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How To Extend IPhone Battery Life | Apple Store In Jaipur

If you have your expensive Apple IPhone and you are unhappy about your IPhone battery then no worry here we have some tips which can help you to get a better battery life. Definitely this information will surely help you.

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How To Extend IPhone Battery Life | Apple Store In Jaipur

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  1. Myimagine Store : How To Extend Your IPhone Battery Life One of the first things that you consider when you buy a brand new phone is how good the battery life is. It is an important factor that needs to be considered. But did you know that there are a few tips and tricks that if followed, can increase your iPhone’s battery life? Say goodbye to constantly worrying about the draining battery. Below listed are a few handy tips that are guaranteed to increase your battery life. 1) Avoid extreme temperatures : - The battery in your iPhone is made of lithium ion and these batteries are sensitive to high temperature, meaning exposure to high temperature can permanently damage the battery capacity of your iPhone. Do not leave your phone exposed to sunlight for long durations. Use thick cases that shield the phone from outside temperature. 2) Manage Screen Brightness : - There may be an upside of viewing everything clearly by keeping your brightness at full, but this clarity comes at the cost of your battery life. It is important to consider when to choose what level of brightness. Having your brightness set to a moderate level is always a great choice. Slide down your control center and adjust your brightness now. 3) Charge Smart : - There are a few variables that you need to consider when charging your phone to make sure you’re not degrading your phone battery. Put your phone to charge when it hits 10% or 15%, do not wait till it reaches 1%. Fast charging is a good idea as today’s models support and even encourage fast charging your iPhones. Do not charge your device overnight, your phone only requires 3 hours to reach full charge and keeping it on charge for any longer poses a threat to the battery’s health as well as leaves a chance of the battery swelling up and exploding. Remove phone case during charging as heat will not be dissipated properly otherwise. Those are the best ways to extend your iPhone’s battery life. For more information and for the latest Apple Products visit our Apple store in Delhi.

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