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Satellite Services for TV Channels in Africa PowerPoint Presentation
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Satellite Services for TV Channels in Africa

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Satellite Services for TV Channels in Africa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Satellite Services for TV Channels in Africa
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  1. Africa TV In response to Africa's developing interest for a greater and better information transfers foundation, the Mylive Africa TV group on the mainland is driving business, exercises and occasions with a perspective to helping our present and potential clients create DTH, allowed to-air show and broadband markets in their districts.

  2. TV shows in Africa Mylive Africatv is a reasonably valued satellite conveyed pay TV benefit that is planned for the TV shows in Africa. Sensible estimating and an adjusted decision of projects were the deciding components in selecting channels for Mylive Africatv.

  3. Digital TV Africa The TV stage in Ghana will be the nation's allowed to-air (FTA) Digital TV Africa stage and give the chance to telecasters to achieve a large number of satellite homes in Africa. Other than giving extra development chances to nearby and worldwide telecasters, the stage could be utilized to animate the pace of computerized relocation.

  4. Internet TV Providers Mylive Africatv is offering Ghana a combined Internet TV Providers and satellite television service delivered direct to the home. It Will using satellite technology brings to Nigerians excellent television programming that resonates with its African target as well as Internet services through the same channel.