Electronic health records electronic prescribing barriers benefits incentives
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Electronic Health Records - Electronic Prescribing

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Electronic Health Records & Electronic Prescribing:Barriers, Benefits & Incentives

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Today’s Presenter

Barbara Brownlee, Electronic Health Records Specialist, MxSecure

  • With MxSecure since 2006

  • 30 years in healthcare

  • 17 years Sales and Marketing experience

  • BS in Medical Technology, Medical College of Georgia

Agenda l.jpg

  • Definition of e-Prescribing

  • Process

  • Barriers

  • Benefits

  • Incentives

Definition l.jpg

E-prescribing means the transmission, using

electronic media, of prescription or

prescription-related information between a

prescriber, dispenser, pharmacy benefit

manager, or health plan, either directly or

through an intermediary, including an e-

prescribing network. E-prescribing includes,

but is not limited to, two-way transmissions

between the point of care and the dispenser.

  • Source: eHealth Initiative and The Center for Improving Medication Management. Electronic Prescribing: Becoming Mainstream Practice. June, 2008.

E prescribing process l.jpg
E-Prescribing Process

  • Clinician prescribes medication using either:

    • Stand-alone e-Prescribing system

    • CPOE system

    • CPOE integrated within an EHR system

  • Check for interaction, intolerances and formulary compliance

  • Transmission

  • Dispensing

Barriers l.jpg

  • Cost of systems

  • Potential negative impact on physician workflow and productivity

  • Pharmacy ability to accept electronic Rx

  • Inability to electronically prescribe controlled substances

Benefits l.jpg

  • Improved patient care

  • Reduction in healthcare costs

  • Office efficiency

  • Government incentives

E rx incentive payments l.jpg
E-Rx Incentive Payments

CMS incentive table

E rx incentive payments qualifications l.jpg
E-Rx Incentive Payments Qualifications

  • Eligible professionals must report the electronic prescribing quality measure through Medicare Part B claims on at least 50% of applicable cases during the reporting year

  • Estimated allowed Medicare Part B charges for the e-Rx measure codes must total at least 10% of total Medicare Part B allowed charges.

  • Refer to www.cms.gov for details

Eligible professionals l.jpg
Eligible Professionals

  • Physician

  • Physical or Occupational Therapist

  • Qualified Speech-language Pathologist

  • Nurse Practitioner

  • Physician Assistant

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

  • Certified Nurse Midwife

  • Clinical Social Worker

  • Clinical Psychologist

  • Registered Dietitian

  • Nutrition Professional

  • Qualified Audiologist

Recent development from dea l.jpg
Recent Development from DEA

  • Final Interim Rule regarding Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances was recently published

  • Practitioners now have the option to write Rx for controlled substances electronically

Summary l.jpg

  • Defined and looked at process for electronic prescribing

  • Benefits can outweigh barriers

  • Incentives in place today for using electronic prescribing

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  • For more information contact:

    MxSecure, Inc.


    [email protected]