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JOE LAURIA. Weekend Meteorologist WDAF-TV4 (FOX 4). An Average Day. FOX 4 Has 8 Hours Of News/Weekday… 4.5 Hours/Weekend Day Each :30 Minute segment has 1 long wxcast of 2:30-3:30+ and 1-2 shorter hits :30 secs+ Bane of my existence…teases Roughly 4-5 minutes of weather/30 minutes.

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Presentation Transcript
Weekend meteorologist wdaf tv4 fox 4


Weekend Meteorologist


An average day
An Average Day

  • FOX 4 Has 8 Hours Of News/Weekday…

  • 4.5 Hours/Weekend Day

  • Each :30 Minute segment has 1 long wxcast of 2:30-3:30+ and 1-2 shorter hits :30 secs+

  • Bane of my existence…teases

  • Roughly 4-5 minutes of weather/30 minutes


  • Have an idea of what’s going on before you arrive at the station

  • Forecast Prep: :15 min-:60 min…longer when active

  • Hit the graphics…how do you present your thoughts…for me it takes the most time by far

  • Some are automatic (computer prepared) Radar/satellite/autoplots/almanac pages


  • Phone calls (dozens/no wx center voicemail)

  • Emails (personal & team) 15-50/day requesting specific forecasts/information/wx watchers

  • Internet forecasts

  • Internet video forecasts

  • Blogs(!)

  • 24/7 weather channel cut-ins

My biggest issues
My Biggest Issues

  • Losing track of time…research of data takes time away from other things…then creating the graphics to support something different

  • Teases(!)-I hate them…viewers hate them (biggest complaint)…management hopes that it keeps viewers watching an extra 5-10 minutes.

Severe weather day
Severe Weather Day

  • Requires even more forecast preparation and then nowcasting

  • Phone calls and emails multiply

  • More interaction with the newsroom

  • On Air-longer wxcasts and more wx inserts

  • Can’t trim from graphics because of event timing issues or possible busts

During an actual event
During an actual event

  • Magnitude dictates staffing

  • More warnings expected=more meteorologists

  • If tornadic=all hands on deck

Severe logistics
Severe Logistics

  • Everybody wants to know where to go

  • We work with about 12+ chasers…are they active via email/phone call? What’s the target? Do we nowcast for them or are they doing it

  • Our own reporters/photogs turn to spotters/chasers. They need directions to be ahead of the storms and damage reports to get video back to the station.

Severe logistics1
Severe Logistics

  • SKYFOX Routing. We advise them on storms of interest and best route back to airport

  • Monitor NWS chats/info/mesoscale & nowcast discussions/MERS

  • Phones don’t stop ringing(!)

  • Calling various communities for reports

One more thing
One more thing…



Live tv
Live TV

  • EVERYTHING is spontaneous and live!

  • Jumping from one meteorologist to another that has additional information

  • Phoners with EM’s/city officials/visuals/live pics/SKYPE video/and about 5 other things that I can’t think of.

  • Chaotic at best. Planning helps. Rogue Tornado makes my job the most stressful



  • Give Viewers credible, concise and timely information!

Pressures we face
Pressures We Face

  • Balancing coverage and programming…

  • Advance the story. Is the event still unfolding…have the storms weakened. Am I saying the same thing over and over

  • Is it better to block out the program entirely or constantly interrupt it?

  • Each event is different

  • Most immediate viewer response is negative

Pressures we face1
Pressures We Face

  • We’re not making money

  • No local commercials in continuous coverage

  • Initial reaction: Why do I care about a tornado in X when I live in Y? Can you please put COPS on again!

  • My favorite: “You interrupted my show X and ruined my night. I’ll never watch you, your program, or your station again. I hate you!


  • Weather drives the local news.

  • Our management is hands off. We do what we need to do…when we need to do it.

  • Be reasonable…consider the viewers and the situation…think about the show that’s on. Is it “American Dad” or “American Idol” with local David Cook

  • Are we perfect? NO!

Goals of the seminar
Goals Of The Seminar

  • Improve the conduit of weather information especially severe weather information.

  • Learn about the pressures you are under so that when we wonder why does this happen…we have a better understanding.

  • Establish new relationships with you. TV is still for the masses.

Any questions
Any Questions

  • Joe Lauria

  • (816) 932-9186 (direct into the wx center)

  • [email protected]

  • Myfoxkc.com (soon to change)

  • fox4kc.com