award and matching funds.
policies and procedures4
Policies and Procedures
  • Alignment of Expenditures With Program Goals
    • KCP program guidelines require that all project costs must be reasonable and justifiable, and that only expenditures directly related to the implementation of project goals, objectives, and activities are included. 
    • The budget narrative should include details connecting the line item expenditures to program goals.
policies and procedures5
Policies and Procedures
  • Modification Procedures
    • Written approval from the KCP office is required BEFORE implementing a budget modification of greater than 10% of a line item.
      • The budget modification should be reflected in the budget line item AND the accompanying line item budget narrative.
    • Budget modifications of less than 10% do not require prior written approval from the State office.
policies and procedures6
Policies and Procedures
  • KCP Program Integration
    • Coordination among KCP Competitive Grant Programs
      • Programs can coordinate services by jointly designing and implementing strategies that include shared goals, objectives, and resources.
policies and procedures7
Policies and Procedures
  • KCP Program Integration
    • Coordination between KCP Competitive Grant Programs and MI GEAR UP
      • Opportunities for cross program collaboration include guidance, mentoring and academic support, summer visitation programs, on-campus math and science academies, and financial aid and postsecondary application workshops.
policies and procedures8
Policies and Procedures
  • KCP Program Integration
    • Coordination between KCP Programs and College Access Organization.
      • KCP programs can collaborate with other college access organizations such as TRIO or Upward Bound to facilitate enrollment and coordination of services across the range of programs sharing the common goal of college access and success.
  • Satisfactory Grantee Performance
    • Mid-Year & Year-End Reporting
      • Part 7, Questions 1 & 2
      • Part 7, Questions 1-4
    • Documenting Budget Line Items
help tab faq
Help Tab: FAQ

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resources tab
Resources Tab

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tips and tricks
Tips and Tricks

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