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English I STAAR

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English I STAAR. What to Expect. I. STAAR Format. Reading Test – Tuesday, March 27, 2012 Fiction selections with multiple choice Nonfiction selections with multiple choice Drama selections with multiple choice Poetry selections with multiple choice

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english i staar

English I STAAR

What to Expect

i staar format
I. STAAR Format

Reading Test – Tuesday, March 27, 2012

  • Fiction selections with multiple choice
  • Nonfiction selections with multiple choice
  • Drama selections with multiple choice
  • Poetry selections with multiple choice
  • 2-3 Short Answers (at least one of which will ask you to make a connection between two of the reading selections at an analytical level)
i staar format1
I. STAAR Format

Writing Test – Monday, March 26, 2012

  • Revising Section
  • Editing Section
  • THREE 26-line essays, including at least one of each of the following:
    • Literary Essay (Short Story)
    • Expository Essay
ii important notes
II. Important Notes
  • STAAR is a TIMED test. You will have a maximum of four hours for the reading test and four hours for the writing test. This means you need to get used to timed reading and timed writing!
  • You will have access to a dictionary and thesaurus for the entire test.
iii the essays
III. The Essays
  • You will write two kinds of essays, but you will write three essays total (one of one kind, two of the other)
  • You will do this IN ADDITION to the revising and editing sections, so you will have four hours to complete the multiple choice and write three essays.
  • You will ONLY have twenty-six lines on which to write your essay.
iv the literary essay
IV. The Literary Essay
  • You will write a short story that MUST contain the following elements:
    • A well-developed conflict and resolution
    • Interesting and believable characters
    • Other literary devices to enhance plot (like dialogue or suspense) – There are no specifications as to what else you use, but you do have to use something else.
iv literary essay staar prompt
IV. Literary Essay STAAR Prompt

Look at the photograph.

Write a story about the power of imagination. Be sure that your story is focused and complete and that it has an interesting plot and engaging characters.

v the expository essay
V. The Expository Essay
  • The expository essay will ask that you explain something.
  • You will need to have
    • A clear thesis
    • Supporting details that directly relate to thesis
    • Clear organization
    • Effective development of ideas
organization progression
  • The organizing structure of the essay is clearlyappropriate to the purpose and responsive to the specific demands of the prompt.
  • The writer establishes a clear thesis statement. All ideas are strongly related to the thesis and are focused on the topic specified in the prompt. The writer’s essay is unified and coherent.
  • The writer’s progression of ideas is logical and well-controlled. Meaningful transitions and strong sentence-to-sentence connections enhance the flow of the essay.
development of ideas
Development of Ideas
  • The development of ideas is effective because the writer uses specificdetails and examples.
  • The essay is thoughtful and engaging. The writer may choose to use his/her unique experiences or view of the world as a basis for writing or to connect ideas in interesting ways.
use of language conventions
Use of Language/Conventions
  • The writer’s word choice is purposeful and precise. It reflects a keenawareness of the expository purpose and maintains an appropriatetone.
  • Sentences are purposeful, varied, and well-controlled.
  • The writer’s sentences include correctspelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and usage conventions.
v expository essay staar prompt
V. Expository Essay STAAR Prompt

Read the information below

In 1955 medical researcher Jonas Salk introduced an effective polio vaccine. At the time polio was considered the biggest threat to public health, yet Salk refused to profit by patenting the vaccine because he was more concerned with preventing disease than with personal gain.

Although many people work to benefit themselves, some people choose to put others first. Think carefully about this statement.

Write an essay explaining whether people should be more concerned about others than about themselves.

Be sure to –

  • Clearly state your thesis.
  • Organize and develop your ideas effectively.
  • Choose your words carefully.
  • Edit your writing for grammar, mechanics, and spelling.
vi timed writing friday
VI. Timed Writing Friday!!!
  • Take a few minutes to plan!
    • On a separate sheet of paper, write out your thesis, your topic sentence ideas, and a few brief notes as to what evidence you will use.
  • Use your time wisely, and monitor the clock!
  • Remember to fully develop your ideas.
vi timed writing friday1
VI. Timed Writing Friday!!!
  • Four total paragraphs
    • Introduction
    • Two body paragraphs
    • Conclusion
  • Two pieces of evidence per body paragraph
    • Examples from personal experience (WITHOUT using “I”)
    • Historical examples
    • Examples from current events and society