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THE Story of My Life

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THE Story of My Life
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THE Story of My Life

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  1. THE Story of My Life By Barbara Barone

  2. Where I Was Born I was born in the historic Village of Williamsville, New York - a small New England suburb outside of Buffalo, New York. The Village of Williamsville was incorporated in the year 1850.

  3. Canada United States Lake Erie (One of the 5 Great Lakes) Williamsville, New York

  4. The Historic Village of Williamsville Click this link to read this history of my town: History of the Village of Williamsville, NY Williamsville is approximately 15 miles from Niagara Falls, Canada St. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church – Founded in the year 1836 and located in Williamsville, NY. This is the church my family attended while I was growing up.

  5. My Family am the youngest of 5 children. • I have three older brothers and one older sister. • My sister lives in a very small town in Pennsylvania and • Both my mother and father are deceased, my mother at 86 years of age, and my father at 91 years of age.

  6. MY FAMILY • I am single but have dated a special man for 14 years. His name is Mark • I do not have children • My brother’s names are: Thomas, Peter and Robert • My sister’s name is Kathy • My nieces are Amy, Lisa , Shelley and Kierstin. My nephew’s name is Rob. • Three nieces are married and each have two children.

  7. Famous Foods of Buffalo, NY • Buffalo Chicken Wings

  8. In My Spare Time, I Like To ….. • Decorate my house and Mark’s house • Visit with my friends • Catch up on my sleep • Work in my garden • Watch TV • Talk and visit with my family • Listen to music • Play on the computer • Learn new things, especially computer stuff.

  9. My Favorite Music • Susan Boyle • I Dreamed a Dream • Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brigthman • Time To Say Goodbye • Josh Grobin • You Raise Me Up • Michael Buble • "Home"

  10. My Favorite Music • Andrea Bocelli Time to Say Goodbye

  11. The Most Life-Changing Experience in My Life…. • My divorce because even though is was very difficult to go through, the experience made me a stronger person and it taught me so many positive things. • Meeting Mark because I learned about a new culture (Iran), new foods, new music, new ways of life.

  12. The Most Important People in My Life • Mark, my boyfriend because he is so good to me, he’s kind, considerate, loving, protective we live far away from each other. • My friends because they are supportive in the good and in the bad times.

  13. Most Important People in My Life My students because they inspire me and bring me great joy, and have blessed me in more ways than I can count.