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5 Trendy Hair Color Ideas PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Trendy Hair Color Ideas

5 Trendy Hair Color Ideas

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5 Trendy Hair Color Ideas

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  1. 5 Trendy Hair Color Ideas

  2. Silver/Gray Hair A gray hair color is ideal if you know how to combine whites, blacks and grays in your wardrobe to create the perfect grayscale style. Silver hair dye works most effectively on lighter shades of hair, such as blonde, light brown or strawberry blonde hair. There are many shades of gray and silver, some of which shine like precious metals whereas others can be more subtle. Take the time to choose the hue that fits your personality.

  3. Purple Hair When shopping for a purple hair dye, consider carefully the shade you want, including how it will look when combined with your favorite outfits. Purple hair dye comes in many different shades, from deep violet to a much more red-hued plum hair color. Consider whether you want to plunge in and go full purple, or whether you'd prefer to stick with a deep maroon hair color, which will put you on the redhead spectrum.

  4. Blue Hair Perhaps the least natural of all hair colors, blue is the ideal choice if you want to make a bold statement. Not all blue hair color brands are created equal. Whereas some simply give you black hair with a blueish tinge, others can create a pastel shade of baby blue when used according to the instructions.

  5. Pink Hair Girls who love everything pink can take on a modern, feminine look this fall. Although red hair is common, pastel pink has so far been less popular. If your hair is dark, you can still experiment with pastel styles. However, you will first need to lighten your hair so that the delicate blue or pink hue can show up.

  6. Platinum Hair The classic platinum hair color is back in style this season. Adopt a cool and chic look this fall by lightening your hair so that it reflects the last of the summer sunshine. Touch up your roots regularly to carry your platinum style through fall and into winter. When you get bored of being a platinum blonde, you can easily color over this shade with any color of your choice.

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