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Importance Of Doing Bhumi pujan And Graha Shanty Puja

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Importance Of Doing Bhumi pujan And Graha Shanty Puja - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BhoomiPujan online booking is done before starting your construction work without any fail. This puja helps you get blessings from God and also assures well-being and safety to the individuals who are going to lead rest of their life in the land, where Bhumipujan is needed.

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Importance Of Doing Bhoo

Importance Of Doing Bhoomi mi P Pujan And Grah

ujan And Grah Shanti

Shanti Puja Online

Puja Online

Bhoomi Pujan ceremony is done to inaugurate a new site for the purpose of

developing a domestic or commercial establishment. The ceremony is conducted

according to the Vaastu Shastra, which is an ancient Indian science related to

structures and architecture.

Mostly, Hindus believe that positive energies and natural elements surrounding

the site could be appraised for getting a successful venture by doing this puja. We

are all well-informed with the five essential elements namely Agni, Aakash, Jal,

Vaayu and Prithvi as well.

The last Prithvi is the Earth, which is also known as Bhumi. Bhumi is like a base,

without that we cannot sustain and no life could exist without her as she is our



Bhumi is extremely pujneeya to almost all the Hindus. So, pray to her for getting

well-being and prosperity in our life through Bhoo

Bhoomi mi P Pujan online booking

ujan online booking.

As the name itself suggests that Grah Shanti Puja in Delhi/NCR or Lucknow

Grah Shanti Puja in Delhi/NCR or Lucknow is a

puja and hawan carried out for the purpose of getting peace in dwelling.


It needs to be done in nine parts, as there are totally nine planets. Each one needs

to be prayed separately. This puja is considered to be a right combination of the

prayers to almost all the nine planets with the intention to bless your homes with

harmony and happiness. This hawan needs the study of horoscopes of that main

individual. In case there would be any negative effects, they too could be cured

with the help of this puja.

The Graha Shanti Puja is primarily aimed to reduce or eliminate the negative

effects given by the planets, which are found to be not in our favor according to

our horoscope. This will make your life very smoother and easy going as well.

This puja is very beneficial in spreading positivity among the environment.

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