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Reasons Why Emails In Sbcglobal Net Mail Are Getting Bounced? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There have been a report that almost 30 millions email are getting bounced on daily basis and it has become major problem .In Presentation we will explain various reasons why it is happening and what users can do to solve this.

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Why your sbcglobal email get bounced
Why Your SBCGlobal Email Get Bounced?

There have been recent reports that over 30 million emails get bounced on a daily basis, which is a major problem because bouncing means that the emails never reach to their destination email addresses. 

Soft Bounce

Soft bounce is a temporary glitch that only exists within the email address of the recipient.

Hard bounce

This is also a permanent type of bounce. A mail that is supposed to reach the recipient email address gets failed every single time. 

Reasons behind both soft and hard bounce
Reasons Behind Both Soft And Hard Bounce

  • Email Address Entered At The Time On Opt-in Process Is Not Valid :- This is not the mistake that is committed by the server, but people does it. With the entry of the wrong email in the list can cause the message to bounce.

  • Blocked IP Address From Which The Mail Is To Be Sent:-Your IP address could be blocked, and this is perhaps the reason why you are not being able to successfully send emails. You must have sent spam messages to get your IP address banned by the company.

  • Email blocked by server:-Email must be created in a wrong format or contains spam content or is oversized to not being delivered on the desired email address.

  • Email Address Is Blocked From Receiver’s End:-If your email address has been blocked by the receiver, then you won’t be able to send messages to him/her despite all your efforts.

  • Inbox Already Overloaded:- If the inbox is full with no capacity to accommodate any further mail, then problems related to bounce can occur. You have to delete some of the previous emails in order to view the new ones.

  • Recipient has activated an auto-responder:-If the recipient has activated auto-responder, then he/she will be notified that there is a new mail, but it is not whether he/she will read it or not.

  • Unavailable Or Overloaded Service:-Some servers provide good amount of storage space to the users, where as some don’t. So, if you are on the email platform that doesn’t offer high storage space, then bounce related issues can arise.

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