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Brain Classes for Kids PowerPoint Presentation
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Brain Classes for Kids

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Brain Classes for Kids
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Brain Classes for Kids

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  2. Early Brain Development in My Little Genius! Early childhood is a time when infants undergo many changes on different levels, such as physical, cognitive, social and emotional. This is the high time for Physical as well as Brain Development in Children.

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  5. Genius ImmersionTM (2-year olds) A child starts to show output as he/she reaches 24 months old, while receiving input all the time. The child is able to communicate in a simple manner. As the left brain develops, continual right-brain stimulation is important. Intelligence originates from the right-brain; more importantly,

  6. Genius LeadershipTM (4-year olds & 5-year olds) A child will display refined skill sets that he/she has learnt. However, it is also during this stage that the left brain starts to show its dominance. The child understands the concept of choice, which is a logical and hence left-brained thought process. This is inevitable.

  7. Genius PlayGroundTM (1-year olds) Brain stimulation commences from birth. A child’s brain is like a sponge; it absorbs everything that is shown to him/her. Input at this stage is critical. Because the child may is not able to express himself/herself well, many parents think that their child is not focusing and concentrating during lessons.


  9. Genius ExplorerTM (3-year olds) A child will display the skill sets that he/she has quite evidently at this stage. It is during this period that the child can be seen to be different (both intellectually and personality-wise) as compared with other children who have not been exposed to any form of brain-development training.

  10. My Little GeniusTM (Hougang)Address : 1024 Upper Serangoon Road Singapore 534762Hotline : +65 6287 7637Email : My Little GeniusTM (Jurong East)Address : 135 Jurong Gateway Road #04-355 Singapore 600135Hotline : +65 6560 7050Email :