how to make a straight through cable l.
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How to Make a Straight-through Cable PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Make a Straight-through Cable

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How to Make a Straight-through Cable - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Make a Straight-through Cable. After completing this lesson, you will be able to create a functioning straight-through cable. Strip the Wire Coating .

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strip the wire coating
Strip the Wire Coating

First strip about an inch and ½ of the plastic coating from the end of the UTP media. Do this carefully so you don’t cut any of the copper wires in the cable.

what not to do
What not to do?

This is why they invented

wire cutters.

untwist and straighten the wires
Untwist and Straighten the Wires

After removing a portion of the coating, untwist each wire from it’s partner and straighten them out.

order the wires for placement in the rj 45 connector
Order the Wires for Placement in the RJ-45 Connector.

Place the wires in the following order, starting from left and going right, and then trim them with the wire cutter before placing them in the RJ-45 connector.

White Orange


White green


White blue


White brown



Next, insert the wires neatly into the RJ-45. Then crimp the wires tight. Using the crimping tool

But not that tight

testing your cable
Testing your cable

Take your cable to

Mr. Wright to see if

it passes.