Highlights cbi oct 2010 vancouver conference
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Highlights CBI Oct. 2010 Vancouver Conference - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Highlights CBI Oct. 2010 Vancouver Conference. CBI Workshop Objectives. Connect team members involved in CBIs Share information about case studies (goals, methods, progress, challenges) Facilitate progress of CBIs not yet underway

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Cbi workshop objectives
CBI Workshop Objectives

  • Connect team members involved in CBIs

  • Share information about case studies (goals, methods, progress, challenges)

  • Facilitate progress of CBIs not yet underway

  • Share experiences, expertise and best practices for effective research relationships.

  • Obtain initial advice on resources, strategies and questions for a Guide to Community Based Cultural Heritage Research and IP Sourcebook for Cultural Heritage.

  • Opportunity to identify questions and topics important for CBI research & for IPinCH to address.

Group discussion emergent themes

Youth and


Meta Themes

To Explore

Communications &



Concept, Process

& Products

Group DiscussionEmergent Themes

Themes for ipinch to address


What is research?

How can we change academic culture (research, expertise & merit)?

What fundamental values and principles should inform collaborative research from a community perspective?

How can we help new scholars meet challenges?

What role can IPinCH play in influencing ethics guidelines developed by funding agencies and institutions?

Data and Products

Technical, philosophical, and cultural challenges posed by the ethics process.

We need to define what we mean by ethical & research in a collaborative context.

Complexity of community authentication & representation (e.g. diverse groups, time, authorities)

Ownership and control of data and products (e.g. Indigenous, legal, ethical contexts)

Themes For IPinCH to Address

Communications relationships


How to best communicate with WGS, other disciplines, public (including international) & community members.

Need to be clear on what voice is speaking & authority to speak (e.g. individual vs. community)

Issue of voice should be raised in CB reports and explained on CBI part of website

The website has great resources but finding other ways to communicate among team members is also important.


What do we mean by respect for parallel processes & how can collaborative projects like IPinCH reflect this?

Steps to maintain relationships when CBI and IPinCH concluded need to be considered.

How to best foster relations with like minded groups

Communications & Relationships

Elders and youth
Elders and Youth

  • Information sharing (e.g. best practices for engaging youth & elders, curriculum models as product of research)

  • Do we need a working group? Special place on the website (e.g. info on engaging and funding for youth)?

  • IPinCH statement on youth engagement.

Actions arising
Actions Arising

  • More assistance in proposal development (in addition to existing assistance with ethics and transfer funds)

  • Advice on strategies to deal with products & data

  • Research commencing on legal and ethical environment for research including data and products

  • IPinCH digest (shorter and more frequent updates)

  • Participation in Tri-Council Ethics Review process

  • Guidelines for final case study reporting (information areas)

  • Relationship to Mid-Term Conference - share info; engage other IPinCH members (WGs & students); pick up themes from CBI workshop (e.g. elders & youth, consent practices); Community Guide to Research