Common STD Symptoms for Women
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Common STD Symptoms for Women - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Female STD symptoms can range from none at all, to mild, to severe and vary drastically from person to person. myLAB Box provides the list of signs and symptoms of common STDs for women to spot early signs of an infection. Visit us online at

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Common STD Symptoms for Women

Many of the STDs do not show any signs in women.

Where they do, this may result in some generic or

vague symptoms that look like flu. These could be as

a result of many other conditions. It can be a bit

challenging to determine what causes the STD

symptoms without getting tested. There are higher

chances of women showing symptoms such as itching,

burning urination and itching as a result of STD

particularly when this happen around the genital area.

If there are no noticeable signs of STD, the infections

will go unnoticed and this will lead to long-lasting or

even irreversible effects if they are not treated.

Common std symptoms in women

While there are many cases where symptoms do not

show, there are times when certain symptoms will

manifest. This include:

• Thick/thin, yellow, milky white or green discharge

coming from vagina

• Itching in the vaginal area

• Blisters occurring in genital area

• Rashes in genital area

• Painful urination

• Burning urination

• Pain occurring during intercourse

There are some STD symptoms for women that are

less common and these include:

• Spotting or bleeding during menstrual cycles

• Pain in the pelvic

• Painless ulcers occurring in vagina

• Lower back pain

• Nausea

• Fever

• Swelling of joints including elbow and knees

• A sore throat particularly after oral sex

• Rectal pain, discharge or bleeding

Where these symptoms appear, they will usually do so

after a few days or weeks of exposure to STD. Even

where the infection does not result in some obvious

symptoms, there are still chances of the STD getting

transmitted and also progressing to a condition that is

more serious and this may lead to side effects that are

irreversible. This is why there is a need for a regular

STD testing as a way of ensuring that you are free of






unprotected or risky sexual contact.



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